Venetian style wedding


The Italian city of Venice is famous for its romanticism, ancient artsy architecture, boatmen transporting the famous lagoon and a colorful annual carnival. Many couples dream of celebrating their wedding day in this fabulous place, but not everyone has the opportunity to go on an expensive trip. A wedding in the Venetian style is a celebration that combines the cheerful spirit of a masquerade holiday and the cozy, homely atmosphere of your hometown.

How to organize a wedding in the Venetian style

To organize such a wedding, the heroes of the occasion will have to study the traditions, history, architecture of this city, if the bride and groom have never been there. Be sure to consider the appropriate scenario. Details that will make the thematic Venetian event perfect:

  • Location. The heroes of the occasion can hold a wedding near the walls of an old castle or a country estate, referring to the ancient architecture of a romantic city. An old-fashioned restaurant or hotel is also perfect. A great place to celebrate a wedding can be a boat or a yacht with a restaurant, because Venice stands on the water. To enhance the water effect, arrange guests boating.

Motor ship for a venetian wedding

  • The theme of the celebration is the famous carnival. The annual Venetian holiday attracts tourists from all over the world who take part in it with pleasure. To emphasize the style of the wedding, future spouses may prefer a wedding masquerade ball.

The magnificent carnival of Venice

  • Invitation and other printed materials. An important part of preparing for the wedding is inviting guests. The style of the invitation should tell the future participants of the event in advance what is waiting for them during the celebration of the wedding. A great idea is to make cards in the form of a carnival mask, decorated with feathers, rhinestones, beads. If a dress code is assigned, postcards should be sent in advance - it is better for two months, so that guests have time to prepare.

Invitation cards in the form of carnival masks.

  • Dress code for guests. Future spouses can instruct a special person who will deal with the answers to guests' questions about the style of the holiday costume. The main conditions of the outfit: it should be bright and colorful, and you need to complete the image with a stylish mask. Guests can rent a carnival outfit or decorate existing dresses with costumes with details of the image of a participant in the Venice Carnival.

Images of the venetian carnival

  • Menu. Italian cuisine fits perfectly into the wedding style. Light dishes with fresh vegetables, fruits, delicious Italian wine, fish with seafood, poultry, famous pasta, a variety of Italian cheeses - all these dishes should decorate the festive table. The most popular tiramisu cake, as well as balls of delicious ice cream, are ideal for dessert..

Light Italian cuisine

  • Wedding procession. If summer is in the yard, and the future spouses are in no hurry to the venue of the Venetian wedding, the ideal solution is to eat a real carriage: this type of transport will emphasize the style of the event. You need to decorate the carriage with fresh flowers, ribbons, and the coachman himself should be dressed in the appropriate outfit - velvet livery, a high stylish top hat, an elegant mask.

The perfect transport for a Venetian celebration - a carriage

Photo hall decoration

The heroes of the occasion should not be shy, choosing elaborate, lush, colorful decorations for the banquet hall. The helpers in decorating the event will be colors, the main of which is gold, the color of the holiday, wealth, abundance. Organizers can safely combine golden hues with orange, yellow, red, berry palettes. Green, bright blue gamut will also look good, and black color, combined with gold in details, will create an elegant contrast.

The colors of the venetian wedding banquet hall

The main condition for decorating the festive hall is splendor. Draperies of massive fabrics decorating walls, chairs, embroidered tablecloths, lace napkins, garlands of multi-colored ribbons are indispensable elements of the holiday. The wedding in the Venetian style will be decorated with gorgeous gilded vases with grapes, masks, mirrors, large paintings. To create a romantic mysterious atmosphere, candles in heavy, elaborate candlesticks will help: at certain moments they will be the only source of light.

Luxurious Venetian Celebration Decor Details

A good solution during a Venetian-style wedding would be cocktail high tables without seating, where guests can go to socialize away from music and noisy fun. There, future spouses should organize a buffet with light snacks for wine - cheeses, fruits. Colored balloons scattered around the hall will help create an even more festive atmosphere. When choosing a style for a Venetian event, don't be afraid to go too far - Venice loves contrasts and an abundance of detail.

Balloons - decoration for a venetian wedding

The image of the bride and groom

The main decoration of the wedding in the Venetian style will be the heroes of the occasion. Prospective spouses should think over holiday images long before the event, and choose the appropriate outfits. A few ideas for the image of the Venetian bride:

  • Dress. The bride on the wedding day can afford to choose a luxurious outfit. A girl can wear a dress in the style of the 18th century, renting expensive, richly decorated furniture in a dress shop, however, it is not necessary to refuse a white magnificent wedding dress - it will be possible to decorate it with feathers, rhinestones, beads. The image will be completed with a luxurious mask of the bride, which the girl can create on her own.
  • Hairstyle. The best styling for the style of the event is tall, decorated with all kinds of weaving, pigtails. The bride can pick up bright, stylish hair accessories: hair clips with beads, feathers, flowers.
  • Bouquet. For a wedding in a Venetian style, a bouquet that is generously decorated with ribbons and fabrics is ideal. Flowers that will be a wonderful addition to the image of a Venetian girl - roses, orchids, chrysanthemums.

The image of the Venetian bride

The image of the Venetian groom:

  • Suit and accessories. If the bride refuses the costumed version of the dress for the wedding, the groom may prefer a neat suit with a dress coat or tuxedo in bright colors or a classic strict men's outfit, complemented by bright accessories. A colorful tie, a handkerchief, antique cufflinks, and a mask complementing the look are ideal accessories for the Venetian groom.

The image of the Venetian groom

Venetian carnival style wedding script

The scenario of an interesting Venetian wedding is rich in all kinds of entertainments. The meeting of the newlyweds usually takes place vividly - guests explode crackers, showering spouses with colorful confetti, applause are heard. At the entrance to the venue for a fabulous holiday, invitees can be met by magicians or mimes, creating an interesting mood for the guests. Be sure to make a stand with carnival masks in case guests have not prepared their.

Magician is a welcome guest at a Venetian event

During a wedding in the Venetian style, a bright show program will entertain guests: it will turn out to include a fire show, a puppet theater, and a trick show. Do not forget about the musical accompaniment - the ideal solution is live instrumental music, creating a magical, fun atmosphere. It is also worth considering holding the first dance of the newlyweds, a good idea: distribute candles to the guests, turn off the lights, ask the invitees to move around the couple, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Another interesting element of the holiday will be the invitation of the cartoon artist, who will draw funny portraits of guests during the wedding. Then the participants of the event can buy the drawings from the illustrator. An obligatory detail of the wedding is a carnival costume contest, the conduct of which guests must be warned in invitation cards. This will give motivation to those invited to pick up gorgeous outfits that will decorate photos and videos from the Venetian wedding.

Beautiful fireworks at the end of a venetian wedding

The end of the evening can be marked by a gorgeous fireworks display that will surely leave a lasting impression on everyone present..

Process video

A wedding in the Venetian style is a magnificent celebration that does not leave indifferent any of the participants in the process. Choosing such a style of celebration, you will surprise the guests, create a unique atmosphere at the event, and the bright impressions received will give joy to those present for a long time.