Scarlet Sail Wedding Ideas


A modern wedding is something other than a traditional wedding celebration or a vow of fidelity. The story of Alexander Green «Scarlet Sails» It is very similar to a fairy tale story of pure and beautiful love, that the most incredible fantasies and dreams can become reality. Each girl, after reading this story, wants to be in the place of Assol, to feel like a princess from a fairy tale. A wedding in the style of red sails will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. The scenario of the festive event based on the works of A. Green will be enjoyed by romantic natures.

The image of the young for the wedding in the style of "Scarlet Sails"

With special attention, you need to approach the choice of dress for the bride and groom, if you have planned a wedding in the style of red sails. For the main character, there are several options for wedding dresses:

  • snow-white wedding dress of any style;
  • stylish red outfit;
  • light dress in a rustic style.

The model of a snow-white wedding dress depends only on the taste of the bride. The classic version of the attire of the bride and groom is a lush or tight-fitting figure. A snow-white dress will always be appropriate, no matter what topic the wedding is dedicated to. A traditional, European wedding or seaside holiday is chosen. To make the bride’s outfit fit the chosen style, you need to add several elements: a red belt or bow, ruffles along the edge of the dress, a red flower or ribbons in the hair.

The beautiful bride will be remembered for a long time by guests in a glowing red dress. A bright shade will be a symbol of fiery love between the newlyweds. A light, light dress perfectly matches the image of Assol, because she is the daughter of a sailor. Any modern suit is suitable for the groom - a classic white or dark, but always with a red buttonhole. Young will look much more interesting if he chooses clothes in the style of Captain Gray.

Images of the bride and groom in the style of Scarlet Sails

Thematic image of young

Dress code for guests

An ideal wedding is a celebration where everyone is comfortable, especially the newlyweds. Nowadays, all wedding day celebrations are not similar to each other, each event reflects the inner world, the tastes of lovers. If the celebration is planned according to the thematic scenario, it is necessary to inform the guests in advance so that they have time to choose the appropriate costume for themselves. So the holiday will turn into a real bright and unforgettable show.

When conducting a scripted wedding «Scarlet Sails» Ask guests to dress in red and white or use accessories in appropriate shades. A holiday will look very interesting if all the guests are dressed like pirates or villagers, so you can hold a lot of interesting contests. But for this you need to make an entertainment program in advance.

Guest outfit style

Thematic accents in accessories

Wedding venue

If it is possible to organize a wedding celebration on a ship, ship or yacht, you need to use it and bring to life the episodes of the story «Scarlet Sails». In the absence of favorable weather conditions, do not be upset, because experienced decorators will quickly turn any banquet hall into a deck «Secret». To fully comply with this topic, when designing a restaurant or cafe, you need to use elements of thematic colors (white and red), and softly flowing scarlet fabric will give the banquet room romance.

The design of the wedding hall in a given style

Scarlet Sail Wedding Ideas

If you do not want your wedding to be like hundreds of others, and decided to hold it in the style of red sails, then special attention should be paid not only to dresses for the bride and groom, but also to many other important details. For example, you should pre-order thematic invitations, a bouquet for a young one, find an experienced decorator for decorating a banquet hall. Do not forget about the cake, which will become one of the main decorations of the holiday..

Wedding Invitation Design

For a theme celebration, you need a special design for wedding invitations. The main task is to choose such an option so that upon seeing it, guests immediately catch the style of the future event. It can be contrasting red and white postcards depicting a ship with scarlet sails or an original invitation-scroll. The text may contain an excerpt from the story, which will tell guests about the upcoming event. Indicate in the invitation card the place and time of the celebration. You can give recommendations to guests about the selection of clothes in red and white colors.

Invitation cards for guests

Banquet room decor

Preferably, a wedding venue according to the scenario «Scarlet Sails» It was decorated with wood, which will resemble a wardroom. Posters, photographs of ships and yachts with red sails look beautiful on the walls. To make the design of the hall fully consistent with this topic, use elements of certain colors in the decor - a contrasting combination of white and red. Scarlet fabric can be an additional decoration. From it make sails that flutter behind the backs of the young. It gives solemnity to the holiday..

Bright red flowing curtains will be in perfect harmony with light tablecloths on which red napkins resembling red sails are placed. To decorate the tables, you can use bouquets of red and white flowers, adding a little green to them to get brighter decor elements. The randomly placed rose petals on the tables will give a special charm to the solemn event. Decorate wedding glasses with ribbons and flowers in white. Ordinary chairs will look festive and elegant if they are decorated with bows, bright ribbons.

Hall Omomlenie

Scarlet Wedding Cake

A solemn and spectacular moment that will become a bright event of the festive evening is the time for the removal of the wedding cake. An additional highlight will be the memorable extraordinary design of the dessert. The culinary masterpiece in the form of a ship with figures of lovers and waving scarlet sails will make an unforgettable impression on guests. The wedding cake can also be multi-tiered, decorated with cream or red pastille, on top of which a sailboat or figures of the bride and groom rise. This dessert looks elegant and very unusual..

You can choose a white or blue wedding cake. Make sure that the culinary masterpiece is fully consistent with the theme of the celebration. As a decor, sails, pearls, shells and other marine can be used. «the inhabitants», anchor or helm. There are practically no restrictions, it all depends on the wishes of the bride and groom, the baker’s imagination.

Wedding Cake Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Brides Bouquet

A wedding bouquet should be selected and presented to the bride by the groom as a symbol of a long, happy life. This is an old and very beautiful tradition. Red and white flowers can be used. The bouquet is made up of flowers of one shade or several. For example, red roses, complemented by a contrasting ribbon. The groom can choose a flower arrangement:

  • classic round shape;
  • bouquet-basket;
  • in the shape of a waterfall;
  • strict - a long bouquet.

{img31, img32, img33, img34, img35 = Bridal bouquet for the bride-Assol}

Wedding Accessories Ideas

By draping a bright red fabric under the ceiling, you will create an association with red sails and an atmosphere of sea voyage. For decorating walls, it is better to choose a fabric of wave color. Thanks to this reception, it will appear that the celebration is taking place on the deck of the ship «Secret» with tables laid on it, and around - a blue sea. Guest chairs should be tightened with a white cloth and tied with a red ribbon. Put guest cards on the tables. Small aquariums with fish placed in a banquet hall will look very unusual and interesting..

Buy a helm in advance or rent it, you can decorate a table for young people. The stand can be made of wood, plywood or thick cardboard. Use this decoration as a decoration for the hall or for registering young, photo sessions with guests. You need to purchase wedding candles with a marine design or decorate them with shells yourself. So the traditional ritual of lighting candles will become much more interesting. The guests will have the impression that the young people kindle the fire of the lighthouse, which will illuminate their path and protect them from difficulties in their life's journey.

Ideas for wedding accessories Assol and Gray

Themed wedding photo shoot

For a wedding to be remembered for a lifetime, do not forget to hire a professional photographer. After marriage at the registry office and weddings, go for a walk in the park, the coast, beautiful gardens with bright flowers. Hire a boat or a yacht, ride with your loved one and guests. Photos on the sea will turn out very colorful, they will fully correspond to the theme of the holiday. If you celebrate the wedding in the cold season, then have a photo shoot in the studio.

Scarlet Sails photoshoot

Photoshoot Ideas

Options for a thematic photo shoot Scarlet Sails

Video: Scarlet Sails wedding

The traditional wedding does not surprise anyone, but you really want the wedding day to be remembered for a lifetime and left a lot of positive impressions for the guests. Themed holidays are becoming more popular every day. Romantic and sensitive natures perfect wedding in the style of a beautiful fairy tale «Scarlet Sails». To organize this event, you will need to spend a lot of time on decorating the banquet hall, choosing outfits, and composing a festive menu. The following video will show you how beautiful and unusual a scarlet sail wedding is: