Italian style wedding


Choosing the theme of the celebration is an interesting and difficult task for future newlyweds. If you are close to sultry and passionate Sicily, romantic Venice, fashionable Milan, and in addition you like dancing to incendiary music, then a wedding in the Italian style will suit you. How to choose clothes for the newlyweds and arrange a holiday with such themes? How to give the wedding colorful emotions of Italy?

How to organize an Italian-style wedding

The Italians are distinguished by a special temperament, in which violent passions and feelings intertwine, so their weddings are bright, sensual, cheerful. If you want to create a similar atmosphere at your holiday, then long before its date, start preparing, think over all the details and nuances of the celebration, come up with a script. This will help to transfer guests and the groom with the bride for 1 day to a sunny country with its amazing traditions, passion, fun.

Italians are especially fond of olives, so at their celebrations they often use green as the main color for decorating the holiday. However, pink, red, orange, blue, white shade is also used to decorate a wedding in Italy. The image of olive branches can be present in the clothes of the newlyweds, the design of the banquet hall or in holiday accessories.

The image of the bride and groom

In order for the bride to look bright, spectacular at an Italian wedding, she needs to choose the right wedding dress. Traditional white color is best for creating a wedding image of the bride and groom. A snow-white wedding outfit with a veil or veil is a classic version of the clothes of an Italian bride. If desired, it is decorated with a bright detail of red or green, this will make the outfit for the wedding more spectacular and original. The bride in a green or red dress will look no less beautiful on an Italian holiday.

Italian-style clothing is best chosen based on the bride’s outfit. So, if the bride and groom puts on a traditional white dress for the wedding, then the young suit is a black suit, tuxedo, white shirt, tie or bow tie. Instead of a jacket, Italian men sometimes put on a waistcoat for marriage: this stylish, comfortable detail of the groom's outfit is perfect for a hot climate.

The newlywed will initially look in a retro-style dress, reminiscent of the clothes of the characters of the famous actress Sophia Loren. And in this case, a black suit and a neckerchief will suit the groom. If the Italian wedding dress of the bride and groom is decorated with bright notes of green or red, then these colors can be present moderately and in the image of the groom.

In Italy, the tradition is still preserved that the bride at the wedding sometimes adds a carnival mask to her traditional image. Given that Venice is part of Italy, it would be appropriate to stylize the celebration under a vibrant carnival. In this case, the images of the newlyweds will decorate masquerade costumes and masks..

Italian style weddings

Clothing for bridesmaids and guests

To create an Italian atmosphere at the wedding, ask the guests to come to the celebration in clothes on the theme of the celebration. The dress code for men in the case of the gangster scenario is black checked suits, a line or plain, as well as felt caps, white shirts, ties. And women guests will harmoniously look at the Italian wedding in long black or cocktail dresses, fishnet tights, fur, with a bag-bag and bright jewelry.

If the Italian celebration is organized in the style of the Venetian carnival, then guests can wear colorful medieval-style outfits. And an indispensable attribute in the image of each guest will be a mask. The bride and groom can, if they wish, arrange carnival costumes for guests themselves or have a supply of masks for guests who have forgotten about the dress code.

Dress code for Italian-style wedding guests

Bride and guests at an Italian-style wedding

Italian Mafia Style Wedding

Wedding Design Ideas

Wedding invitations, seating cards, banquet table decor, menus, music, competitions, entertainment and other details of the celebration should resonate with Italian themes. This will help the guests to feel the atmosphere of a distant sunny and passionate country. An Italian wedding is most appropriate to spend outdoors. To organize the celebration, a beautiful corner of nature or a restaurant with a summer terrace is suitable.

Italian theme for decorating a wedding

Italian style wedding decoration

Italian style wedding decoration

Invitations and cards for guests

Invitations with pictures of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or with a photo of the Coliseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa clearly hint to guests about the Italian style of the upcoming celebration. Another interesting idea for the design of wedding invitations is to make images of carnival masks on them. This is especially true for the Venetian style of celebration. Invitation cards will indicate the Italian theme of the wedding, if they are decorated with an image of an olive branch and / or white, red, green shades are used for their design.

Invitations and Cards for Italian Wedding

Italian wedding decoration

Italian Style Wedding Guest Cards

Banquet Hall Decoration

The venue for the Italian wedding should be abundantly decorated with fresh flowers. They can stand on tables, floors, in pots and used to decorate garlands. When decorating the hall, focus on the green color. And the use of accessories of blue, raspberry, pink shade will help to add a special Italian flavor to the holiday. Olive and laurel branches are perfect for decorating chairs, arches, seating cards and other wedding details..

Decoration of the hall for an Italian wedding banquet

Idea for decorating a wedding hall

Decor for holiday tables

If the seating plan for the guests is made in the form of a map of Italy, then as a pointer to the tables at the banquet, not numbers, but signs with the names of Italian cities can be used. It will look creative and guests will definitely appreciate this idea. Such plates are located next to accessories that show what these regions of the country are famous for. Card «Milan» It will look great against the background of fashion symbols, and the pointer «Venice» put near the miniature carnival mask.

Card «Naples» will harmoniously look paired with a basket of cherry tomatoes, spaghetti, because the city of the same name has become popular all over the world thanks to delicious pasta and amazing pizza. And here is the tablet «Florence» It will look great next to objects close to art, music, as this Italian region is considered the birthplace of sculpture, music. Nameplate «Verona» worthy of standing among romantic accessories because it is the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Nameplate «Sicily» put on the table next to the cigars. A beautiful decoration of tables at a wedding can be small vases with flowers, table holders with table numbers in the form of decoratively decorated wine bottles with red, white roses. Wine corks that look beautiful in a round vase with a green decorative candle are suitable for making decor..

Wine corks are great as card holders for seating arrangements. Candlesticks with figures of lanterns or carnival masks will give the banquet hall a mysterious, pleasant atmosphere. Wedding bonbonnieres for guests in the Italian style are easy to make if you use decorative glass bubbles with olive oil, bottles with olives, containers with Tuscan spices, bags with Italian herbs.

Italian wedding decor

Italian wedding decoration elements

Decorations for an Italian wedding

The bride's bouquet

The nature of Italy is beautiful and diverse, so the bouquet for the bride and groom in the style of this country should be bright and extraordinary. An Italian wedding flower arrangement is made up of asters, lilies, roses, orchids, cornflowers. A bouquet in a Mediterranean style will look great with sprigs of olive or other greens. A bride with a bright and rich floral arrangement will be able to convey the spirit of sunny Italy to all guests at the wedding.

Italian wedding bouquets

Italian Wedding Treats

A striking difference between the Italian celebration and other styles of wedding holidays is the dishes served at the banquet. Pizza, spaghetti, seafood, good wines, liqueurs must be at the wedding with this theme. Cheese appetizers, lasagna, many fresh vegetable salads, dishes with shrimp, squid, mussels, tuna, all kinds of desserts - all this and many other Italian dishes are perfect for a banquet and will appeal to guests and newlyweds.

Italian wedding menu

Dishes for an Italian wedding

Italian pizza for a wedding

A wedding cake

The climax of the banquet at the wedding is the serving of the cake. For the Italian style of celebration, a good dessert option would be «Tiramisu», made in the likeness of the Coliseum. The cake, which is decorated with sweet sprigs of olive, will fully correspond to the theme of the wedding. Creative and unusual, but in Italian it will look like a cake similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa or another attraction of a sunny country.

For a treat, treat guests with ice cream «Gelato», candied nuts, air biscuits, chocolate. Such delicious and unusual treats for dessert will bring guests great pleasure. It will be especially appropriate if you serve aromatic coffee to the cake and other sweets. The abundance of fruits of different types on the tables is a hallmark of the Italian style at the wedding.

Italian style wedding cakes

Beautiful wedding cakes

Original Wedding Cake Ideas


Italian style wedding script

In order to create an Italian atmosphere at a wedding banquet, it is necessary to immerse guests in an atmosphere appropriate to the spirit of this country. The themed interior of the hall, table decoration, the Mediterranean menu and a good wedding scenario - all this will help to give the celebration the spirit of Italy. For a wedding in the Italian style to be stylish, interesting and fun, use fun contests, dances to the songs of Toto Cutugno, Adriano Celentano, etc. to entertain guests. For the wedding in this style, the following scenario is suitable:


- Dear newlyweds and guests, now we are going to celebrate the creation of a new family for friendly and cheerful Italians. This country is a romantic, passionate place, so it is perfect for our happy wedding. But for travel we need visas. How to get them? Together we will have to find the answers to the Italian quiz. For the correct answer, the guest also receive a valuable prize.

Prepare in advance sheets with the image of 3 pictures, only one of which is related to Italy. It can be sights, actors, car brands, emblems, football teams, shots from films and more.

  1. Which of them is Italian? The sheet depicts Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz and Sophie Marceau. Correct answer: Monica Bellucci.
  2. Which of these architectural monuments is located in Italy? The sheet depicts the Holy Family Cathedral of Gaudi, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Acropolis of Athens. Correct answer: Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  3. Which of them is an Italian fashion designer? The sheet depicts Calvin Klein, Domenico Dolce, Christian Lacroix. Correct answer: Dolce Domenico.
  4. Which of these cars is the fruit of the Italian auto industry? The sheet depicts Ferrari, a sports BMW, Nissan. The emblems are overwritten. Correct answer: Ferrari.
  5. Which of these emblems is the emblem of Italy? The sheet depicts the arms of Italy and two other European states. Inscriptions, if any, are overwritten.
  6. Which of them is of Italian origin? The sheet depicts a football player Francesco Totti, Pope Benedict XVI, actress Claudia Cardinale. Correct answer: Totti.
  7. Which symbol is the emblem of the Italian football club? Coat of arms of clubs «Barcelona», «Milan» and «RealMadrid». The correct answer is:«Milan».
  8. What frame is made from an Italian film? The sheet depicts frames from three films, only one of which is Italian. For example«Godfather», «Life is Beautiful», «Oscar» (1991). The correct answer is:«Life is Beautiful».


- Our guests are well aware of the history and culture of Italy, but we also need to pass a language test. I will now read proverbs in Italian and translate them, and you must choose the appropriate Russian catch phrase.

  • «Chi ha la lingua va in Sardegna». Having a language will reach Sardinia (language will bring to Kiev).
  • «Prendere due piccioni con una fava». Get two pigeons from one bean (kill two birds with one stone).
  • «La gallina vecchia fa buon brood». Good broth from the old chicken (the old horse does not spoil the furrow).
  • «Meglio essere il primo in provincia che il secondo a Roma». It is better to be the first in the province than the second in Rome (it is better to be large fish in a pond than small in the ocean).
  • «Cacio e sano; se vien di scarsa mano». Cheese is good if you take a little (everything is good in moderation).
  • «Lupo non mangia lupo». Wolves do not eat wolves (the raven will not peck out the crow).
  • «E meglio un uovo oggi di una gallina domani». Better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow (better titmouse in hands than a crane in the sky).
  • «Chi dorme non piglia pesci». Those who slept didn’t catch the fish (those who get up early - God gives them that; you can’t easily take the fish out of the pond).


- We successfully passed all the exams and set off to celebrate the wedding in Italy. Here is our common visa (shows a large document). I want to warn that in Italy all men are called with the prefix «Don» or simply «lord», and women - «senorita» or «senora». Young, and you are ready to prove your love, having passed the tests in Italian?

Newlyweds agree.


“Now we will check how well the bridegroom knows his bride.” To do this, we will hold an interesting competition during which Don (the name of the groom) must guess which message Senorita sent him «Bride's name».

For this competition, it is necessary to prepare messages written on separate leaflets for the groom from different girls. Among them should be one from the bride. The Italian bridegroom must find him and guess that it is from his lover.


- All Italians sing serenades to their brides, and whether the Don / groom will be able to prove their love in such a romantic way?

The groom can prepare a song in advance or perform a small verse with a guitar, standing on one knee in front of the bride. After that, the girl gives him a rose, which means her love for him.


- The young have proven their love and devotion to each other. They will be a strong and happy family. But without what it is impossible to imagine an Italian wedding? Without incendiary and cheerful dances. Don / groom and senor / bride will prove their feelings by dancing the first wedding dance to passionate Italian music.

Video: holding a wedding in the style of the Italian mafia

Some newlyweds are inspired by the film «Godfather» to organize an Italian wedding with a gangster theme. They play up the bride kidnapping and ransom scenario, like a fight between two warring clans. Pistols, chases, card gambling in a casino, packs of cards in a frame, glasses with alcohol in hands, the groom’s friends dressed as mafiosi - all this creates a special gangster atmosphere at an Italian celebration. The video below shows how one couple realized a mafia scenario at their wedding.

Themed wedding photo shoot

Italian wedding photo shoot is best done in a park or flowered garden. And if your celebration is with a gangster theme, then holiday photos can be with attributes inherent in the mafia. Photoshoot in carnival costumes and masks will suit the Venetian style of the wedding. In Italy, at weddings, everything around the venue is decorated with fresh flowers, so there should be a lot of beautiful buds in the photo of the holiday in the Italian style.

Wedding Pictures of Italian Wedding

Italian Mafia Style Wedding

Photos of weddings in the Italian style