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There is no more touching and romantic holiday in the life of a couple in love, like a wedding day. On the wedding day, the bride and groom are overwhelmed with feelings of tenderness, joy and happiness. All couples want to organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony, to make it sophisticated, stylish. A Paris-style wedding is a great way to make your celebration elegant and chic. Does France and its capital evoke tender emotions in you? Then organize a themed wedding with an atmosphere of Parisian chic.

How to organize a wedding in the style of Paris

When organizing a Paris wedding, the bride and groom should take into account that in order to maintain the chosen concept, all the constituent details of the holiday should be designed in the same style. Newlyweds and guests are immersed in an atmosphere of romance. Paris for every person is associated with love, grace, sophistication. All wedding accessories will emphasize this elegance and sophistication. The colors of the event and the bride’s outfit are dominated by pastel colors: pale pink, all shades of pearl, white, peach, chocolate.

Theme Wedding Paris

The image of the bride and groom

True Parisians are distinguished by a special refined taste, in their image you will not find unnecessary details and decorative elements - everything is restrained, tasteful. When choosing a wedding wardrobe, it is recommended to be guided by this rule. In the image of the bride in the style of Paris there will be no signs of sex appeal, overly tight cropped mini, high heels. Calm femininity - this is the style of a real Frenchwoman. Straight midi length dresses or dresses with a narrowed top and a full skirt are perfect for this.

For an autumn or winter wedding, having the style of Paris, choose a fur coat, warm stole, shawl or shawl. Parisian brides do not particularly favor a wedding veil. Preference is given to miniature hats, elegant veils or decorate the hairstyle with fresh flowers. Make a special emphasis on accessories. Sophisticated shoes or sandals with a small steady heel, matched to the outfit, perfectly complement the image of the bride for a Paris wedding. A vintage clutch will help to complete the look and bring a touch of Parisian chic..

When applying makeup, the emphasis is on naturalness and naturalness, no bright scarlet lips and black arrows on the eyes. Shades of restrained colors, matte lipstick of pale pink color is what you need for a Paris style wedding ceremony. As for the nails of the bride, preference should be given to a classic shortened French manicure, or covered with varnish of wine, chocolate color.

Do not forget to carefully consider the groom's style, so that the given topic can be traced not only in the bride's outfit. It is recommended that a man choose a classic suit and complement it with a shirt to match the chosen color concept of the wedding. Want to make the look more elegant and stylish? Then wear a tuxedo with a vest. A boutonniere made in the general color scheme of the wedding and harmoniously combined with the bride’s bouquet will be a bright accent in the groom’s outfit.

The image of the bride and groom in the style of Paris

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Dress code for bridesmaids and guests

For a Parisian-style wedding, guests and bridesmaids should be dressed in outfits that fit the theme of the celebration. Classic midi-length cocktail dresses, complemented by stylish accessories, such as hats and handbags, will make the images elegant and sophisticated. As for the guests, it is necessary to inform them about the theme of the wedding in invitation cards and describe the requirements for the dress code.

Wedding guests are advised to wear formal suits, tailcoats or tuxedos. An obligatory attribute for such a wedding will be a bow tie. Women should choose discreet outfits of a simple cut, and complement the image with hats and gloves. Particular attention should be paid to jewelry in the style of Paris. To do this, choose pearl threads, sophisticated jewelry of small size or elegant accessories with precious stones.

Dress code for a Paris wedding

Dress code for a Paris wedding

Paris style wedding decoration

Nothing will create the necessary atmosphere and style for the holiday, as a properly selected venue. Whenever possible, preference should be given to an exit wedding ceremony. A small estate, a picturesque courtyard or a colorful meadow with access to the pond will be an excellent backdrop for a romantic ceremony in the style of Paris. For the decor of the area, wooden barrels, forged benches, wicker baskets are used..

Delicate floral arrangements complement the area with sensuality and grace. The arch is decorated with fresh flowers of pastel shades, for example, roses, peonies, orchids. This design blends perfectly with the natural colors of nature in an open area. Take care of the music separately. Choose a music group not only to accompany the banquet, but also for the wedding ceremony. An indelible impression on the bride, groom and wedding guests will be made by the musician playing the violin or accordion during the approach of the marriage to the altar.

Retro cars can be used for a Paris-style wedding procession. Such cars themselves look amazing, so they do not have to be additionally decorated. But if you want to make bright elements of the chosen style you can succeed with the help of small flower arrangements fixed around the perimeter of the machine and developing satin ribbons in the wind.

Paris style: wedding decoration

Invitations for guests

Having received an invitation card for the wedding, the guest should have a first impression of the upcoming holiday, its style and orientation. To let future guests understand what kind of triumph awaits them, invitations in the style of Paris should be made. Sights with the image of the French capital will help to cope with this task. On the cover page of the postcard, place an image of the Eiffel Tower or other famous architectural structures of Paris.

When writing text, use an elegant font or write the inscriptions manually in calligraphic handwriting. Wedding invitations will look elegantly, sealed in a beautiful envelope, inside of which are placed several dried rose petals or a herbarium of other plants. Invitation cards are decorated with lace, satin ribbons, beads..

Paris style invitations

Banquet room decor

To design a banquet hall in the Paris style, a pre-selected color scheme is used, the shades of which are already present on the dresses of the bride and groom. Fresh flowers will help to fill the room with French cosiness and chic. They create volumetric compositions from them, make flower arches or arrange them in the form of small bouquets on holiday tables.

Paintings with recognizable views of Paris are hung on the walls of the hall. Miniature figurines and candles in the style of the Eiffel Tower complement the theme design of the room. Apply fabric draperies, satin ribbon bows to decorate chairs. Allocate a place for the photo zone, where guests can take memorable funny pictures in the style of Paris. Carefully consider the props for this..

Suspended decorative frames and a large stand with the image of a French street will help to fill the photo with the spirit of Paris. It will be possible to bring fun to the shooting process and make pictures funny thanks to the use of comic attributes: cardboard mustache, hats, glasses, etc. The Eiffel Tower, at least in the form of a miniature copy, must be present at Paris-style wedding pictures.

Wedding decoration of the hall

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Decoration of holiday tables

All festive tables, as well as the decor of the hall, should be saturated with the Parisian style. But special attention should be paid to the table of the bride and groom - a place to which the eyes of all guests will be riveted for most of the evening. In the background of the table, a stand with the image of Paris is set up, which will visually transfer the bride and groom to the French capital. Romantic inscriptions in French with declarations of love or vows of the newlyweds can be written on the stand.

Between the cutlery on the festive tables to create a Paris style, petals or small rosebuds are laid out. Figurines with cupids, crystal half beads, graceful candles, decorative compositions with pearl threads located on the tables of the guests will help bring romance and tenderness. Such decorations will harmoniously look with dishes of French cuisine.

Chairs are decorated with lush waves, original draperies made of pastel fabric. The same material is used to decorate the stand on which bonbonnieres with gifts for guests are placed. For souvenirs on a themed French wedding, traditionally choose macaroon cakes, chocolate almonds or do-it-yourself crafts, themed key rings.

Decoration of festive tables for a Parisian wedding

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The bride's bouquet

Gracefully in the hands of the bride at a wedding ceremony in the style of Paris, a small floral arrangement will look. Florists recommend giving preference to fragile delicate bouquets, which include bush roses, hydrangeas, mimosa, lilies of the valley or other flowers. The base of the bouquet is tied with satin ribbon or a beautiful openwork lace.

Bridal bouquet: Paris style

A wedding cake

Choosing a cake for a French wedding, you can choose any dessert. With the help of pastry mastic, the baker will decorate it according to the chosen wedding style. It will be possible to beautifully crown such pastries at the expense of the Eiffel Tower figures. Also, a macaroon cake from Paris will be a good dessert option for a themed wedding. They make up a design resembling a classic multi-tiered wedding cake. It looks very impressive, and nobody will refuse to enjoy such a dessert..

If you want to order something more original for a dessert, then nothing can do it so well as the famous French Cromembus. A sophisticated dessert, which consists of profiteroles with a delicate filling, will appeal to all guests. These small cakes with caramel are connected to each other in the form of a cone, which is then decorated with caramel golden threads. Such a sumptuous cake will impress everyone present and is perfect for the style of the wedding..

Themed Wedding Cake

Video: holding a wedding in the style of Paris

There is no more romantic city in the world than Paris, its air is saturated with love and tenderness. Many future spouses want to arrange a wedding in the style of Paris to fill the main holiday of their lives with these qualities. Organizing a thematic wedding is not difficult, the main thing is to approach the solution of the problem creatively. Show your imagination when creating original accessories, cute decor items. Think over every little detail, detail, so that everything at the wedding is saturated with the chic of Paris. And then you will have the same wonderful event as in the video below.

Paris wedding photo shoot

To make the photos beautiful and delicate, choose suitable colorful places with lush vegetation for the photo shoot. For this, a botanical garden, a park, a flowering meadow are suitable. Do not forget about city landscapes. Squares with paving stones, bridges, open terraces harmoniously fit into the frame of a photo shoot with a Parisian style. Make a large poster depicting the square at the Eiffel Tower or other beautiful views of Paris. Take a picture against the backdrop of such a scenery. When photographing, it is recommended to use props: volume letters, openwork umbrellas, swings.

Wedding in the style of Paris

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