Gatsby style wedding


The 20s of the 20th century are considered the golden age of American history, known as «century of jazz». Art Deco, romance, glamor, unrestrained fun, carelessness were characteristic of that time. The images of the 20s are again at the peak of popularity, for example, some couples like the Gatsby style wedding, especially after the release of the film of the same name based on the book of Fitzgerald. Antique cars, an abundance of decor, geometry in shapes, effervescent drinks, feathers and rhinestones, richly decorated dresses, jewelry are used for weddings in the spirit of the Great Gatsby. How to organize it?

The image of the bride

In the film, The Great Gatsby, a gentle person named Daisy appeared before the audience in a tight, but not tight, seductive outfit, which emphasized her fragile and graceful camp. At the time of this heroine, magnificent crinolines were by no means in favor. A strict taboo is imposed on? Richly decorated corsages, heavy pompous dresses, asphyxiating corsets. You won’t be able to stun the guests at a Gatsby-style wedding with the bright color of your outfit, since only shades of beige that mimic antiquity are allowed, for example, pale pink, ivory, white, champagne splashes.

Gatsby style wedding dress

The most striking element of the outfits of the jazz era was the silhouette. This is the main detail that the bride should reproduce if a Gatsby-style wedding is being organized. The silhouette is characterized by an elongated and cylindrical shape. The waistline is as low as possible. At the end of the 20s, she confidently returned to her place, styles of outfits sitting on the figure come into fashion. Asymmetrical hemline and flounces become popular. Gatsby-style wedding dress for the bride should be shiny, eye-catching, feminine, with a flowing silhouette.

For attire? Such fabrics as silk, satin are suitable. As decoration choose glass beads, beads, feathers, pearls, sparkles, rhinestones. If decor is not supposed, then the matter itself should have a brilliant texture. The color of the dress can be gold, silver, pastel shade of pink or blue, peach, powdery. The length of the outfit for a wedding? Gatsby style is slightly below the knee or to the floor. An indispensable attribute of clothing of the 20th century is fringe or asymmetric hem.

Gatsby-styled wedding dress

Gatsby style bride bouquet

Gatsby-style bouquet contains light, delicate shades. Pink and white small roses, classic freesias, exquisite lilies, modest snowdrops are ideal. Such a composition will help to dilute the branches of greenery. Wrap the leg of the bouquet with a lace scarf. In addition, the composition should not lose its luxury and style. You can add a bouquet for a Gatsby style wedding with rhinestones, pearls, feathers, vintage brooches.

Bridal bouquet for? Gatsby wedding

Shoes & Accessories

The characteristic features of shoes for a Gatsby style wedding are considered medium height and thickness of the heel, round toe. For the bride, this is real bliss, because such shoe models are in most cases very convenient. The heel should be feminine, curly, but not straight. Mandatory strap on the rise or around the ankle, which visually makes the leg more elegant, slimmer.

To get the image of the newlywed at the Gatsby style wedding closer to the time chosen for styling, you need to complement his boa with luxurious sparkling jewelry, fur capes, pearl bracelets and beads. Do not forget about such a detail as a handbag. It should be small, on a chain or cord, trimmed with feathers or fringe..

Details? Image of the bride of the 20s

Gatsby style bride hairstyle

Fashion of the era of the Great Gatsby dictates its rules regarding hairstyles and hairstyles for the bride for the wedding. In most cases, short haircuts, such as bob or bob, are welcome. Marseilles or cold waves look spectacular on hair of any length. Long strands can be stabbed at the back of the head in the center or on one side. This will create the necessary asymmetric effect, which was very popular in the era of the Great Gatsby..

Gatsby style wedding hairstyle can be smooth, for example, choose vintage curls, retro styling or mesh curls. Such options are suitable for short, medium or long? Hair. Strands decorated on one side look interesting, decorated with a hair clip with feathers, a rim with rhinestones, a beautiful bandage. For Gatsby style, an accessory in the hairstyle is required, for example, decor with rhinestones and beads, a bridal veil, a hair chain, a hat.

Jazz wedding hairstyles

Gatsby style groom

?The image of the groom for a Gatsby style wedding should be impeccable, chic. Jay in a film based on the Fitzgerald book was a gentleman with a riddle, an interesting life story, a gangster raid, impeccable manners. Therefore, to create an image you will need a light three-piece suit, jacket and pants with small stripes, cufflinks, bow tie, suspenders. You can add other elements of a gentleman with a gloss from the aristocracy: a cane, an old watch on a chain, a hat.

The image of the groom stylized in the 20s

Dress code for guests

What to wear for the bridesmaid and other guests? Guests must support the theme of the Gatsby wedding, given a dress code. Bright ladies and cocktail dresses, shiny dresses, conspicuous and spectacular jewelry, feather boas, fur boas are suitable for ladies. For guests of the stronger sex, suits are ideal using stylish men's accessories. If the wedding will be attended by children, you can dress them in accordance with the era of jazz.

Gatsby Style Wedding Outfit

Great Gatsby Style Wedding Ideas

?Glaring chic, iridescent? Luxury, phantasmagoric interiors, pearls, gold, feathers and sparkles - the Gatsby style wedding knows no bounds, it does not know the word “too”. At the wedding day in the chosen style, you will need to reproduce the enchanting, original, unforgettable celebration with champagne and fun. The basis of the style is a brilliant, extravagant decor. It is important to observe the rules of the style, beat it with trifles and details. So your wedding will be a live movie.

Start with color. The wedding palette, selected in accordance with the Gatsby era, will charge guests with the necessary spirit, give the right atmosphere. Use gold, glossy or matte, bugles, translucent beads. Gold color can be both chic and light, delicate. The airiness of the wedding will be presented by a duet of the color of noble metal with ivory, cream, white, pastel colors. A complex, extravagant combination gives gold and black, which instantly takes us to the parties of that time.

Decor with fabrics at a Gatsby style wedding is also important: use silk, chiffon, lace, satin trimmed with sequins, beads, and rhinestones. Decorate wedding tables, chairs with materials, use them as a background. Capacities choose ceramic, mirror, bronze, metal instead of glass. If fonts are used in the Gatsby style wedding decor, then choose retro, as on movie posters of that time. Crystals, pearls, feathers will help to complement the style of the wedding..

Guest Invitations

For Gatsby-style wedding invitations, you need paper aged artificially. Cards should be concise, decorated with a logo. Use imitating antique ligature fonts that resemble vintage. In general, wedding invitations are characterized by the observance of strict geometry of forms, the use of gold, white, beige, pale pink, pale orange.

Wedding retro invitation cards

Banquet room decor

The decoration of the surrounding space and the hall for the wedding should dazzle with gold the crystals, stones, dishes, cutlery. Additional colors are selected in neutral or dark colors, so as not to overload the bright design. Gatsby style is characterized by such decor items as photo frames, vintage candlesticks, satin fabrics. Get inspired for such a wedding in jazz, art deco, glamor. Do not be afraid to overdo it, because the Gatsby style is shine, chic, luxury. The actual use of porcelain, crystal, sequins, confetti, serpentine, balloons.

The decor should be chic, luxurious, pathos, as the style of Gatsby's wedding creates an atmosphere of careless squandering. Gold accents in the form of utensils, vases, tablecloths are appropriate. Shine is achieved by using pearlescent pearls, sparkling crystals on chandeliers, backs of chairs, compositions on tables. Feathers, vases on thin legs, vintage typewriters, crystal, gramophones will be relevant at the wedding. Be sure to lay a luxurious rug on the floor.

Pay special attention to the lighting of the Gatsby style wedding, which will help to create a special chic and the right atmosphere. ? Candelabra, massive chandeliers, sparklers,? Garlands - feel free to use such elements. The area of ​​the wedding ceremony? Illuminate with hundreds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, a system of tall candles, a background of golden fabric. Decorate the passage from the arch with sparklers that will light the guests.

Room decor stylized in the 20s

Festive table decoration

Remember the gatsby parties? They were distinguished by pomp, chic, pomp, aristocracy and exquisite decor of tables for the wedding. Silver, crystal, beautiful tablecloths, draperies, fringe, champagne buckets with ice, vintage bottles - think about these details in advance. As an elegant accent in the spirit of the Gatsby era, the pearl strands that connect the cutlery are suitable. Finishing of landing cards can be mother-of-pearl.

Think about every nuance: on the tables of the wedding Gatsby style should be present compositions on thin, high legs. Use flowers such as hydrangeas, orchids, callas, tulips to make bouquets. Elegant floral arrangements will create a feeling of luxury, high style. Vases should be transparent with crystal water or with a shiny decor.

Gatsby Style Wedding Table Decor

A wedding cake

Gatsby style wedding cake is characterized by an abundance of decorative elements, chic appearance. Bright design, several tiers, gold details, geometric patterns, edible pearls or stones - this will certainly delight guests, make a good impression on them. Inside, the treat should be no less luxurious than outside: sweet, tasty, melting in your mouth.

Cake for a wedding stylized for the 20s

Gatsby style wedding photo shoot

The photoshoot, like the Gatsby style wedding itself, is of no small importance. Plan in advance which photographs you would like to receive. Inspire the footage of a great cinema, select your favorite scenes. Recreate the interior, jazz mood. You can stop on the stage of the long-awaited meeting of the main characters of the film Daisy and Jay, when they were surrounded by chic flower arrangements. Take shots with your friends as if you were having fun at a noisy party. You can arrange a photo session in a luxurious hotel room, casino, restaurant.

Gatsby style wedding photo shoot