Empire style wedding


Each couple entering into family life wants to have a wedding celebration in an original way. Recently, themed weddings are gaining popularity, where the whole event permeates a single style. For romantic natures who appreciate sophisticated luxury, an empire wedding will be an ideal option for a celebration. The unique ancient Roman theme of the event will be a great opportunity to make the holiday beautiful, elegant and memorable for all its participants..

How to organize an empire style wedding

Before you start organizing a wedding in the style of empire, you should learn a little history. Empire comes from the word Empire, which means empire. Style was born as an architectural trend during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte and developed until the third decade of the nineteenth century. Empire is a luxurious style of decoration of palaces and memorial facades. It contains details such as decorating halls with columns, pilasters, all kinds of textured molding.

Gorgeous Empire style architecture

Along with the classical elements of this style, the ancient heritage was actively used, which confirms the abundance of sculptures made in the form of lions, sphinxes, etc. The empire is asymmetric, everything is strictly subordinate to geometric calculation, arranged in an orderly manner. It also used the motives of Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, and the style itself was designed to emphasize the power of power, the strength of the imperial army.

In clothing, this style became popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century in France thanks to the first wife of the Emperor Napoleon. She was one of the first who decided not to give preference to a magnificent, heavy dress on a crinoline, but to a magnificent tight-fitting dress, emphasizing all the advantages of a female figure. This fashion quickly spread, and the style of empire dresses gained wide popularity among all women..

Elegant Empire Dresses

How to organize a wedding in the style of empire:

  • Choose a venue.

An ideal place for an empire wedding in the summertime will be a tent, spread out on a picturesque summer lawn - this will allow guests to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views, put on light dresses that are inherent in the empire style of clothing. Another option for the warm season is a celebration at a camp site or in a country hotel.

For cold days, an excellent solution would be to rent a suburban estate reflecting the architectural course of the Empire style. To celebrate the wedding, the hall of a good hotel or restaurant is also suitable, the main thing is that there are architectural details corresponding to the empire: colonnade, beautiful molding, all kinds of sculptures, high arches of the room. Emphasized the style of wedding premises with furniture under the nineteenth century, with classic elements of interior decoration.

Empire wedding on a country estate

  • Send invitations.

A Empire-style wedding is perfectly reflected in classic rectangular or square invitation cards. They should be made in pastel colors corresponding to the color palette of the whole holiday, it is desirable that there are no more than three color shades. Also a great solution would be the production of invitation cards in a light shade with gold, silver or black embossing.

To enhance the effect, postcards can be placed in envelopes sealed with wax. If you are planning a dress code at the wedding, you should definitely indicate this in the invitation, and send the cards themselves in advance - a month or two before the wedding, so that guests have time to think through and prepare their outfits.

Classic Wedding Invitations

  • Come up with a dress code.

It will not be difficult for guests to choose the appropriate dress code for this style of wedding, because the main condition that the outfit must comply with is the sophistication of the image, ease in fabrics and luxury in jewelry. Ladies can appear both in an evening dress and in a suit with a skirt, and men can wear trousers with shirts or classic evening dresses with a tuxedo. Ask guests to dress according to a single palette so that holiday photos look great.

  • Buy wedding rings.

Wedding rings will constantly attract the attention of guests during the wedding, so for the Empire style you should choose the appropriate accessories. Unusually shaped rings, generously decorated with diamonds and other precious stones, pearls, will do..

Chic Wedding Rings

  • Think over the holiday menu.

For the Empire holiday, a light menu with exquisite European cuisine is suitable. Given that the style originated in France, French dishes will be an ideal decoration of the table: these are all kinds of fish dishes, ratatouille, stewed and baked dishes. Be sure to serve guests a variety of treats with fish caviar - light snacks, sandwiches, salads.

  • A wedding cake.

In his role can be a classic French dessert Croquembush, which is a profiteroles with filling, folded in a cone, and fixed with sweet caramel. A magnificent dish is decorated with nuts, fruits, caramel strings - such a cake for the wedding will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Crocambosch - French Wedding Cake

  • Prepare a bar menu.

Champagne (glasses for it will beautifully make up a tall elegant pyramid), a variety of French white and red wines will be suitable alcoholic drinks for an empire wedding. Use dry and semi-dry wines. and sweet is better to refuse.

  • Rent a wedding procession.

During the reign of Napoleon, there were no cars yet, but there was another means of transportation - carriages. Ordering a carriage drawn by beautiful horses will effectively emphasize the style of the holiday, decorate several magnificent wedding photos, add symbolism and simply entertain young people.

Wedding procession for an empire wedding

  • Order the services of a photographer and videographer.

A celebration in the Empire style is a magnificent event that should not go unnoticed. Hire a professional photographer who will take memorable photos, and let the videographer shoot and mount a video about your chic wedding. The participants in the process will be watching the video and recall the amazing event for a long time.

Empire style wedding decoration

After all organizational issues have been resolved, a pleasant stage of preparation for a luxurious wedding à la Empire begins - the design of the room. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the colors of the upcoming celebration. You should not choose bright, contrasting shades, for an empire style, combinations of pastel colors are ideal: peach with pale pink, white and cream, ivory and lime color - carefully create a palette of two or three light shades.

Colors for the Empire style festive style.

If the room chosen for the wedding is not very similar to the Empire style, then order light columns, statues, and other decorative elements from the room design agency. If desired, buy columns for the wedding without additional assistance from an agency in a special hardware store.

Column Wedding Hall Decor

In addition to antique interior details, you should make sure that the hall is decorated with classic elements. Massive paintings with heavy gold frames, antique wooden furniture, wide tables with beautiful carvings. A beautiful element of the decor of the room where the wedding will take place will be high candles in exquisite candlesticks - they will give the triumph of romanticism and comfort.

Decor banquet hall candles

Fabrics are another important part of the Empire style wedding decor, with their help it is easy to emphasize the celebration style. Along with light tulle, hall windows should be decorated with heavy curtains of velvet or satin fabric, decorate the table with embroidered tablecloths, and decorate chairs with covers with huge colored bows. Decorators can tie beautiful satin ribbons to interior details, add lace napkins to the table - they will create an atmosphere of chic and luxury.

Fabrics in the decoration of the hall for an empire wedding

Another obligatory fashionable element for the decor of an empire banquet hall is flowers. Living plants should be present everywhere: bouquets can decorate tables with French dishes, small inflorescences can become decorative elements for the arch above a separate table for newlyweds and witnesses, flowers in pots should be placed in the corners of the room. If a colonnade is present, decorate it with an artificial vine. For the hall you need to use the same flowers that are in the bouquet of the hero of the occasion, if possible, avoid greenery.

Flowers - the main element of the Empire style decor

The image of the bride and groom photo

Description of the outfits of future spouses for the Empire style wedding style is sophistication, luxury, sophistication, attention to the smallest details. Details of the image of an empire bride:

  • Dress. The future wife, who chose this style of wedding, was lucky, because any style of an empire dress sits perfectly on the figure, hides flaws, emphasizes the advantages and her beauty. It is easy for a modern bride to find a dress in a similar style, because it is widely represented in almost all wedding salons. Its main differences: a decorated bodice, a high waistline, light flowing flowing fabrics. Empire style dress can be performed both with a train and without it.

Empire style dresses for a wedding

  • Accessories As for additional accessories, gloves will be the end of a beautiful Empire style. The more open the top of the wedding attire, the longer the gloves themselves should be. There should be a little jewelry - a stylish pearl necklace, neat earrings will do. Pump shoes, stylish heeled sandals or comfortable sandals can do the role of smart shoes..
  • Hairstyle and makeup. The bride can make a hairstyle for the wedding a la Empire in the Greek style. The first option is hair gathered in an elegant high hairstyle, decorated with a beautiful hairpin or diadem. The second option is gentle curled curls, laid by a mulvinka or pinned to the sides, decorated with a small crown. Makeup should be simple: even skin tone, a small amount of eye shadow, light lipstick, no bright accents.

Empire style hairstyle and makeup

  • The bride's bouquet. This wedding accessory should look chic: a composition with large natural flowers on a long handle, which is worth tying a ribbon, will be a wonderful solution. Flowers suitable for this holiday - roses, callas, peonies, also a large amount of greenery should be avoided.

Exquisite Bridal Bouquet

After such a difficult creation of the image of the hero of the occasion, the selection of details for the groom's outfit will seem an easier task. For a wedding of this style, a classic is great - a formal suit or tuxedo made of high-quality material combined with a neckerchief, bow tie, or an ordinary beautiful tie. Leather shoes should be perfectly cleaned and the suit ironed. You should also lightly style your hair, pick up additional accessories - tie clip, stylish cufflinks.

Classic image of the groom in the Empire style

The main rule: the styles of the outfits of the future spouses should ideally combine with each other. The discord here will spoil the whole impression, even if the hall is perfect, and the treats are exquisite. The main role at the holiday is also responsibility, and beautiful photos will be a real reward to the newlyweds, who did not spare time on their images.

Empire outfits stylized as bride and groom

Empire style wedding script

In order for the Empire-style wedding to be wonderful, you need to prepare a script that will help the organizers to conduct and arrange the celebration perfectly. To begin with, it is worth thinking about how the ransom of the bride will go, if such is planned. An interesting idea is a ransom for a wedding in a duel style, on which the groom must defeat an opponent fighting for the heart of the bride. After the last test, the hero of the occasion will be knighted and future spouses will go to the registry office for registration.

Exit registration in Empire style

Well, if you can hold such a stylized wedding ceremony in nature. When registration is completed, newly-married newlyweds go to be photographed in a picturesque place where a professional photographer will take unique pictures with the appropriate props. After that, the couple goes to the wedding banquet, using a motorcade corresponding to the style of the event - a magnificent carriage.

Classical music - Empire wedding decoration

For a banquet, invite a musical group performing classical live music. Well, if the group will consist of violinists, cellists, double bass players. The banquet itself, embodying the style of empire, should be held solemnly, but interestingly: a professional presenter can help in holding it. It is worth avoiding vulgar contests, alcoholic tasks - let the spirit of luxury and aristocracy permeate the entire wedding of this style. The bride and groom should definitely learn the waltz for the wedding in order to dance their first dance to the live music of stringed instruments.

Process video

Empire style wedding is a holiday that will become an unforgettable event for all its participants. Gorgeous elegant interior, elegant outfits for the heroes of the occasion, light French cuisine, live music - all these details will make the event a great start to the family life of the newly made spouses.