60s style wedding


Everything new is well forgotten old. Template weddings are no longer so interesting, everyone is looking for original ideas, exclusive outfits, unusual competitions to mark this significant day in a special way. A wedding in the style of the 60s is an ideal choice for those who prefer brightness, originality and enthusiasm. The style of the 60s personifies eccentricity, energy, lightness and a wonderful mood. Therefore, such a stylish celebration is the best choice for newlyweds..

How to organize a wedding in the style of the 60s

Before you start organizing a wedding, you should decide on a specific topic. In different countries, the 60s are perceived differently, so you need to decide in advance whether it will be the Soviet sixties, American, or the choice will stop at a European country. The style of this era is expressiveness, freedom and brightness, which is expressed by extraordinary outfits, hairstyles and accessories.

The first important detail in preparing for the wedding of the 60s is the invitation. They must correspond to the theme of the celebration, be bright, positive. Invitations in the form of vinyl records, guitars or aged newspaper clippings are perfect. If you have a talent for drawing, you can make invitation cards yourself, guests will certainly appreciate it.

60s wedding invitations in the form of records

When choosing a car for a wedding, you should abandon modern brands, and give preference to retro cars:

  • Soviet: Volga, Seagull, Moskvich, Zaporozhets.
  • American: Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile.
  • European: Rolls-Royce, Opel Admiral, Aston Martin, etc..

Retro motorcade cars

The next step in organizing a 60s wedding is to choose a venue for the celebration. It can be a restaurant, a country cottage, an outdoor wedding in nature. The place where the ceremony will take place and the celebration itself are not of key importance, the main thing is to properly arrange the room, select the necessary details, vibrant decorations, and display the image of the era of the 60s.

It’s not necessary to ask professional wedding organizers for advice, you should ask your parents and grandparents for help, who, like no other, will be able to talk about all the intricacies of that time, help in choosing outfits, pick up music and much more. A wedding of this style requires special outfits for the newlyweds, so you should not leave the subject, and responsibly approach the choice of the groom's suit and dress for the bride.

The image of the bride and groom in the style of the 60s

The clothes of the newlyweds should be distinguished by expressiveness, bright details, a special cut and an original color scheme. Just one outfit is not enough to fully reveal the vivid image, the hairstyle also plays one of the most important roles, so you need to decide in advance every little thing in your appearance so that everything works out harmoniously, beautifully and on the subject.

The bride's dress should not be with hoops, a long train, too lush silhouette. The choice should be stopped on a straight dress or slightly magnificent. The ideal length of the dress for the bride is just below the knees, although it does not play a big role, the main thing is the correct style. The outfit can be decorated with a bright ribbon, various accessories, fresh flowers, as well as lace.

60s Style Wedding Dresses

The second important detail is the festive hairstyle of the bride, which will emphasize the originality and femininity of the image. Hair needs to be collected in «babette», make a voluminous hairstyle, add unobtrusive details: flowers, ribbons. Loose hair is also allowed: smooth straight hair styling, gentle waves or slight negligence. The bride’s makeup for the wedding can be bright:

  • Voluminous eyelashes.
  • Arrows of various shapes.
  • Lipstick in natural shades, and with a brighter image, saturated colors can be used: red, maroon, dark violet and others.

60s Style Wedding Hairstyles

The groom's outfit is a suit of any shade, a plaid shirt, bright details, a boutonniere. An obligatory element is a bow tie or a bright color, possibly with various ridiculous patterns. Also, suspenders, hats can be additional details, and a bold groom for originality (only in summer) will prefer to wear shorts instead of trousers. Groom's shoes - bright shoes of all kinds of colors. Do not be afraid to experiment, add your own details, embody all extraordinary ideas.

60s groom wedding suit

Hall decoration

When decorating the hall, you should use all the thematic details in the style of the 60s: vinyl records, retro paintings, posters, old players. It is important to get creative in the process of decorating the hall, to know the trends of that time, and also to choose the right place where the celebration will take place. This should not be a trendy hi-tech or modern style room. Below are some original design ideas:

  • In the style of Audrey Hepburn. The hall must be decorated in black and white, on the walls to place posters with the image of the old cinema, the streets of New York. Also, a hall in this style can be decorated with black and white vinyl records. Well, if you can rent a restaurant in black and white.

Audrey Hepburn style room

  • Soviet 60s. To facilitate the task, you need to find a room similar to the Soviet canteen. Dishes need to choose thematic: crystal glasses, faceted glasses. The walls should be decorated with large posters with different Soviet slogans. On tables it is advisable to put vases with carnations, poppies or tulips. In addition, a blackboard should be placed in front of the entrance, awarding the newlyweds and family members the title.

Hall decoration in the style of the Soviet Union

  • In the style of dude. Such a hall should be decorated with bright details: a lot of colorful shades, balls, plates, posters with musical instruments. You need to rent or borrow old musical instruments from friends. As posters suitable images of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong. Incendiary music should play in the background, an invitation to a pop group that will perform all songs live will be a good solution.

Style elements of decor

60s style wedding script

Perfect bright a wedding in the style of the 60s should be complemented by an interesting, fascinating scenario. There are a huge number of options for its implementation, everyone can choose what he likes. The host should consult with a couple in advance that they want to see which competitions are unacceptable at the wedding, which songs are preferred by the young and guests.

Wedding contests in the style of the 60s are the most interesting part of the event, so you need to carefully approach this issue. Scenarios from Soviet films «Moscow does not believe in tears», «Caucasian captive», «Queen of gas stations», «Wedding in Robin» perfect for spending this momentous day. The following contests can be used during the wedding banquet:

  • Quiz «Guess the movie by phrase». The presenter says a short phrase from an old Soviet film, and guests should remember its name. Who is the first - he receives a gift.
  • Soviet-style fashion show.
  • Abduction of the bride, according to the script of the film «Caucasian captive».
  • Song contest.
  • Picking potatoes. The essence of the competition is that the participants are given spoons, potatoes are scattered around the hall, and the one who collects the most in a short period of time receives a prize.

The celebration in the style of the 60s is a great opportunity for the older and younger generation to visit the era of style, fun, and crazy celebrations. You will remember this wonderful day with laughter, smiles, warmth, and your family album will be replenished with chic, extraordinary pictures that your friends will admire. There is no doubt that this wedding will be the best day of your life.