Berry wedding


Are you planning a summer wedding? Then you have a limitless number of thematic ideas for decoration, one of them is a berry wedding. Summer pleases with its gifts, among which various fruits and berries. Based on the month of the marriage, choose a fruit that ripens during this period. It can be raspberries, cherries, strawberries, currants, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, the choice is yours.

The image of the bride and groom

The newlyweds will look bright and juicy at the wedding, if they correctly select their wardrobe. White color is best combined with summer berries, so the main details of the wedding look should be light colors. Next, the selection of the summer fetus, depending on the date of the planned wedding. The color of the berry will determine what scale will be the decor, accessories, elements of wedding images of the newlyweds.

If the wedding is planned for the period from May to August, then strawberry or cherry theme will give juicy colors to the holiday. The bride can order an individual dress that uses a berry print or focus on the belt. You can complement the image by buying red shoes and a necklace. Let the wedding bouquet be the flight of your imagination: use strawberries or cherries in combination with bright buds! Do not forget about the decoration on the head: it can be a traditional veil planted on a berry rim or a wreath of fruits and flowers.

The outfits of the bride and groom should complement each other, therefore, one should think carefully over the male image. A white shirt, dark gray or black trousers are complemented by a berry boutonniere, a bright bow tie. The groom can take a chance by choosing shoes in rich red or burgundy, and in this combination a masculine image will successfully emphasize the theme of the wedding.

If your wedding is scheduled for July, choose raspberries as the main attribute of the holiday. The red berry personifies not only love, passionate feelings of the newlyweds, but tenderness is not the last place. Focus on bridal shoes and a bride's handbag with bright raspberry color. Choose themed accessories - earrings, necklace in the form of a selected berry. A gray trouser suit, a white shirt and a butterfly with a cheerful raspberry print will suit the groom.

You can try to combine 2 berries - strawberries and currants (the ripening period is about the same: from late June to early July), a non-standard solution for a juicy wedding will come out, which will greatly expand the color scheme of the whole celebration. The bride will be able to use 2 main shades, in addition to white, in a bouquet, jewelry, makeup, shoes. A dark purple suit, a white shirt and a red boutonniere will suit the groom.

A blueberry wedding will allow the newlyweds to create images in a noble blue and white color. The groom will be able to pick up a vest and trousers in the same shades as the bride’s shoes. A bouquet of blue hydrangeas, hyacinths and white callas, orchids or chrysanthemums - in the style of blueberry theme. A blackberry wedding for lovers of a purple hue. The choice of accessories for the bride and groom is great, white roses in combination with dahlias or blackberry crocuses may prevail in the bouquet.

If your wedding falls in the winter, then the use of berry themes is not excluded. Cranberries create an indescribable atmosphere with a snowy landscape. You can use this berry in the wedding hairstyle of the bride, when decorating the dress. Under the delicate look, pick up cranberry accessories in the form of a delicious necklace and earrings. In the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, use coniferous branches, white flowers, berries.

Bride and groom at a berry wedding

Dress code for guests

Newlyweds in invitational cards inform guests about the theme of the holiday so that the latter can pick up a thematic dress code. It will depend on the chosen berry and the main light color. But not everyone will be able to choose clothes, according to the main theme of the wedding, so this issue is better to discuss individually. Determine the dominant color for the dress code - white or another light shade, and suggest using the required accessory of the color of the selected berry.

But the bridesmaids and boyfriends of the groom should dress in full agreement with the newlyweds. It is not necessary for them to look the same, the main thing is to adhere to a similar style and shade in the outfits. For the images of girlfriends choose dresses of the main color of the berry, bouquets similar to the attribute of the bride. Friends have the right to wear trouser suits a shade darker than that of the groom, choose a bright bow tie and buttonhole.

Berry dress code for guests

Berry style banquet room decor

The venue determines the overall mood of the wedding. A banquet hall is another space for your imagination. You can use the services of professional decorators, florists or pick up each detail yourself. If the wedding is held in a traditional restaurant, then you only need to supplement everything with a wedding attribute. But if you want to create your own banquet room on the banks of the river, lake, sea, in the middle of the lawn, then you should order a tent. To design both options in a berry style, you can use the decor in the form:

  1. Balloons. This is an economical option that, with the help of berry colors, will emphasize the general theme of the wedding. Balloons, when correctly positioned, will transform any room into a festive.
  2. Paper flowers, pompons, garlands, volume letters, shapes using images of your chosen berries.
  3. Fabrics of a specific color. This type of decor will change any room beyond recognition. Tablecloths on tables, covers for chairs, curtains are sewn from fabrics. And if the banquet is held in a tent, then it will turn out to display the berry style by combining the main color (white, beige, ivory) and juicy accents of the shade of the selected berry.
  4. Floristic compositions with berries. Single buds on the back of chairs, luxurious pendant balls of several types of flowers, complemented by thematic fruits, will make your wedding unlike any other.

Berry style banquet room decor

Festive table decoration

In addition to the aforementioned decor, floral arrangements with berries can decorate the festive table in a stylish, bright and extraordinary way. Mini-bouquets are suitable for guests' relaxation places, and the central arrangement of the newlyweds will be complemented by a floral oblong garland to complement the thematic berries. The main rule: stick to one berry style.

Bright design solutions will help you to focus your attention: berries in glasses that you can feast on during a banquet, a service using festive themes. Fruits with flower buds in glass candle holders will create a romantic atmosphere. The original decoration will be frozen berries in an ice bucket for champagne or wine.

Berry-themed table decorations

Berry Style Wedding Accessories

Focusing is what you need when creating a vibrant, vibrant theme at your wedding. Berry accessories will complete this task, if they are correctly selected. A vivid theme should be present in all wedding printing: invitation cards, seating cards, menus, numbering tables, a book of wishes for guests. An original solution may be a berry hand made invitation box, response card, calendar «save the date» or a magnet. Do not forget about gifts for guests, decorated with twigs with selected berries or a delicious surprise inside.

Berry Style Wedding Accessories

Berry Wedding Treats

Dishes for wedding treats are selected according to the menu of the selected restaurant and their own preferences of the newlyweds. Regardless of how the wedding will take place (a traditional banquet or a buffet reception), berry treats should be present. A cooked compote or bright lemonade made from juicy fruits will quench your thirst in summer; strawberry, cherry, raspberry, and currant jelly will not only be to your taste, but will help guests to cool off during the hot season. Glasses with champagne and berries inside - a stylish, tasty treat.

Candy bar and berry wedding are two inseparable concepts. This is an elegantly decorated buffet table with desserts, in the creation of which there are trays, glass jars, designer accessories. The treats are muffins, cupcakes, sweets, sand baskets with jam, yoghurts, puddings with a berry of your choice. At the end of the celebration you can give guests bonbonnieres with fresh fruits or jars of jam.

Berry Wedding Treats

Berry cake

The sweet end of the evening will form the final opinion of all those present that the wedding was outstanding. Cream, biscuit, jelly, candy, multi-tiered cake with berries is a temptation even for those on a diet. The use of raspberries, cherries, currants, strawberries, blueberries, strawberries or blackberries will give the treat a summer taste. And if you have a wedding in winter, then the sour berry of cranberries, lingonberries will perfectly complement the chocolate cake.

Berry cake for a wedding

Ideas for berry photosession

Let your chosen fruits serve as inspiration for the photos. They will set the main color of the berry, which can be used in different decorations. Groom, bride, girlfriends, friends select clothes and themed accessories according to the general concept of the wedding. A berry wedding cannot be held without a summer photo shoot in nature using all kinds of arches, bouquets, inscriptions, wreaths of berries and flowers. An excellent solution would be a basket with harvested, tasty, juicy fruits. You can find in advance a flowering berry tree, under which you will get unsurpassed shots..

For a winter wedding, holding a long photo shoot in nature is not the best solution. A few snowy photos of the newlyweds in the coniferous forest will still decorate the wedding album, but after street shooting it is better to continue taking pictures in a rented room decorated with winter wreaths, arches with twigs, cones, candles, flowers, berries. The medieval gray castle will look luxurious, the interior of which can be created using fabrics, wooden tables, tall candles in candlesticks, combined with bright red cranberries or lingonberries.

Berry-style wedding photo shoot