Raffaello style wedding


Themed wedding celebration with taste «Raffaello» Suitable not only for sweet tooth. This is a light, airy holiday, designed in white and red tones, the red ribbon of which is a constant attribute. A wedding in the Raffaello style sweeps away any dark tones, bad mood, the severity of outfits from the newlyweds and guests. The wedding theme embodies a lot of romantic ideas, starting with the process of registration of marriage, ending with the first wedding night.

Images of young and guests for a wedding in the style of Raffaello

A wedding in the Raffaello style is a la almond-cream sweets, so the images of the newlyweds should correspond to them: air and contrast frills or shuttlecocks at the bride in tandem with a cream suit, a red tie from the groom. White color is the defining one at this wedding, but it can be replaced by caramel, cream, light blue or beige. Red color - accompanying, which you can arrange details. Fans of shocking in the colors of the wedding even introduce black, but it is better to be careful with it, decorating only small elements of the celebration.

Wedding outfit for bride and groom

The theme of the wedding is devoted to a white airy candy, so it is logical that the bride’s outfit will also correspond to this style. As a rule, this is a magnificent dress with numerous ruffles of white or cream color, shaded by a bright red ribbon on the belt, shoes and accessories. Often, brides choose a red outfit with white elements, which also fits the chosen wedding style.

The newlywed's bouquet is styled in the color of the famous box «Raffaello». It is not only made up of classic red and white roses, but also collected from strawberries, snow-white marshmallows, and airy rafaeloks. Image of style groom «Raffaello» - it is a snow-white, cream or cream suit, shaded by red shoes and accessories: a bonbonniere, bow-tie or tie.

Images of the newlyweds in the style of Raffaello

Dress code for bridesmaids and guests

Bridesmaids outfits are fertile ground for embodying wedding ideas «Raphaelo». The bride looks good - sweetie in a snow-white wedding dress on the background of cream outfits of friends. Or vice versa, a beige dress is put on the bride, and red on the girlfriends. As for the other guests, it is advisable for them to approve the dress code in any bright color with the addition of red accessories.

Red elements in guest outfits

Raffaello style wedding ideas - photo

A box with Raffaello is an invariable accessory of this themed wedding. Style Celebration Design «Raphaelo» It should be designed in two primary colors: white and red. And so that the holiday was held at the highest level, it is important to think over all the details:

  1. Invitation design.
  2. Decoration of a banquet hall, wedding table.
  3. The clothes of the bride and groom, guests.

The motorcade should also be taken into account, because it is an important component of any wedding. It is wonderful if the newlyweds manage to rent a scarlet or bright red retro car, decorated with white wedding paraphernalia. Even better, if the main wedding car is red, and the rest are white, decorated with red flowers and other accessories.

Guest Invitations

Now for the newlyweds a huge selection of invitations for the wedding is presented, starting from standard cards, and ending with individual developments and the help of a designer. For guests, the impression of the wedding begins with invitations, so before you go to get them, you need to consider all the details of the celebration:

  • style;
  • location;
  • outfits of the bride and groom;
  • time for all wedding events.

The invitation to the wedding should contain a small action plan for guests, so it should contain the maximum amount of information about the place / time of registration, dress code for guests, the time / place of the banquet, and the format of the wedding. Invitation cards in style. «Raffaello» decorated in white and red, and the design is chosen to the taste of the newlyweds.

White - red gamut for thematic invitation cards

Banquet Hall Decoration

The main action of the wedding is a banquet hall. On the «Raphael» holiday this place needs to be given increased attention. White airy sweets are a symbol of grace, lightness, sophistication, so the room needs to be designed so that it looks like these sweets. To do this, cream furniture on forged ornate legs, white tablecloths and chair covers decorated with satin red bows are suitable. On the tables you need to place beautiful compositions of red candles and fresh flowers, and on the walls - large inflatable balls of light shades and other accessories.

White and red wedding banquet hall

Festive table decor

According to the red and white style of the banquet hall, it is advisable to serve the table as well. But these are not strict rules that the newlyweds can change at their discretion. The serving may be, for example, cream, and the individual elements are red. The decor of the festive table is decorated in blue, which goes well with the white and red range..

Particular attention should be paid to the table of the bride and groom, which should look unconventional and beautiful. It also needs to be styled in a single gamut «Raffaello», but add some kind of emphasis so that the table for the bride and groom is different from the rest. For example, serve with other dishes, put a floral composition from other colors or in a different color scheme. And candy must be an invariable attribute of a festive table «Raffaello».

Raffaello sweets on the wedding table

Glasses for newlyweds

Decorate the glasses of the newlyweds in different ways. The easiest option is to tie them with a red ribbon over long legs. But this is trite and not spectacular. It is better to use red or white lace, flowers, rhinestones, paper, paint and other decor elements as a decor. If you carefully consider the design, then even simple glass goblets will become a wedding work of art.

Even a layman will be able to unusually decorate glasses for a wedding using the decoupage method in white and red colors, by sketching a couple of sketches on colored paper, which is beautiful to decorate wine glasses. Independently paste over them with lace, decorate with beads, and anyone can draw an interesting ornament with a white outline. It is not necessary to break glasses for happiness. It is better to leave them as a keepsake, decorating the home interior.

Making wedding glasses

The bride's bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is stylized as sweets both in color and in filling. This is an essential attribute of a wedding made up of sweet «Raffaello», It looks very original, but most importantly, they do not get dirty during the day. Throwing his girlfriends, too, is unlikely to succeed, because there is a high probability that he will crumble. If the bride doesn’t like packing sweets in a bouquet, then traditional flowers selected in red and white style will easily replace her.

White-red bridal bouquet

A wedding cake

The main decoration of the wedding table must be decorated in gamut «Raffaello». Experienced cake confectioners for such a themed wedding very closely stylize the packaging of the same-name chocolates, right down to the signature on the top. Dessert is packed in a box with scarlet ribbons, and served with a slide of round white cupcakes sprinkled with sweet coconut flakes.

Newlyweds, departing from the idea of ​​Raffaello, often order a cake in red and white colors or red to please guests with bright colors. In some cases, confectioners create red culinary masterpieces not only outside but also inside, adding special food coloring to the cakes. Saturated red cake - a fashionable and original table decoration for a white and red wedding.

Raffaello cake for a wedding

Video: Raffaello-style celebration

Stylish wedding celebration is a beautiful and bright event in the life of a couple in love. Watch an example of a white and red Rafaelo style wedding in a video: