Moroccan style wedding


The southern Kingdom of Morocco is washed on both sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This Arab state is rich in its traditions, customs, and exquisite oriental culture. If during the wedding ceremony you want to surprise guests, create an unusual bright atmosphere, then a Moroccan-style wedding is the perfect solution. The rich decoration of the room, chicly dressed future spouses, the abundance of all kinds of colors and the fragrance of the mysterious East will make the event memorable.

How to organize a Moroccan wedding

Before organizing a Moroccan wedding, the heroes of the occasion will have to familiarize themselves with some traditions of this country. The main thing to keep in mind is that Moroccans are a Muslim people, which greatly distinguishes their marriage culture from ours. Previously, the engagement was concluded long before the wedding, then the young had to meet for at least a year in order to proceed to the conclusion of a marriage contract, and then to the wedding event.

Interesting gifts during the meeting period are presented by the groom to his future wife - this is sugar, symbolizing their joint sweet life, and milk, which is the personification of the purity of the bride. The girl, in turn, also presents gifts to the culprit - her dowry. In Morocco, dowry was more often paid in money so that the family of the married could buy furniture and other useful items for the family life of young people..

Moroccan traditional wedding

A few days before the wedding, the bride bathes in milk, her hands are painted with beautiful patterns of henna. Future Russian spouses do not have to follow all the traditions, but some of them can be pleasant during preparation. For example, bathing in milk is not only beautiful, but also good for the skin. Consider the details that will help organize a wedding event in the Moroccan style:

  • Choosing a venue for the celebration. An oriental wedding is best planned in the summer, because then all the guests present together with the newlyweds will be able to truly feel the created atmosphere. Ideal for celebrating a Moroccan wedding, a tent on the shore of the sea, river or lake is suitable. Light colored fabrics falling to the ground, comfortable seating-pillows for guests, picturesque nature around - which can be more pleasant than a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle?

For those who want to celebrate a wedding, who decide to celebrate the event in winter or in the other cool months, the choice of a restaurant or hotel decorated in Moroccan style is ideal.

Moroccan wedding celebration under the tent

  • Invitation cards. According to Moroccan customs, it is not customary to send invitations, on the contrary, it is considered offensive. By tradition, families of newlyweds are invited to call or pay a personal visit to express their respect. However, future spouses do not have to follow this tradition - enough familiar and beloved postcards decorated with oriental patterns.

Decorate postcards with beautiful Arabic script, decorate with prints of African animals, oriental ornaments. The invitation style will hint guests about the style of the celebration. If you plan a dress code, notify the invitees in a month or two.

Invitation cards in the style of Morocco.

  • Dress code. Guests do not have to dress completely in the themed style of the wedding: men can come in classic costumes, only slightly diversifying the outfit with bright details, and women can complement the image with large accessories of gold or bright jewelry.
  • Menu. May include traditional Moroccan dishes. Be sure to decorate the table with numerous fruit plates, serve guests couscous, puff chicken pie, meat with prunes and nuts. Eastern sweets are also an important part of the menu. If guests don’t like the taste of the East too sweet, then something more familiar should be served..

Interesting Moroccan cuisine

  • Alcohol. According to Moroccan traditions, it is forbidden to drink anything at the wedding, except for juices and mineral water, although few heroes of the occasion will go on a non-alcoholic experiment. Pour the wines into beautiful covered jugs for juice, buy multi-colored fragrant tinctures to make the table look decent, but not deprive guests of pleasures.

Morocco style room decoration

Separately, it is worth discussing the design of the solemn hall for the wedding - it should be magnificent and bright. To get started, pick up the colors, do not hesitate to experiment, - Moroccan interiors are distinguished by bright shades, as well as an unusual combination of colors. Use fuchsia that is pleasing to the eye, combining it with orange and bright green color, create an unusual palette of raspberry, burgundy, and also yellow. The combination of colors is almost a fundamental condition for the Moroccan atmosphere..

Colors at a Moroccan wedding event

Be sure to use beautiful oriental patterns in the Moroccan style - they can be used to paint fabrics that should generously decorate a celebration, napkins, tablecloths. To enhance the decorative effect, place oriental screens where the patterns are carved in a tree. One of the most important details of holding a Moroccan wedding is the tables and seating for guests. It is necessary to put low tables, and invite guests to sit on comfortable soft pillows.

Comfortable pillows for guests of the Moroccan holiday

To create a suitable mood, decorate the table with dishes with a gold border, made in the Moroccan style, as well as other oriental elements - hookahs, lanterns. It is worth mentioning separately about Moroccan lanterns: a magnificent light design will add a cosiness to the wedding, help organizers to correctly identify zones, adjust the space, and the unusual decor of lanterns will become a fabulous decoration of photos and videos.

Moroccan wedding light decor

The most beautiful element of Moroccan decor is colorful plants. Moroccans are not afraid to combine bold, vibrant colors when decorating festive events and they have learned to do it superbly. The bride can take note of interesting combinations to create her own bouquet. Look at the photo a beautiful wedding decoration in Morocco style with beautiful plants:

Flowers are an important part of the decor of a Moroccan wedding celebration

Fragrance is also important for the festive decor of a Moroccan wedding. Incense sticks with spicy oriental smells will create the right atmosphere, but you should first check with your guests to see if anyone has allergies or dislikes to these products: pungent smells can cause a headache. It is best to use aromas in nature, where they only create a slight haze of mood, and do not overload the air with a heavy odor.

The image of the bride and groom photo

The bride at the Moroccan wedding looks bright - her dress, as a rule, is colored, with a variety of patterns embroidered with gold or silver thread. The material for creating this outfit is silk, muslin, satin. The traditional style of the Moroccan bride’s dress is lightness, not constraining movement, and closeness, symbolizing innocence. The image is complemented by all kinds of chic accessories. Bright flowers are suitable for a bouquet: irises, roses, jasmine, peonies.

Moroccan bride traditional image

Moroccan beauties pay much attention to eye makeup - they are let down by black arrows, apply bright colors of shadows, and hands are decorated with henna painting. Hair is usually hidden under the headdress of a national costume for a wedding. The culprit of the celebration of such an event, it is not necessary to take the traditional decoration as the basis of the dress, stop adding bright details to the colors of the upcoming celebration.

During a Moroccan wedding, the bride can change her outfit from five to seven times: this future spouse can take note and prepare several dresses.

The groom will suit a comfortable suit made with light natural fabrics - silk, chintz. The outfit can be bright, like the dress of the future wife, or complemented by contrasting elements. If the narrowed ones do not want to abandon the classic outfits (white dress and formal dress), you only need to diversify it a bit: use a bright tie, a chest scarf, wear chic cufflinks.

Suit for the groom in the style of Morocco

Script and customs of the wedding in the Moroccan style

A traditional Moroccan wedding lasts from three to seven days - this is due to the wealth of the family organizing the event, as well as the number of relatives who want to congratulate the newlyweds. Usually there are a lot of guests: any person who knows about the wedding can visit the groom and the bride to congratulate and celebrate with them.

For future spouses celebrating their wedding, exit registration decorated in the style of Morocco is best suited. Later, the heroes of the occasion can go to a photo shoot, and then meet with guests at a chic banquet.

Exit Moroccan marriage registration: photo shoot

When Moroccan newlyweds appear, a celebration begins with songs, dances, live music. To create the perfect mood for the wedding, future spouses can call a musical group that performs melodies in oriental style. To the music they should make a gorgeous sweet cake, which must be decorated with Moroccan patterns: such a treat will not be forgotten by guests.

Great cake with Moroccan decor

Some more interesting customs of a Moroccan wedding:

  • Four men are brought to the bride on a special throne, and the whole evening the guests honor her like a real queen. Everyone wants to take a picture with a beautiful girl.
  • Quran readings are held throughout the celebration.
  • When the holiday ends, the culprits of the Moroccan wedding are still not considered husband and wife. They slowly go to the house, and when they reach, the bride must walk around it three times - only then the marriage is considered to be concluded.
  • Upon arrival, the girl is treated to milk with dates - as a sign of love and the location of a new family.

Process video

Moroccan-style weddings are a unique event that will become a colorful page in your story together. Choosing this style of celebration, you will provide a fun pastime for guests and relatives, give everyone present a bright mood.