Mexican style wedding


Mexico is a hot country on the Pacific Ocean. The culture is striking in its rich colors, interesting diverse cuisine, cheerful disposition of the country's inhabitants, and amazing passionate music. If you like the exotic motives of the North American state, and you plan to arrange a magnificent, bright celebration, then a Mexican-style wedding is the perfect option for the ceremony. This event will give an unforgettable experience to all participants in a fun colorful event..

How to organize a Mexican style wedding

Before you start organizing a Mexican wedding, future spouses need to study the topic - get acquainted with traditions, customs, learn more about the culture of the people. When the couple will have a good idea of ​​how their wedding should go, it's time to start preparing. Things to consider when setting up a vibrant celebration:

  • Season. Hot Mexico is always associated with the summer season, the scorching sun, from which the country's inhabitants hide under wide-brimmed sombrero, so the end of spring, summer or the beginning of autumn is ideal for organizing a chic event. However, do not despair if the wedding is scheduled in winter, because in the coldest months you really want to add bright warm colors, which the Mexican style of decor is rich in.
  • Location. For a wedding that is celebrated in the summer, the ideal venue for a Mexican celebration is the sea coast, the shore of a large lake or city river. If there is no water nearby, it will be good to get out into the countryside: to arrange a holiday on the territory of a country ranch or under a lavishly decorated tent. For the winter season, a restaurant decorated in a similar theme or a beautiful hotel is suitable.

Coast - Mexican Wedding Venue

  • Invitation cards. Invitation cards are an important stage in organizing a wedding, because this is the first thing that guests will see about your holiday event. The style of the cards should correspond to the theme of the wedding: you can decorate classic rectangular invitation cards with Mexican ornaments or order cards in the form of something that is associated with local culture. It can be a cactus card, an invitation sombrero or a Mexican with a guitar.

Mexican Style Invitations

  • If you plan a dress code, do not forget to inform about it in the invitation card - then you will have to send it a month or two before the wedding, so that the guests can pick up the outfits. Also, future spouses can traditionally ask parents to send invitations - this is what the newlyweds in Mexico do.
  • Dress code. The dress code for Mexican wedding guests should include vibrant, colorful details. Women can wear dresses with traditional ornaments, complement the look with accessories, and for men, classic evening suits with several contrasting elements - a tie, scarf or even socks are suitable.
  • Menu. When selecting a festive menu, the heroes of the occasion should have no doubt - only Mexican cuisine. Abundant in a variety of unique dishes, it will become a gastronomic discovery for relatives, friends, acquaintances. You should definitely use such popular dishes as fajitos, burritos, fleece corn chips with different sauces, various seafood dishes.

For dessert, you will be able to serve traditional round walnut cookies in powdered sugar and a magnificent cake decorated in Mexican style with colored ornaments, cacti, guitars and sombrero.

Mexican table decoration

  • Alcohol. An ideal solution for a Mexican wedding will be the world-famous tequila and cocktails based on it, live beer with fruit juice, the famous cocktail «Margarita».
  • Wedding procession. For the Mexican style of celebration, future spouses can order a car in white or any bright color, the main condition is that it should not be black.

The image of the bride and groom photo

Despite the fact that during the wedding bright colors are raging, the outfits of the groom and the bride should be more restrained. Details of the image of the bride:

  • A girl can put on a bold outfit of one of the brightest shades of the wedding, but the classic white dress will still be the best option. Even brides with a passionate disposition prefer an elegant, restrained dress style - a straight silhouette, long sleeves or slightly lowered shoulders. This is due to the fact that during the wedding a church wedding is necessarily held. The dress can be lace or embroidered with Mexican folk patterns..

Mexican brides make their hairstyle smooth, decorating their hair with a large living flower of a contrasting color, a veil is usually not worn. If you still plan such decoration, give preference to a weightless short veil hat. But the bride’s bouquet can be bright, there are no restrictions: red roses, bright purple irises or raspberry peonies - follow your imagination, creating a festive composition.

Image of a mexican bride

  • The suit of the groom, like the dress of the bride, must be restrained. A man can put on a classic evening outfit of dark or light shade, a bow tie will be a good accessory. If desired, the future spouse can make the image more colorful by adding contrasting accessories.

Image of a mexican groom

Banquet hall decoration

The decor of the Mexican wedding venue is a riot of flashy colors that create high spirits. Feel free to combine three or more vibrant colors, but make sure that they fit well together, otherwise there is a chance to turn an exquisite, fun decor into a circus arena. An excellent combination will be a yellow-orange-blue palette, a mixture of green, yellow and red, the original mixture of blue, orange, green.

The chosen colors should be embodied in all the details of a Mexican wedding - decorate the space with multi-colored ribbons so that they hang fringe at the entrance, drape cheerful fabrics on chairs, hang garlands of large paper flowers everywhere, decorate the room with colorful openwork flags «papel picado». Guests of the celebration in the Mexican style will surely be delighted with what is happening, photos and videos will forever capture this beauty.

Mexican-style banquet hall

Decorate the banquet hall with other elements of the Mexican style - put a stand with sombrero at the entrance so that everyone can put on an accessory, instead of flowers on the tables, place pots with cacti. Separately, it should be said about the boutonnieres for guests: maracas, tabasco sauce, small cacti in mini pots can appear as small gifts.

Wedding Scenario

For a Mexican celebration, the classic ransom wedding scenario is suitable, where a man tries to buy out a Russian woman, undergoing funny tests prepared by girlfriends. This is followed by a trip to the registry office, and after future spouses a real photo shoot awaits. Warn the photographer about the style of your celebration, so that he can choose the right props. When the photo shoot is over, Mexican pimps can go to a banquet.

Live music at a Mexican wedding

The main decoration of the holiday will be magnificent live music, so beloved by the whole world for its fun and quick guitar searches. Invite a Mexican-style music band to create a unique holiday mood..

Some traditions of Mexican traditional weddings:

  • As a sign of fidelity, love and unlimited trust, the groom presents the bride with thirteen gold coins on a silver tray, symbolizing Jesus with the apostles.
  • After the Mexican constricts swear an affection for each other, a lasso is wrapped around their necks (on top it looks like an inverted figure of eight - an infinity sign). This means full unity of the newly made spouses..
  • After registering a marriage, the heads of Mexican lovers showered with rice and red beads.

Mexican bride and groom show rice

  • During the wedding, the bride wears a purse where guests will put money for the right to dance with her.
  • At a Mexican wedding, a game of piñata is held - the participant is blindfolded and he must get a stick on the pinata (a box of fragile material), from where sweets will fall when the mark hits.
  • Merry tradition of the holiday: all guests of the wedding are given out eggs in which confetti are hidden. If one of the guests gape, this egg is broken on his head, forming a colored paper firework.

Mexican style wedding video

The wedding in the original Mexican style is a joyful event filled with passionate southern music, active Latin dances, noisy fun, and laughter of guests. All participants in the celebration will receive an unforgettable experience after a similar event, carefully organized by the heroes of the occasion.