French style wedding


A French-style wedding is the dream of every second bride. So why not bring this idea to life, giving the most important day in your life the unique charm and charm of Paris? To do this, you do not have to be French. It is only necessary to understand the three components on which Parisian chic rests - grace, refinement, elegance. If you manage to bring these elements to the ceremony, an unforgettable atmosphere will take you to France, with its triumph of taste and a unique sense of style.

How to organize a french style wedding?

Refinement, metropolitan luxury, Parisian chic - these are elements of a French wedding. The celebration you can organize in the estate, restaurant, always chic, status, sophisticated. All wedding styling should be saturated with the romance of Paris. Starting with dishes and ending with the groom’s boutonniere, chic is felt in everything at such a stylized wedding. The design of the hall in the French style should create a winning background for photographs: fresh flowers, chocolate figurines, balloons are appropriate. This decor will allow you to beat a variety of plots.

French wedding

A wedding in the French style should be carefully thought out, especially the images of the bride and groom. An ideal option for the bride is a pastel fitted dress. Successfully look white, coral, pink, purple tones. A headpiece, for example, a voluminous flower with a veil, is desirable. In the design of the celebration, it is worth sticking to pastel tones - peach, light green, pale pink, cream, pale yellow.

To support the French-style wedding, send out elegant invitations to your guests, featuring iconic architectural monuments of Paris. The main dessert of the festive table can be the Eiffel Tower, composed of sweets. This will be a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Such objects in the frame look extraordinary, advantageous, once again reminding of the French style.

French style bride image

The French are trying to organize everything without unnecessary trouble, measured and leisurely. They are carefully preparing for their future life together. The image of the bride in the French style is thought out to the smallest detail. You must take care in advance of the selection of suitable outfits, accessories. What should a french-style bride look like? First of all, her image should be synonymous with sophistication, elegance and charm. After all, French women around the world are known for their manner of dressing. There is always something attractive, exciting in their images..

Wedding dress and shoes

French style embodies a particular femininity. But do not confuse it with sexuality. The typical French woman seductive attributes in the form of very tight outfits, mini, dizzy heels, a real French woman will never allow. She will choose a calm femininity, expressed in fitted silhouettes that emphasize the waistline of dresses, steady, comfortable and at the same time high heels, accessories that put a beautiful and spectacular point in the whole image.

For a French wedding, midi-length dresses are ideal, the cut of which can be straight or Dior's New Look with a narrow bodice and a very full skirt. The robe can be flowing with an open top, a classic case or in the spirit of ancient France with a corset, voluminous skirt. A characteristic feature of the selected fashion trend is a combination of different things, multilayer. How to bring it to the image of the bride?

You can create your appearance in the French style on the basis of a dress, hat, fur coat, veil, interesting shoes. Winter and autumn seasons provide an excellent opportunity to effectively, but at the same time harmoniously beat the wedding dress with different wardrobe items. For example, French women go crazy for all kinds of shawls, shawls. Handbag and shoes should also be on top. And don’t think that under the long hem of the dress no one will notice what you are wearing.

Choose high-quality, good, stylish shoes. A small clutch bag will successfully complement the image, giving it a touch of French chic. When creating your wedding dress, remember that it is better to have less, but at a high level. Therefore, the appearance should not be exaggerated. Restraint and moderation are characteristic features of French fashion. But if you are having a wedding in Versailles style, then richly decorated corsets and puffy skirts are just what will play into your hands.

Flying fabrics, a straight free silhouette, a middle neckline and lace are suitable for creating a famous French charm at a wedding. Feel free to dilute the image with veils, hats, which Parisian women of fashion love to boast at social events. The color scheme should not be flashy. Suitable colors are cream, white, black, beige, blue, black. Bring pastel shades to your image, for example, muted yellow, delicate lavender, the color of a tea rose.

French Bride Clothing Style

Hairstyle and makeup

French hairstyle offers two directions. The former is characterized by simplicity. But this does not mean that the bride needs to comb her hair and go out into the light. The style should be a highlight that will play in contrast with the hairstyle without complex details, while causing admiration and attracting attention. The second direction is stunning extravagance. The French bride can safely choose a smooth hairstyle, add a spectacular accessory to her or a little shine. Allowed to use bouffant, large and bright styling decor.

By using all kinds of accessories, you instantly turn into a charming Frenchwoman at a wedding. Use hats, a veil veil that brings charming elegance. Choose a wide-brimmed hat or pill. This is especially in harmony with the bride who is in love with retro. The French veil brings glamor, femininity and vintage to the look. She stabs herself in the hair with a flower, feather or other accessory. The veil must be in a fine or large mesh.

The French style does not put forward many requirements for the makeup of a young bride and groom. It should be natural, but not without a touch of elegance. Skillfully made makeup should emphasize all the advantages of the bride. Focus on one thing - eyes or lips. Together with the veil, velvet lips are the color of wine. For the wedding, a slight blush is allowed to emphasize the bride’s youth.

Hairstyle for french bride

The bride's bouquet

An important detail of the French-style wedding concept is the bride’s bouquet. This is not only a vector that sets the direction for the entire floral decor of the celebration, but also a key detail of the image of the bride and groom. The flower arrangement should be made according to the rules. It is important to take into account the wishes of the girl, not to contrast with the theme of the celebration. French bouquet - elegant, small, made up of white or pastel shrub roses, small peonies, orchids, while the blossoming buds are combined with unblown.

French bouquet for the bride

Wedding image of the groom

The images of the newlyweds in the French style should be in the same key. It is imperative that when choosing each detail, mentally compose everything into a single whole and evaluate how it will sound together. Tuxedos, elegant vests are suitable for the French theme of the celebration, which will give your chosen one a unique style. It is allowed to dilute the suit with suitable accessories - a watch on a chain, gloves, a tie.

The image of the groom in the French style should state as clearly as possible about his masculinity, elegance. The final detail will be the boutonniere. Made in the general gamut of wedding colors, small and elegant, it should be in harmony with the bridal bouquet, other components of the celebration. Choose a strict, laconic hairstyle in the French style: no tousled strands. You can comb your hair back, if the length allows, give them a special styling tool smoothness.

The image of the groom for the wedding in French

Dress code for guests

The outfits of the girls present at the French wedding should be elegant and graceful: mid-length cocktail dresses, flying skirts, accentuated by graceful waist bands. You can accentuate the chosen style with accessories. The invited ladies are allowed to use in the creation of the image of the veil and other hats that are characteristic of the French style. It will look good if the bridesmaids dress in dresses of the same color scheme or the same silhouette.

The male part of the guests invited to the French wedding should come in sophisticated, classic two-piece or three-piece suits. In accordance with the style, instead of a tie, they are allowed to use beautiful neckerchiefs. Wear a graceful shirt or a high-necked turtleneck under your jacket. But do not forget that among all men the standard is the groom, who should effectively stand out with his elegance compared to other males.

Dress code for guests at a Paris wedding

French style wedding decoration

It is easy to create a small island of Paris anywhere, you just need to arrange everything correctly, to think over the atmosphere of celebration. Wedding decor is dictated by French style: candles, crystal, candelabra, roses successfully emphasized glamor. The highlight of the design can be gilded fruits. In general, it is necessary to use more pastel colors: pistachio, beige, white, pale pink, other eye-catching shades. Visually they make the space bigger, give a touch of French romance.

French wedding decoration

Themed invitations for guests

The French are famous throughout the world for their impeccable taste. They are considered the creators of elegant low-key beauty in everything - in art, fashion, architecture. Design the invitation cards in the French style for the guests as follows: on the cover side there should be an image of the Eiffel Tower or another symbol of Paris, and print the text inside. It is better to use a capital elegant font that complements the style of the wedding. You can decorate wedding invitations with everything that leads to romance thoughts: lace, ribbons, pink decorations.

French wedding invitations

Festive table decor

An important element of the design of the French wedding is table setting. For its decor, it is better to use low floral arrangements. They should not be bulky so that there is room for communication and dishes. It can be both high and low vases. It is important to choose their shape correctly, for example, a good choice is a martini-style vase. A long thin leg does not interfere with the arrangement of dishes, communication guests. Add French romance will help candles decorated with satin ribbon, beads. You can immerse them in water or arrange them in tall long candlesticks.

Add Parisian chic to the wedding table will help the arrangement between the devices of small figurines of the Eiffel Tower, cupids. After the holiday, guests will be able to take them with them as a keepsake. Tablecloths, chairs decorate with luxurious shuttlecocks that will bring French chic. Bonbonnieres for guests can be surprises with eclairs, chocolate, small perfume bottles for women and souvenir bottles of elite alcohol for men.

French wedding table decor

Banquet Hall Decoration

The banquet room in the French style should be luxurious, elegant. To create such an atmosphere will help the appropriate design. Pay attention to the drapery with a variety of pastel fabrics, delicate colors. Decorate tables with rose petals, figurines, bouquets. Decorate the room with arches made of natural flowers. Get inspired in french fashion magazines, movies.

In general, the design of the French wedding should be maintained in the style of strict luxury. Pick up beautiful dishes, crystal glasses, study the correct table setting. For decoration, it is allowed to use a small amount of pearls. Ancient magazines, books, inscriptions in French, original glasses with flowers, luxurious candlesticks will help create a unique atmosphere.

French style banquet room decor

Delicacies at a French wedding should be appropriate - canapes, snails, a variety of cheeses, delicious desserts, julienne. Make sure that the wine list matches the chosen style, because at such a celebration you can not do without French wines and cognacs. The main delicacy - a wedding cake can be multi-tiered, with the image of the symbol of France, decorated with flowers, figurines of the bride and groom with suitcases opposite the Eiffel Tower.

French wedding menu

Video: holding a french style wedding

The French-style wedding is designed for those who prefer chic. Such a wedding reflects the charm, luxury of Paris. Every detail should embody the subtle sophistication of France. You can see all this clearly below in the video of the celebration in this style: bridesmaids dressed in the style of Coco Chanel in small black dresses with a string of pearls, jewelry details, seating cards that are pierced with French chic, an appropriately decorated photo shoot area, an exit place ceremonies, cars.

Wedding Themed Photo Shoot

A French-style photo session will give you a lot of pleasure both during the shooting itself and later when you see ready-made photo cards that remind you of the most magical day in your life. For the photoset, open terraces of restaurants, cafes, parks, beautiful squares, streets are suitable. You can arrange a photo zone: mark up a large poster with the image of the best place in Paris, or put elegant dressers with chairs, supplementing them with figurines, you can recreate frames of your favorite French cinema.

French-style wedding photo shoot