50s style wedding


Retro-style weddings are very popular these days. The desire to turn the holiday of two lovers' hearts into a real enchanting show, full of joy and fun, for the newlyweds is based on the careful preparation of all the details of the design. A wedding in the style of the 50s is a great idea for a bright creative couple who wants to make their holiday unique, unforgettable. To begin with, it’s worth getting into the spirit of this amazing era, getting acquainted with the culture, features of that time.

The image of the bride and groom in the style of the 50s

The dresses of the bride and groom at a wedding in the style of the 50s should harmonize with each other, complement each other. For a newlywed, a dress style with a fluffy ankle-length skirt, complemented by a large number of lace petticoats, is suitable. The traditional details of the image of the bride of the 50s are: a diadem or a small hat, a neat clutch bag, and pumps. Short gloves, a modest pearl necklace and earrings will help emphasize the style. It is worth giving preference to gentle pastel shades..

The image of the bride and groom in the style of the 50s

A classic 50's wedding suggests that the groom will be in an elegant tuxedo, preferably white. The festive look will be complemented by a vintage boutonniere, an elegant bow tie. More relaxed and bright couples should choose colorful eccentric outfits. An extravagant checkered jacket, a bright tie and shoes with massive soles, like real dudes, will make the wedding original and spectacular. Instead of the traditional white dress, the bride can choose a bright colorful outfit, complemented by voluminous accessories.

Dress code for guests

A wedding in the style of the 50s provides for a dress code for guests. Not all guests will want to support the style of the wedding, so for such modest people and stubborn people should prudently prepare accessories that will help to give their image the appropriate style. Stock up on gloves, glasses, bright ties or, for example, umbrellas.

To emphasize the style of the 50s, ladies' makeup should be with an emphasis on eyebrows and eyes. The fashion of that time involves pink blush and lipstick. The festive outfit can be chocolate or pale blue. Hairstyles from the 50s - «nest», babette, shell. Supplement the image of pumps, pearl jewelry. Pay attention to details such as a white air scarf, sunglasses, satin gloves, a lacquer clutch, a mouthpiece, a wide-brimmed hat.

Bright costumes of guests will make the wedding more spectacular

Men when choosing a 50 x wedding attire should pay special attention to a tuxedo or three-piece suit. A bow tie is an ideal accessory that will help emphasize the style of those years. A stylish narrow tie is suitable, which will especially look spectacular on a snow-white shirt. If the wedding is bright, more focused on the image of the style, you should add a bright accessory, for example, a colorful butterfly.

50s hairstyles and makeup

The styling in the style of the 50s is high lush hairstyles, which are often built with the help of hairpieces. Volumetric styling fixed by varnish and tied with a bright satin ribbon will look spectacular. A hat, a rim or a neat diadem will help to complement the hairstyle. Extravagant ladies fit the original hairstyle in force «rockabilly» with a focus on lush bangs.

Arrows and high hairstyle in the image of 50 x

The complexion of the bride should be noble pale. The emphasis in makeup needs to be done on the eyes and lips. Use rich black eyeliner to draw expressive arrows. Such a detail will help not only emphasize the style of the 50s, but also give the image a charming femininity and mystery. Eyelashes, like hair, should be voluminous and voluminous. From jewelry, prefer a short necklace and pearl clips.

Wedding Invitation Decor

When organizing a thematic wedding, close attention should be paid to the most seemingly insignificant details. 50's style at the wedding requires careful preparation. Retro mood will help to create original wedding invitations for guests. The design of cards can be very different. The main thing is that all invitations harmoniously emphasize the chosen style of celebration.

Handmade invitation cards made of thick cardboard look interesting. The original version - small paper envelopes in bright colors with round cardboard invitations imitating miniature vinyl records. Another creative idea for designing a message for guests is a black and white photo of the bride and groom with an unusual invitation text on the back.

Record Wedding Invitation

Cake and dessert bar in retro style

Wedding cake is the main dessert at the celebration of the celebration of the birth of a new young family. This is not just a sweet treat, but a real symbolic masterpiece of confectionery art. The original version of the cake in the style of the 50s is a pyramid of sweet packaging boxes decorated with edible bows. Especially popular are mini-cupcakes, which can be used as a basis for decorating a festive treat. The colors of the treat should be bright or pale pastel.

Bright cake for a retro wedding

Popular in the 50s, milkshakes, cherry cola and all kinds of magnificent pastries are an integral attribute of a thematic wedding. Use these sweet details when organizing a candy bar. Cocktail «Margarita» It will be a win-win complement to the celebration, designed according to the style of those years. Characteristic music will help fill the atmosphere of the 50s spirit: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley.

50s style wedding photos

A wedding is an amazing unforgettable holiday that every couple wants to make unique, special. The celebration in the style of the 50s is a great opportunity to plunge into another time, turn the evening into an amazing show, and give invited guests the opportunity to feel like heroes of an old movie. Having carefully prepared the decor, as well as all the details to create a suitable atmosphere, you can arrange a truly unique holiday full of fun, joy, smiles.