Gypsy style wedding


Often a couple in love asks how to have a fun, noisy and original way to hold a wedding day. There are a huge number of thematic options for the celebration, but the most fun, perky is considered to be a gypsy-style wedding. Such a celebration will leave its mark in the memory of the newlyweds and guests, and the organization of the event will not be the slightest labor..

Gypsy style wedding

A wedding in this style involves careful preparation, the selection of beautiful outfits, and the choice of theme music. Gypsies are people of celebration and fun, so the celebration should be bright, memorable and unpredictable, filled with customs, games. You should start preparing by looking for a good restaurant or pub. To celebrate, choose a spacious place so that there is where to take a walk and dance. The banquet table should be filled with meat dishes, fruits, snacks.

Luxurious gypsy-style celebration room

Gypsies pay great attention to matchmaking. Therefore, the newlyweds should beat such an event. One of the matchmaking traditions is the acquaintance of the groom with the bride's parents. The groom and his relatives come to the bride with a huge branch of birch, covered with a scarf, decorated with gold coins. Instead of a branch, a bottle of champagne can be used, beautifully decorated with ribbons, coins. It is believed that if the father of the bride opens champagne, then he agrees with the choice of the daughter and gives his blessing.

Not a single gypsy wedding can do without incendiary music, guitar and dancing. Therefore, you should worry in advance and start looking for good musicians, because live music is the best solution for a wedding in this style. It is best to seek out musicians with experience working at weddings who know gypsy motifs that can cheer up and amuse even the most modest, non-initiative guests. The ideal solution would be the choice of real gypsy musicians who will convey the atmosphere of a gypsy camp.

Musicians - an indispensable element of a gypsy wedding

Suits for honeymooners and guests

If you have clearly decided that you want to organize a fun gypsy wedding, then the preparation of festive costumes and the warning of guests about the necessary dress code will be an obligatory step. But, it should be borne in mind that not every guest will responsibly respond to a request to prepare a wedding outfit on the topic. Therefore, you can prepare gypsy shawls for women, hats and shirts for men in advance.

In the modern world, there are many options for how to beat the image of the bride. According to gypsy traditions, the dress must have red, gold and white shades that symbolize love and wealth. If you do not want to combine these colors in a dress, use any detail, accessory of this color. Ideas for the dress, makeup and hairstyle of the bride:

  • Classic gypsy style outfit «gypsy aza». A wide red skirt, a white loose shirt, an abundance of jewelry, loose, wavy hair, as well as catchy makeup perfectly emphasize the image you need.

Classic gypsy wedding attire

  • A lush white dress with red details, as well as an abundance of rhinestones and ruffles. Hair is decorated with expensive hairpins, bandages, and a bright scarf is thrown on the shoulders.
  • Modern interpretation of the dress in a gypsy style. Here you can apply your imagination and make your own corrections, ideas. It could be a white light dress in style «hippie», hair bandage, bright makeup, loose hair. If the wedding is celebrated in the warm season, then you should do without shoes to emphasize the idea of ​​the image.

Gypsy Contemporary Dress

The image of the groom is also multifaceted, as are the options for the images of the bride. He can wear a light shirt in bright colors, dark trousers, as well as a vest. Shoes should be classic, varnished options are suitable. Also a good idea to maintain the image would be: a burgundy or blue velvet jacket, a light shirt, dark trousers. Light unshaven - complete the image of the groom, grow stubble or let go of a small beard to resemble a real gypsy.

You should notify guests in advance of the required dress code by writing on invitation cards. You also need to purchase additional details in advance for the female and male half of the guests. Bright scarves, skirts, waistcoats - lend from friends, relatives, and, otherwise, such details are easy to rent.

Gypsy style wedding scenario

A wedding script in this style involves a theatrical event. Gypsy weddings last for several days, and sometimes drag out to several weeks. It is interesting to beat the bride’s theft, and then come up with various music, dance contests for the groom, where he can show his creativity, talent. The first dance is opened by the groom's family, but the bride also takes part in it..

The first dance at a gypsy wedding

Gypsy culture is filled with all sorts of customs, traditions, rites. But it is not necessary to stick to them, you should choose the most impressive competitions, games, music. Gypsy wedding is a complete improvisation, the main thing is fun, music, themed costumes and a wonderful mood. Below are the contests that young people can use during the celebration:

  • Dance competition for women. The bottom line is who will perform the best gypsy dance, having received the greatest amount of applause.
  • Competition for the best gypsy costume of the evening. The host chooses the best originality of the image of all those present.
  • Theft of the bride by a gypsy camp, as well as her ransom by the groom.
  • The best gift for young people.

Watch the video on how to have a gypsy wedding:

If you want to spend your wedding day in an original, unusual, and most importantly - noisy and fun, you should choose a wedding in the gypsy style, which will give incredible impressions, laughter and smiles. Such a celebration boasts luxury, a huge number of customs, as well as the brightness of wedding dresses. Gypsy wedding is the best choice for creative couples looking for new ideas.