Wedding decoration in the style of the Venice Carnival


Do you like Venice and its spectacular carnivals? Many girls dream of visiting this Italian city of lovers to celebrate their wedding there. But in order to feel the mysterious and romantic atmosphere of Venice at the wedding, it is not necessary to go to distant lands. To do this, when organizing a wedding, you must adhere to the theme of a fun carnival, which Italy is famous for. The celebration in the style of the Venetian holiday is an extravaganza of bright colors. How to choose clothes for the newlyweds and the design of a carnival wedding?

Carnival style wedding color picker

The history of the ancient Venice Carnival officially begins in 1269, when it was approved by the Italian rulers. Then the time of its holding determined the last day before Lent. The mask has always been a characteristic attribute of the carnival: covering their face and putting on an intricate costume for the holiday, people seemed to erase all the differences of the social plan between the participants in the celebration. For this reason, the carnival was loved among the rich and the poor..

A modern costume party remains popular among residents of Italy and other countries, it is held in winter. At this time, millions of travelers flock to Venice to become a participant in a spectacular and fun show. To conduct a wedding with the style of a Venetian carnival, you must adhere to the colors characteristic of this holiday.

To design a celebration, it is appropriate to use bright colors, but the basis of the palette should be gold. It is allowed to use yellow with milky white or orange-red for design and clothing. And the bright shades of red, pink, cherry, blue, green, used to decorate the wedding, emphasize the exquisite style of the world famous bright Venetian carnival.

The palette of colors in the design of the holiday

Using a color palette in the design of the celebration

Wedding outfit for the bride

The theme of the wedding in the style of a carnival obliges the bride to wear a unique and richly decorated dress for the holiday. There can be two options for newlyweds' clothes, and one of them is that the bride and groom can choose costumes for weddings. For example, they may prefer the clothes of the prince and princess, king and queen. The outfits of the newlywed and her chosen one should stand out clearly against the background of the carnival outfits of the guests. To achieve this, it is advisable to choose suits of light or white color.

In invitations for guests it is necessary to ask them not to wear dresses of a certain shade (white) for the celebration to enable the newlyweds to stand out from the guests. For a newlywed, the best carnival costume will be an outfit that is distinguished by pomp, richness and originality - for example, an 18th-century style dress with a corset and a full skirt is perfect for the bride. The newlywed's carnival outfit will look spectacular if it is decorated with shining stones, beads, ribbons. A sophisticated hair styling or wig perfectly complement the image of the bride.

Image of a newlywed in a given subject

Wedding image of a young Venetian theme

The modern outfit of the newlywed with carnival elements is the second version of the girl's clothes for the wedding. Perfect for a Venetian holiday, the bride will suit a white long dress with a train, a high collar, decorated with pearls, sparkles, feathers, lace. The golden or pink shade of the outfit is also perfect for a carnival style of celebration. And the crown on the girl’s head will complete the image of the princess and clearly indicate the main character of the wedding. A white mask with feathers, sequins or lace is an indispensable accessory for the bride's carnival image..

The image of the groom in a carnival style

Clothing for the groom should be combined with the style of the outfit of the bride and groom. If the bride prepared a carnival costume, then the groom needs to wear a similar outfit. If the bride and groom prepared a dress for the celebration of a modern type, then her chosen one can pick up a white tailcoat, a bright tuxedo or a strict suit of satin or silk for the holiday. A bright shirt and tie of the groom will emphasize his carnival style, and the Venetian image of the young will be complemented by varnish shoes, a neck scarf, and a bow tie. Black or blue mask is suitable for the groom.

Thematic image for the groom

Dress code for guests

Warn guests in advance about the theme of the wedding and ask them to come to the celebration in a carnival-style outfit. Write about the dress code for the holiday in the invitation. To interest the guests, tell them that there will be a competition for the best carnival costume at the festival. If you decide to engage in the selection of clothing for guests, then find a responsible assistant for this purpose.

Carnival outfits can be rented by special studios or theaters. But even if the guests themselves will acquire dresses for the celebration, then all the same at the holiday you should have a certain supply of masks. They are useful for creating a thematic image of invitees who came not by the dress code. For the style of the Venetian carnival, women will like bright, fluffy outfits with a corset, decorated with feathers, boas, sparkles.

Ideally with a carnival outfit, a high ballroom hairstyle or wig will look. And women can wear small hats on their heads or stab their hair with a bright hairpin, but an elegant umbrella will perfectly emphasize the style of a playful celebration. For men, dark suits, belt sashes and bright scarves around the neck are suitable, and elegant canes and raincoats made of silk perfectly emphasize the Venetian image.

Clothing guests at a wedding carnival

Wedding decoration in the style of the Venice Carnival

If you are planning a wedding in the warm season, then a yacht, a motor ship will be an excellent choice of venue. A holiday on the water will create a resemblance to a real Italian carnival. Even if you will not have a wedding on a ship, try to organize at least a short boat trip in order to experience the spirit of Venice. For a winter carnival-style wedding, it is better to rent a huge country mansion, complex, or restaurant with a large dance floor.

For exit registration in the style of a Venetian celebration, a bright tent and arch decorated with flowers, bows and ribbons are suitable. Instead of a wedding procession, the newlyweds can choose a carriage with coachmen in livery and masks. To maintain the carnival spirit, invite musicians and artists to the festival. Prepare funny penguin, ostrich or clown costumes for waiters to support the Venetian atmosphere of the wedding.

Venetian style guest invitations

A good idea for decorating invitations in the style of a carnival is to use a mask image with an attached feather or a Venice landscape on them. This design looks beautiful and impressive, it immediately makes it clear to guests the theme of the upcoming celebration. For the manufacture of invitations, it is convenient to use photo paper suitable for printing photographs made by yourself. On invitations, be sure to include information about the dress code.

Wedding invitations in selected subjects

Banquet Hall Decoration

The decor of the restaurant in the style of the Venetian carnival is luxury and brilliance. To create the effect of the tent on the ceiling, pull large ribbons of red. Fans, masks, mirrors, paintings with landscapes of Venice, fabrics with shiny threads, vases with roses and grapes can be used for room decor. Dimmed lighting is perfect for a banquet. Multi-colored balloons scattered across the floor of the hall will perfectly support the Venetian style of the wedding. And the golden canvases on the backs of the chairs will add a special sparkle to the interior..

Wedding hall decor with carnival theme

Wedding table decor

To create Venetian-style tables, candles in candlesticks, masks, gilded vases with flowers decorated with feathers, ribbons, basses are suitable. For a banquet of a carnival wedding, it is best to create a menu of Italian dishes. It can consist of fish cooked in different ways, vegetable salads, all kinds of desserts, wine. The abundance of fruit on the tables is an indispensable attribute of a celebration in the style of the Venetian carnival.

Wedding table decor with carnival theme.

Decoration of the festive feast

The bride's bouquet

The flowers of the newlywed in the Venetian style should be special. For a bride's bouquet, a combination of green and blue, scarlet or white buds is perfect. To give the flower accessory a carnival spirit, feathers, beads, ribbons are added to it, and the handle of the bouquet is decorated with gold ribbons. The original floral arrangement in the hands of the bride and groom will emphasize the theme of the wedding and enthuse others.

The bride's bouquet

Wedding photo session in the style of the Venice Carnival

Carnival outfits, the unusual atmosphere of the banquet hall and mystery in the air will create a special touch of the wedding in a carnival style. Unusual images of the newlyweds and guests - this is an occasion to take more pictures at the holiday. After the celebration, viewing the captured moments of the wedding will please all of its participants. How to conduct a photo session in the Venetian style, see the selection of photos below:

Wedding photo shoot at the carnival

Ideas photos from a thematic celebration

Photo session of the bride and groom in the Venetian style