Sakura style wedding


Spring is the time when nature wakes up, everything blooms around. An unusual fashionable idea for a wedding during this period will be a sakura-style wedding. The topic is relevant for the spring celebration, because the tree blooms in April and May. Fans of Japanese culture know that there are different shades of sakura: from white to raspberry, but pale pink is considered a classic. It is taken as the basis for the design of a wedding celebration. Almost everything is easy to decorate with sakura blossoms, this is done in the form of embroidery, applications, engraving, painting with paints.

The image of the newlyweds and guests in style “Sakura”

When arranging a celebration of any subject, it is very important to choose the right outfits for the newlyweds and warn guests in advance so that they can think through and create their own image. Any shade of flowering tree is suitable for a wedding in a sakura style, it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the young. But lovers of the classics stop at a delicate pink color.

Dress and shoes of the bride

Preparation of the image of the bride begins with the choice of dress. For a wedding of this theme, a white or delicate pink outfit for a newlywed is perfect. A prerequisite is the presence of sakura elements. It can look in the form of embroidery or appliques, lace elements complement the outfit. But a traditional white wedding dress is also well suited for such a wedding. In Japan, the bride is allowed to change her outfit three times. This style of celebration allows the girl to do the same..

Choosing clothes, the bride needs to find the right shoes. If a girl opted for a traditional dress, pink shoes (from delicate to bright) decorated with flowers will help to emphasize the theme. White shoes will look amazing, the heels of which are decorated with applique sakura branches. Shoes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable - the bride will have to walk and dance in shoes throughout the day.

The image of the bride at the ceremony in the style of sakura

Suit groom

The image of the groom should fit the outfit of the bride and meet the theme of the wedding. Bold grooms prefer pink costumes, but not every man will decide on this. It’s good to decorate a man’s outfit with elements of pink shades, for example, a tie or bow-tie. It is better to choose a light suit for such a celebration. Cufflinks in the form of sakura blossom will look perfect.

Sakura style in the image of the groom

Dress code for witnesses and guests

In the attire of each party to the wedding should reflect its theme. An ideal option for bridesmaids will be the same pink dress. If this is not possible, the same bouquets or accessories will help to emphasize the style: hairpins, hair wreaths, pendants, bracelets or Japanese umbrellas. For friends of the groom, boutonnieres of delicate pink flowers will be an excellent solution.

Guest wedding dresses with sakura elements

Wedding Design Ideas

In addition to wedding dresses for the heroes of the occasion, it is important that they harmonize with the design of other details and the interior in a suitable theme. If the wedding is held in the wedding palace, you need to take care of the design of the restaurant, and if you plan an outdoor celebration, do not forget about such things as the arch and the path to the altar. Invitations and bonbonnieres or other gifts of thanks for guests are important.

Invitations for guests

Make sure that guests receive wedding invitations in advance. They must be informed about the style of marriage, ask that the outfit of the guests match the theme. The invitation itself should immediately talk about the selected image. Therefore, invitation cards with the image of sakura would be an ideal option. You can buy suitable products in wedding salons or, if you have a fantasy, make them yourself.

Sakura style wedding invitations

Wedding venue decoration

The decor of the venue should reflect the chosen style, in each detail use the image of sakura. A great idea would be a wish tree, on the leaves of which wedding guests will leave warm words, or a garland of cranes. Sakura branches look beautiful on holiday tables. The surrounding atmosphere should be fragrant with pink blooms, then a romantic mood, a sense of the peculiarity of the moment is guaranteed not only to the newlyweds, but to all the guests of the wedding. It is not easy to get fresh sakura flowers, therefore, artificial substitutes are often used for replacement.

Sakura style - interior decoration for a wedding

The bride's bouquet

It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers, especially in similar subjects. The bride’s bouquet must contain sakura. It is not necessary that it consist solely of these colors, the presence of other elements is allowed. But they must be combined with each other. Pick up the rest of the flowers in soft pink colors. A variety of ribbons and beads will decorate the bouquet. Together with flowers for the bride order a buttonhole for the groom. She should have the same style and tone as the bridal bouquet..

Wedding bouquet with sakura for the bride

Wedding cake and other sweets in style “Sakura”

The highlight of the festive table will be the design of the cake and other sweets, taking into account the style of the wedding. Cupcakes with sakura will look great. To make a wedding cake, flowers are made from mastic or other confectionery decor. The most daring masters propose to decorate the festive dessert with live sakura branches. There is no such decor, but it looks very impressive. The knife and spatula for the cake are also decorated with flowers..

Sakura sweets for a wedding table

Wedding accessories

Making a wedding in the style of sakura, attention must be paid to all the little things. There are a lot of accessories for the wedding - a tree, a book or a wish box, candles, glasses and cutlery. Everything should be decorated and fit the chosen style of the wedding. A small discrepancy will look out of place and spoil the overall picture of the celebration. In order to prevent such nuances, approach the design of accessories with great care.

Wedding accessories with sakura elements

Traveling ceremony in style «Sakura»

Recently, wedding marriages have become popular. Making such a sakura-style wedding is great! An elegant arch decorated with thematic flowers, a path to it, strewn with petals, small cranes made in the origami technique, a beautiful garden - all this is filled with special tenderness. The visiting ceremony is good because at the time of marriage, the young will be surrounded by a natural and romantic atmosphere, and not the registry office.

Sakura Style Outing Wedding

Photo of weddings in style “Sakura”

Wedding photography is an important process. The event will be captured for many years, photos will repeatedly return you on this day. To get high-quality, vivid and beautiful pictures, it is important to hire a professional photographer, but also pay attention to the situation. A wedding in this theme is filled with a pleasant range, and photographs taken in «blooming and fragrant» atmosphere will look great.

Sakura Wedding Examples