Holding a wedding in the style of Alice


Do you dream of visiting the place of the heroine of a fairy tale? Have a fabulous wedding day. Romantic Cinderella, cheerful Snow White, miniature Thumbelina - the choice is yours. Or would you prefer the mysterious girl Alice from the Lewis Carroll fairy tale of the same name? Unusual, stylish, enchanting celebration will delight guests, amuse you, leave fabulous memories. A wedding in the style of Alice is a chance to spend one day in a magical world where the craziest dreams come true. White Rabbit invites to a fairy tale!

Alice Style Wonderland Wedding

Features wedding style «Alice in Wonderland»

Any thematic wedding will require creative solutions from you, in contrast to a traditional wedding celebration. There is a desire, but there is no way to do the preparation of the wedding yourself? Contact a special event agency. But ... it's boring and uninteresting! Create your own ideas, a style for your own wedding, have an English traditional tea party, decorate the banquet hall with bright decorations, organize a ball «Visiting the Red Queen» - it will be just in the spirit of fabulous Alice and the White Rabbit.

«Any adventure must start somewhere ...». Choose a fabulous image for the ceremony that is closer to you in spirit: a dreamy but determined girl Alice or the fateful Lady of Hearts. If the wedding in the style of the mysterious Alice is scheduled for the summer, organize an outdoor wedding in nature. It will be the best match the spirit of a fairy tale..

Alice style wedding decoration

A magical forest outside the city, a fairy glade for tea by the crazy Hatter, a smile from the Cheshire cat appearing among the shady thickets of trees, the White Rabbit, always in a hurry for business, will become decorations suitable for the ceremony in the style of Alice. The organization of an exit wedding with a small number of guests will be extremely relevant. Invite witnesses and guests to support the ideas of reincarnation by dressing the future mother-in-law with the Red Queen, offer your dad the role of the busy White Rabbit, and the smart father-in-law to play the Cheshire Cat.

Make a detailed project in the chosen style. Plan a list of guests invited to the wedding; Work on the fabulous images you want to translate; consider how to organize an unusual tea party; what bright elements to decorate the interior. You should not succeed, as in a fairy tale: «The plan, of course, was excellent ... it’s better not to come up with. He had only one drawback: it was completely unknown how to enforce it». But you know where to start. From wedding invitations to the closest and dearest people.

Alice Style Wedding Invitations

Guest Invitations

The layout of the invitations for guests, think about the design style in advance. Bright, colorful tones will add magic, and the text citing the book will convey the magic of the work. It can be:

  • wedding cards with a chessboard with figures;
  • card deck with cards of red suit;
  • the image of the White Rabbit with a clock will decorate wedding invitations;
  • greeting card with a smile of a Cheshire cat in a fairy style.

In order to save money on the wedding and time, order invitation cards as well as personalized cards for guests in accordance with the chosen style, various inscriptions and signs that will be used to decorate the wedding ceremony. Do you have skills in working with graphic editors? Alice’s fabulous wedding invitations made on a color printer using photo paper will help save money..

The image of a bride in the style of Alice

Bride style wedding dress «Alice»

Do you like the image of an enthusiastic curious Alice? A white English style wedding dress with a high waistline will make you a fabulous girl. Additional accents will help to place a blue bow belt, slippers, ballet shoes or white shoes with laces of sky blue. It is appropriate for this fabulous occasion to be a short wedding dress of the bride, emphasize the graceful legs with striped leggings. Airiness, naivety, a combination of romanticism, curiosity should be the main motives of the outfit.

For a wedding in the style of Alice, you can pick up an elegant dress of delicate blue color, with sleeves-lanterns, an apron, a small modest neckline. Or a magnificent dress of a sky blue shade for Alice invited to the Queen's ball. Do you want to surprise your spouse, guests? If you are closer to the image of the fatal Lady of Worms, you love to shock the audience - a red chic dress with black and white accents will turn you into the almighty Queen, the cardholder. Prepare a royal scarlet shift outfit for the wedding show program, suddenly appearing among the guests.

Alice's newlywed hairstyle

Hairstyle bride «Alice»

When choosing a hairstyle for a wedding in the style of Alice from a fairy tale, abandon the traditional veil, replacing it with a charming hat, a cylinder with an elegant veil. Easy «a mess» on the head, carefully created by the hands of professionals, refresh with neat blue ribbons. Like a fabulous Alice, decorate curls with delicate flowers, creating an elegant and slightly with «weirdo» form. Simplicity, naturalness - the components of the image of Alice. Unusual hair clips using keys, locks will decorate your hair. Light makeup with a bright accent on the eyes will match the style of the wedding.

Image of the groom

Image of the groom

The eccentric mysterious Hatter will become a harmonious couple of fabulous Alice. Choose any variant of the suit for the bride and groom, corresponding to the style of the wedding:

  • Black classic pants, a vest, dilute with a bright shirt or jacket. Do not forget about vintage boots in harmony with the suit. A compulsory accessory will be a watch. Hat cylinder will complete an unusual image in the style of a famous fairy tale.
  • English trousers with bright leggings to match the tie, a classic shirt and an old orange vest - why not a crazy Hatter? Pocket watch with a hanging chain will complement your suit.

The lady of the heart chose the image of the Scarlet Queen? A rich suit of rich red color, stylish shoes, a checkered tie and ... the King’s crown will elevate you to the throne of the fairy kingdom. You do not like to break traditions and prefer a restrained classical style? Add some bright colors: tie a multi-colored scarf, pick up unusual shoes, and a bright hat will come in handy for your wedding photo with a tea party.

Bridal bouquet options

Wedding Bouquet Options

What Alice style wedding can do without an unusual bouquet for the bride? For girls prone to traditional compositions, roses with small buds would be an ideal choice: scarlet and white equally. Lovers of extravagant acts in the style of a fairy-tale Alice can come up with a bouquet consisting of:

  • bright flowers decorated with keys;
  • unusual beads, miniature cups for tea drinking, artificial cakes;
  • sweet caramels on sticks, sweets with multi-colored wrappers;
  • bright buttons, glass balls, ribbons of different colors.

Celebration design in the style of Alice in Wonderland.

In contrast to the bride’s bright bouquet, there will be a restrained composition of flowers for the wedding in the English style: delicate pastel shades, decorated with blue ribbons and pearl beads. The more controversial, not matching the style of accessories your outfit becomes, the «more correct» there will be an image for a wedding for Alice. After all, you are in a fairy tale, and any unusual deeds and eccentricities are welcome here.

Banquet hall decoration

A wedding organized in nature will require a minimum of decor. Being itself a decoration for book scenes, the forest glade will sparkle with unusual, bright colors: with elegant chairs with tea tables for guests, decorated with white tablecloths, a field for games and ... a smile of the Cheshire Cat appearing among the foliage of trees in different places. The image of the fabulous Rabbit will give the wedding a special touch.

The design of the hall and table in the style of Alice in Wonderland

If the possibilities of the banquet hall allow, finance - arrange a laser show that will transfer those present to the fairy tale: to the Red Queen's ball; Rabbit hole; enchanting forest with miracles behind the bushes; on the battlefield of chess pieces. Invite animators dressed up as fairy tale heroes. Unusual elements of the decor of the banquet hall in the chosen style of the wedding will be living sculptures of the March Hare, Lady of the Worms, White Rabbit, Hatter, Alice.

Mandatory attributes of the interior will be all kinds of watches, cups, saucers for tea drinking; hats of all kinds and sizes. A living white rabbit will attract special attention of children, and a domestic cat can play the role of a Cheshire relative. The figure of pink flamingos will add grace to the wedding, and card decks arising from nowhere will surprise guests. Help with such a surprise ask the waiters serving the banquet.

Themed Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake

Order a fabulous wedding cake from a professional pastry chef. Decorated with watches, chess pieces, crowned with a hat guarded by a rabbit or pink flamingos - a sweet culinary masterpiece will always impress you and guests. But take care of the taste with the confectioner, choosing an unusual filling, multi-colored creams, the original composition of cakes.

Traditional tea party

Treats and traditional tea drinking

The leitmotif of the whole book is Alice’s traditional English tea party five-o’clock visiting the March Hare. Reserve individual tables for this action. When the appointed time arrives, guests and young people will decorously sit at tables filled with an incredible amount of sweets. Imagine the delight of the children caught in a fairy tale! Acquainted with the White Rabbit, the Hatter, the Cheshire Cat at a wedding tea party, the invitees will be transferred to the world of wonders.

How to customize tables? Nothing «the right», only a carefully thought-out mess: tea cups of different sizes, exceeding the number of guests in number; beautiful, delicious cupcakes, pastries, sweets, cakes with enticing inscriptions: «Don't eat me!», «Try me!». Decorate the table with watch-clocks, bottles with labels, filled with juices, colorful soda. «Introduce» invitees with the main dish of wedding tea - sweet pudding.

Wedding photo shoot in the style of Alice

Wedding photo shoot in style «Alice in Wonderland»

For a festive photo shoot in the style of Alice, invite a professional photographer. This is one of the budget expenditures for a wedding, which is strongly discouraged to save on. Familiarize yourself with the works of the master you like, first finding out if he is engaged in thematic wedding shootings. Discuss fabulous images, invite a stylist to help.

To diversify the interior for shooting, suggest dividing the process into two parts: creating wedding pictures in a room stylized as decorations from a book «Alice in Wonderland», and a photo shoot in the countryside outside the city, where «organized by» A fabulous tea party table for guests. Bring along a live white rabbit, a domestic cat that will «to play» an important role in Alice's wedding photos. If witnesses supported your idea of ​​organizing a wedding in this style, offer them fabulous outfits for a photo shoot that will amuse everyone and leave a pleasant impression..