Watermelon Wedding


Recently it has become very fashionable to arrange weddings in any style. You won’t surprise anyone with a pink, blue, green celebration, but a watermelon wedding stands out for its brightness, unusualness against the background of traditional holidays that have been stylized in one color scheme. The only thing to consider when organizing such a celebration is seasonality: since watermelon is a berry of late summer or early autumn ripening, it is recommended to play such a wedding only in August-September.

Watermelon Wedding Color Palette

A stylized wedding is always a bright celebration, characterized by lightness, freshness, and creative decisions of the organizers. For a walk, for a walk - and let the whole holiday be as juicy as the berry itself. For such an event, it will be appropriate to use pink, red, green colors. A coral shade will come to this celebration, and in addition, the most daring couples can use «watermelon» print.

Images of the newlyweds for a themed wedding

A watermelon wedding allows newlyweds to use the most daring decisions when creating an image. Outfits can have all kinds of options, including green, pink, coral shades. Daredevils and originals use a print with pink-coral pulp and black seeds. However, traditional outfits are allowed - a white dress, a black suit. In this case, the classic image should be diluted with appropriate accessories, including shoes, a belt, a tie of pink, green shades. Bridal bouquet can be both classic and stylized..

Ideas for a watermelon wedding photo shoot

Wedding Decorations at Watermelon Wedding

Not a single image of the bride will be complete if you do not use jewelry. Thematic accessories will help to maintain the style: round earrings, a necklace or a diadem with green stones. A boutonniere with little ones is suitable for the groom «watermelon». If such jewelry is too bold according to the newlyweds, then it is allowed to use the classic options: rings, earrings with natural stones in green shades. Wedding decorations are not limited to newlyweds. They include banquet hall decor, table decoration, and invitation cards.

Decor Elements for Themed Celebrations

Banquet room decor

Watermelon wedding involves a special decoration of the hall, which will remind of the theme and please the eye:

  • instead of the usual colored balls, green striped ones are used;
  • the arch above the newlyweds is designed in the form of a lobule of berry: a green top and a pink-red bottom interspersed with black seeds;
  • chairs for guests are decorated with twisted green tendrils and carved foliage;
  • tablecloths, napkins, guest cards can be either plain - green or pink, or combining these colors.

The design of the banquet hall in the thematic colors

Festive table decoration

The festive table itself will not do without the main symbols: the presence of berries on it is necessary, but the whole thing is how to serve it. Vases are made from watermelon and filled with balls from the pulp of the berry, or they are used to serve exquisite drinks - bright sangria, tasty kruchon, non-alcoholic fruit drinks. Sculptural cutting - carving will surprise guests, and figures made from berries will become the pearl of the festive table decoration.

Festive table setting

Decoration of exit registration

Exit registration, which is gaining popularity, can also be arranged according to the general theme. The original solution will be registration on a watermelon field, but it is available only to residents of the southern regions. If this is not possible, then any beautiful place in nature is suitable for registration, provided that the surrounding objects (chairs for guests, an arch, etc.) are decorated with the appropriate decor.

Visiting ceremony

Registration of an exit ceremony

A watermelon wedding has a special menu. Berries must be on the tables - the main delicacy of the celebration, but this does not mean that guests will have to treat themselves only to a watermelon. In this case, traditional snacks are stylized in accordance with the general theme: salads resembling bright flesh of a berry, canapes, sandwiches in the form of a slice of watermelon. As one of the drinks served watermelon juice or pear. Do not forget about the wedding cake, which is also decorated in accordance with the chosen style. In addition, sweets are served - marmalade, candy with a pleasant taste of berries.

Watermelon Style Photo Shoot Ideas

Not a single wedding is complete without a photo shoot. And in this case, the highlight of the program is a watermelon. The original solution will be photos in nature. Accessories for photography can be an umbrella with a watermelon print, elegant green boots on the legs of the bride. The theme of the photo shoot can be a picnic in nature, when the bride and groom cut a large juicy berry together.

Examples of decorating a watermelon wedding - photo

There are a lot of ideas for decorating a celebration in this style. It is impossible to describe them all, because they depend on the creative potential of the event organizers. At the same time, their use combines one style, similar colors, elements of floral decoration and the presence of the berry itself. You can familiarize yourself with some options for decorating the celebration by looking at our photo selection:

Themes for a photo album with a watermelon wedding

Scene ideas for photos of newlyweds at a watermelon wedding