Chocolate wedding


Modern couples want to make their marriage vivid and unlike other weddings. To achieve this goal, some lovers hold themed celebrations, while others make their marriage original, making it in your favorite color. Chocolate holiday is a great option to emphasize the individuality of the newlyweds and give the wedding more originality. How to beautifully design such a celebration? What colors are suitable for decorating a holiday in color «chocolate»?

The meaning of chocolate color

A calm and conservative brown shade causes a feeling of stability, security. Newlyweds who choose a chocolate color for their wedding are likely to seek reliable, long-lasting relationships in a marriage. A brown shade will help to emphasize the nobility of the couple and its gentle relationship to each other. Chocolate itself is associated with warmth, joy, pleasant sweetness..

The image of the bride and groom

Chocolate shades can be dull or saturated. The outfits of the newlyweds with elements of dark beige fabric will look elegant and aristocratic. Chocolate color will make the image of the bride delicate, feminine, unusual. A warm and calm brown hue is often chosen by the newlyweds to design a beautiful winter or autumn wedding.

Dress and shoes of the bride

To create the image of the bride with a noble chocolate color, different options can be used. If you are ready to move away from stereotypes, then perhaps a long, fluffy or fitted dress of a soft brown shade will suit you. Such a wedding wedding dress with a train will look spectacular, extravagant. A brown-tinted fabric flowing behind the bride on the floor will be associated with melted chocolate, which will give the bride a unique charm and style.

If you are not ready to wear such clothes for the wedding, then a wedding dress of champagne or white, caramel, milk, beige shades complemented by a light brown silk belt, gloves or other accessories in this color scheme can be a great option for the bride. Elegant leather shoes or high-heeled sandals are perfect in the same palette as a wedding outfit with brown elements..

To decorate the bride’s hairstyle with blond hair, choose accessories with the color of dark chocolate, and brunettes, brown-haired women should use it to create a styling for caramel or milk shades. Gold jewelry, earrings and a necklace with dark beige stones (such as aventurine) or with brown beads will look spectacular against a chocolate dress.

Chocolate wedding dresses and shoes

Outfit of the groom

A bright option for clothes for the groom can be a dark brown suit, a milk or white shade shirt, vest, shawl in a breast pocket. A game of contrasting tones in clothes will give the image of the newlywed a solemn and elegant look. Perfect for a holiday, a narrowed or fitted jacket of a dark brown shade from textured wool or tweed fabric is suitable. And it is better to wear trousers under it in a solid color, which will go well with the top of the suit. Shoes, a tie, a boutonniere with chocolate-colored elements will help to make the image of the groom harmonious.

Brown wedding dress of the groom

Dress code for bridesmaids and guests

Bridesmaids will help to emphasize the style of the wedding if they come to the celebration in chocolate-colored dresses. If at the same time the bride will be in a snow-white or light dress with a bright dark accent on the belt, then the brown clothes of the witness and other girls will perfectly emphasize the tenderness, beauty of the newlywed. Another option for dresses for girlfriends can be light models with accessories in chocolate shade..

If your wedding is planned in style «rustic» in the fall, the girls emphasize the theme of celebration, wearing brown leather boots for the holiday. At the invitations, be sure to write so that guests come to the wedding in an outfit with chocolate-colored elements. To create such an image, women guests can put on a brown belt on clothes or use an accessory in a similar scale for styling hairstyles.

Dress code for guests on a brown wedding

Chocolate Wedding Ideas

Well-designed holiday details will help make it unforgettable, happy. Brown color is perfect for decorating not only a color wedding, but also for marriage in a medieval, fairytale, folk, retro style or country. An interesting idea for a chocolate wedding is to follow a certain theme at the celebration..

For example, you can take scenes from the film as the basis of the holiday. «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory». The use of dark beige color for the decor of the banquet hall and decoration of wedding accessories can create a unique, warm and cozy atmosphere for the holiday. To decorate a variety of accessories at the celebration, velvet, guipure or satin ribbons of chocolate shade with a pleasant shine are perfect.

Invitations and cards for guests

Invitations with small chocolates embedded in them will help guests tune in to the wedding style and even experience its exquisite taste. Even invitation cards can be decorated with images of pastry tiles or on classic wedding cards for inviting guests, there may be elements with caramel, milk color. Cupcakes, figures of the bride and groom or small pieces of chocolate with a skewer are perfect as holders for cards seating guests. Another interesting idea is to decorate the place-index card with chocolate painting..

Wedding Chocolate Invitations and Seating Cards

Banquet Hall Decorations

For room decoration. in which the wedding celebration will take place, it is appropriate to use accessories in the chocolate palette. So, the table will take on a beautiful look if it is decorated with fabrics of a milky and brown hue. Snow-white chair covers decorated with a chocolate-colored bow accentuate the celebration style. Pendant balls for room decor, made in brown and milk color, are well suited for decorating the room. The decor imitating pastry tiles, hung throughout the hall, will help maintain a delicious mood at the celebration..

Chocolate style in the decor of the banquet hall

Festive table decor

For the design of banquet tables, tablecloths in beige, milk, cream, caramel color are perfect. Guests at the wedding will be able to decorate small vases with milky white roses. Perfectly emphasize the sophistication of the wedding with chocolate-colored dishes, and wooden vases, trays, bowls, clay jugs will perfectly harmonize with the general color scheme.

The contrast of brown with another light shade (milky, turquoise, pink, beige) is the basis of the wedding table decor in the style of «chocolate». Such a contradiction of shades makes the wedding color scheme spectacular, festive. A plate with a table number on the top of a cupcake rack will be a great decoration for a banquet. On the «delicious» the wedding table should be distinguished by an abundance of chocolate in its various forms, so vases or small jars of sweets will be appropriate to place near the guests.

Table decor for a wedding in chocolate color

The bride's bouquet

Flower arrangement for the bride from chocolate buds with pastry curlicues will look original. But such a bouquet is not suitable for a wedding in the summer, because the product will flow from the heat, lose its shape. But for a winter wedding it is quite possible to use it as a wedding accessory for a photo shoot after registration. Fresh flowers in a beige or milky shade are suitable for creating a floral arrangement for a holiday. It can be brown roses, peonies, gladiolus, calla lilies, hibiscus.

You should not make a bouquet of only flowers of chocolate color, but it is better to dilute it with white, yellow, terracotta buds. To give the composition the desired shade, add accessories (crystals, feathers, ribbons) to the beige palette. For this type of color wedding, a cream or milk bouquet with a brown handle is suitable. If the bride likes to needlework, then she can pre-make a floral arrangement for the wedding ceremony with artificial flowers made of chocolate-colored fabric, and on the day of the celebration combine them with living buds.

Bridal bouquet in a brown palette

Chocolate Wedding Cake

The sweet table at the holiday brings a lot of joy to adults and children. Especially exciting will be the presentation of the cake at the chocolate celebration. Great for a celebration as a large single-tiered, and multi-tiered cake. For its manufacture, confectioners can use different varieties of chocolate. Covered with white or brown glaze and decorated with sweet milk or caramel flowers, pink, beige, milk-colored bows, the wedding cake will look great.

For the edible decor of such a treat, strawberries are perfect. And the curly three-tiered cake strewn with large chocolate chips will amaze all guests at the celebration with its appearance and wonderful taste. Variety of sweets, sweets, cakes with decoration in the style of a wedding. A huge chocolate fountain will help to emphasize the theme of the holiday..

Wedding chocolate cake

Wedding accessories

For decorating a wedding, accessories with a brown, beige, milky shade are perfect. As a bonbonniere for guests, sweet tiles with the names of the newlyweds, sweets, cream with the initials of the bride and groom on the label are suitable. Perfect for a present for those present at the holiday souvenirs in brown, packed in beautiful boxes.

To give the decorations and other elements of the celebration the necessary shade, attach a dark beige ribbon to them. This method is perfect for decoration of candlesticks, vases, candles, glasses for newlyweds. Pillow for rings with beige, brown flower-shaped decor, bow will be in harmony with the general concept of the holiday.

Browns in wedding decoration

The combination of chocolate with other colors

Brown shades are perfectly combined with a red, caramel, green, terracotta tone. For a beautiful decoration of the chocolate celebration bright blue and pink colors are perfect. A harmonious combination in the design of the banquet hall and wedding accessories in brown and one of these shades will help to create a unique, vibrant setting for the holiday.

- Turquoise Chocolate

Blue represents the sky, and brown represents the earth. Their joint use for decoration of the celebration will help to make the holiday atmosphere easy, calm, stylish. Chocolate-turquoise wedding is fashionable, modern. The combination of warm brown and cold bright blue will make the celebration an original, sophisticated, unique.

Wedding decoration in turquoise-chocolate color

- Mint Chocolate

Want to give your wedding an original twist? Use a combination of brown and green to decorate it. The bright contrast of mint and chocolate shade in the image of the newlyweds and in the decor of wedding accessories looks great. This combination of flowers will look favorably on wedding photos, giving them a special unique flavor.

Mint Chocolate Wedding Party

- Chocolate pink

If you want an unusual, stylish and spectacular decoration for your celebration, then use the combination of chocolate and pink. The warmth and tranquility of the brown hue will contrast perfectly with the emotional color of fuchsia. Pink color will give the wedding more romance and bright colors. The extravagant combination of these two shades will emphasize the impeccable taste of the newlyweds..

Pink and chocolate shades in the design of the wedding

- Beige and Chocolate

Making your wedding in dark and light shades of brown will help to create a warm, pleasant atmosphere at the celebration. The classic combination of beige and brown will give the holiday a refined and noble atmosphere. Such a wedding is suitable for newlyweds who value a stable, strong relationship and adhere to conservative views..

Chocolate Beige Wedding

Video: holding a chocolate-style wedding

How to make a wedding in a chocolate style? There are several options. Some couples use different shades of brown to decorate their celebration, while others use tones that contrast with the chocolate color. What accessories are suitable for the decoration of tables, halls? How to design a tent in a chocolate style for an outdoor celebration? Two interesting videos will help you find answers to these and other questions on decorating your wedding in this color..

Chocolate wedding photo

Offer the guests as a fun at the wedding a master class on making chocolate sweets, for this purpose invite the pastry chef. All those present at the wedding will be able to take part in this entertainment. Be sure to prepare aprons and other necessary devices for this event. Made by guests chocolate-glazed fruits, filled sweets or cakes can be used as prizes in holiday contests or sold at a fun auction during the celebration.

Chocolate Weddings