James Bond style wedding


Original garden celebrations are becoming increasingly popular among the bride and groom. The James Bond style wedding will be a fascinating journey into the world of Hollywood exciting adventures with conspiracies and unusual contests. The main components of such a celebration are chic, courage of images, unpredictability. The program of the holiday provides for dangerous stunt stunts, gambling, hot dances, a large number of surprises that will excite the assembled guests and the newlyweds themselves.

James Bond Wedding Color Picker

For fans of films from the Bond series, who decided to embody the images of their favorite heroes at their wedding, the classic colors are white and black. And it is not necessary to choose any one specific shade for the costume - feel free to combine them in your looks. You can use small inserts of red or gold tones, then the outfit will look more chic, extravagant. Do not forget about the bridesmaids, which are suitable for dresses of dark gray or black and blue.

James Bond Wedding Colors

Color palette for themed wedding James Bond

The image of the bride and groom for the wedding in the style of "Agent 007"

In the image of James Bond, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail, ranging from a mobile phone in stylish patent leather shoes to an ampoule with poison in luxurious cufflinks. At the wedding, the groom should wear a classic black expensive tuxedo, a perfectly ironed snow-white shirt with a black bow-tie. The second option is to choose a dark respectable suit of the time when your favorite part of the bondiana was shot. In the role of accessories are appropriate:

  • silver or black leather case,
  • hat,
  • toy pistol,
  • Sunglasses.

A wedding in the style of James Bond provides the bride with the opportunity to move away from accepted canons and wear not a traditional white, but a red seductive dress with a deep neckline on the back or an open neckline. The main thing is to remember that the outfit of a girl of a secret agent must combine high style and sexuality. If the figure allows, the bride can wear a tight satin long dress with a slit that exposes one leg. A plain white or red dress with a black satin belt will look great..

You can make a color accent on chic shoes with thin high heels. Jewelery made of natural gold, long gloves, a shawl, boa or an exquisite hat emphasize the luxury of the image of a James Bond girl. In the hands of the bride, a wedding bouquet made up of red roses or calla scarlet will look best. Black feathers can serve as a decorative element..

James Bond outfits for bride and groom

James Bond style wedding

Take special care to design your wedding - a celebration dedicated to the James Bond movie must be Hollywood chic and elegant at the same time, to show your guests excellent taste. Decorate a restaurant or a banquet hall with high white candles, pyramids built from glasses, shiny buckets with champagne, fake bills, playing cards, weapons. We recommend that you choose an institution with a luxurious large crystal chandelier in the middle or a fountain to celebrate the wedding - the atmosphere of the film will be respected.

Secret Guest Invitations

Wedding in the style of James Bond implies original invitations for guests. For example, you can notify them of an upcoming triumph using secret messages. Let the cards be made in a strict, restrained style. A good solution would be a postcard with a picture of the silhouettes of a spy and his companion holding pistols. The invitees will understand what style will be inherent in the wedding, and dress appropriately. The bride and groom can traditionally send out invitations or shoot a themed video by sending it to friends and family by e-mail.

Spy Wedding Invitation Cards

Banquet Hall Decoration

To design a wedding venue in the style of James Bond, you need an excellent sense of style. The decor of the restaurant must be deliberate luxury, gloss. A lot of light, shiny interior elements such as candelabra and lamps, crystal glasses, expensive appliances - all these attributes are ideal for a wedding of such subjects. The male part of the audience stands at the entrance to distribute toy radios, weapons or dark glasses. Or you can place these items in a designated wedding photo zone.

Do not neglect themed decorations. Let the hall where the James Bond style wedding will be celebrated be decorated with pictures from scenes from the famous film and photographs of your couple, where you play the role of the heroes of the film. The large screen will look harmonious with the help of which the bride and groom will be able to show the audience their love story in the style of James Bond. Define a casino area on the site - this way you emphasize the theme of the holiday. May guests be surprised to discover small notes everywhere that contain encrypted secret messages.

Restaurant decor for a wedding in the style of James Bond

Festive table decor

Banquet tables should be covered with snow-white tablecloths. Sprinkle them with red rose petals, if the wedding dress contains elements of the same color, it will look very impressive. Napkins can be white or black - your choice. Chips, cartridges or playing cards scattered on holiday tables look stylish. Decorate the table with floral arrangements of red roses, playing cards, fake gems.

Decoration of a wedding table in the style of bondiana

Banquet table decor in traditions 007

A wedding cake

Wedding cake requires special attention of young people, because it will serve as a secret weapon to conquer your guests. Its purpose is to delight the assembled guests with an original appearance and excellent taste. It can be a chic multi-tiered cake with white cream and towering figures of Jace Bond and his girlfriend. An alternative is a dessert of an unusual shape - a pistol, roulette, etc. Good and cupcakes in the appropriate theme, decorated with mastic or edible portraits of the bride and groom.

Cake for a wedding in the style of agent 007

Cake for a wedding in the style of a special agent

Decoration of a motorcade for a wedding in the style of "Agent 007"

If you are organizing a wedding a la James Bond, then you should refrain from carriages with horses, white bows, balls, flowers and other standard elements that are used as decorations for the solemn procession of the bride and groom. Your wedding is absolutely unusual, therefore, transport should be different from the usual. You’ll have to look for the right option, but if you want to achieve this.

Let the newlyweds arrive at the banquet hall by helicopter (it is expensive, but incredibly spectacular) or on the elegant, chic Aston Martin - the car of James Bond himself. This luxury car should not be decorated, it does not need tricks, because damn good in itself. Guests choose cars easier, so as not to compete with the young, but let them also be in trend..

Bondage wedding decor

Video: James Bond style wedding

The style of James Bond for the wedding is chosen by those newlyweds who want to arrange an enchanting celebration with numerous adventures, intrigues and the accompanying extreme. The holiday should be filled with stunt numbers, impressive special effects, dances and shows. Staged car chases, bride theft, helicopter flight will fit perfectly into the script. Do not forget about the casino and martini with vodka, because without this a full-fledged Bondian wedding would not work. You can see how a wedding can be held in the style of a special agent - Bond.

Wedding Themed Photo Shoot

The story of a spy and Hollywood chic is an incredibly good idea for a wedding, especially if the bride and groom have to play the roles of the heroes of the famous film - James Bond and his companion. There are many options for a thematic photo shoot. For example, it is possible to organize it on the roof of a skyscraper, which offers a beautiful view of the metropolis, in a casino, or in a fashionable restaurant.

Photo session of the bride and groom in the image of spies

James Bond Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

James Bond style wedding