Love is wedding


Surely many remember the pleasure brought by the delicious is is chewing gum. Moreover, bright sweets were attached to these sweets, which told about what love was. Even in adulthood, we yearn for bygone days and remember about childhood, which is associated with popular chewing gum. Themed wedding in love is style will help to create a romantic atmosphere of childishness and love. But how not to miss important points and organize the event at the highest level?

How to organize a wedding?

When preparing a wedding, it is necessary to take into account many important points, without which it will not be possible to create the right atmosphere at the celebration:

  • The room. First, you need to take care of the presence of a spacious hall for celebrating a wedding. Indeed, in addition to the usual feast, an entertainment program is ahead, which provides for active pastime. You should not spend money on a too chic room - you can arrange it in an original way without outside help.
  • Menu. Most dishes should have an original decor associated with love symbols. The highlight of the festive table will be a cake made in the form of chewing gum love is. It is desirable that its taste be similar to that of love is chewing gum - apple, cherry, apricot, etc..

Love is wedding invitations

  • Invitation cards. Guest cards are the face of a wedding. Therefore, they must be issued in the appropriate style. On invitations should be printed a boy and girl love is, as well as a lot of hearts. Then the guests will be intrigued even before the holiday..
  • Dress code. Do not forget to inform the participants of the event that outfits of delicate, pastel shades, which everyone associates with love, are welcome as a wedding dress..

Love is wedding accessories

To create the necessary atmosphere for the event will help specific accessories that are associated with all guests with chewing gum love is. We list them:

  • Chewing gum bonbonnieres love is. Small gifts in the form of branded chewing gum will cheer up all the participants of the celebration. For bonbonnieres, choose simple-style bags or boxes.
  • Cards with the name of each guest. This is a great idea so that guests do not get confused and quickly find their table (or a place at the table). Cards should be decorated with hearts and other symbols of romance..

Glasses and bottles of champagne in the style of love is

  • Glasses. Decorate these tableware in a single style. Order glasses with drawings of cartoon characters, hearts, bows, and so on. If it is expensive for you, decorate the glasses yourself: paint x with watercolor paints.
  • Wedding book. According to Western fashion, it’s worth ordering a special wedding book for the wedding, where guests can leave all their wishes to the newlyweds. But for the holiday in the style of love is it is necessary to slightly change this tradition. Have each participant write in the book what love means to him..

Ideas for decorating a wedding hall

The design of the room where the wedding celebration will take place should be given due attention. The first element that must be sure to decorate the wedding is the inscription «love is» from foam letters. Make them the entrance to the room. The composition should be supplemented with bright balls.

Wedding decoration example love is

Guests will love the toy dolls of the girl and boy from the cover of the chewing gum love is. Their creation should be ordered in special creative studios. They can create soft dolls, as well as wood products and polystyrene. Choose the size of the toys yourself, but remember that large dolls look bewitching and beautiful compared to their small copies.

The love is theme allows you to decorate your wedding with hearts and bows. The room should be reigned in pastel shades, which should be diluted with passionate red. A great idea would be to place love is chewing gum flowerpots everywhere - guests will be delighted with such an unexpected gift. Do not forget that the color of flowerpots must match the style of the holiday.

Wedding script love is

The theme of the love is wedding involves a bright, saturated evening. The entertainment program of the celebration should occupy all guests without exception, otherwise the participants of the event will quickly get bored. In addition, in the absence of a specific scenario, the occurrence of force majeure circumstances is quite possible. To prevent this from happening, the bride and groom should carefully consider the course of the wedding. A better idea would be scripting. We offer you an approximate course of events at the celebration.

Love gum cake

The holiday should begin with a pleasant moment - the distribution of pre-prepared gifts (chewing gum in bonbonnieres) to all participants in the celebration. Those, in turn, congratulate the perpetrators of the holiday with their presents. After this, a feast begins, after which everyone present expresses his wishes to the newlyweds. The feast should be diluted with contests and games (you can find ideas for contests in the next section of the article). Signature wedding cake love is help end the evening with a tea party.

Redemption of the bride and competitions in the style of love from

As you know, before any wedding ceremony, the bride’s ransom is traditionally done. At a love is themed wedding, the ransom must also match her. So, bridesmaids who will conduct the ransom must be dressed in beautiful dresses of a romantic style. It is also allowed to experiment with creating a cartoon image. Do not forget to prepare the speech that you will give when announcing tasks for the groom. Words should be distributed and carefully learned..

During the feast, it is necessary to entertain guests with contests and games. Therefore, the following competition options for such a wedding will be useful to you:

  • «Love is…?» Guests are divided into two teams. Each team takes turns defining a concept «love». This continues until one of the teams finds it difficult to answer the question..
  • «Nostalgia». Couples who are already over 50 years old share curious memories from their married life. Those spouses who, according to the audience, told a funny and interesting story win.


  • «Dance of love». Married couples go to the dance floor, slow music turns on, the couple begin to dance. The process is watched by other guests, who, subsequently, will name the couple who performed a sensual dance.
  • «Casket of hearts». Guests are given blanks of cardboard boxes, scissors, glue, colored paper (all that is needed for creativity). They must independently decorate the box at their discretion. The newlyweds determine the winner.

Photos of weddings in the style of love is

Love is wedding wish book

Celebration in the style of love from





Process video

The wedding in an unusual love is style will surely appeal to all participants of the holiday. Guests and newlyweds will plunge into the world of love and romance, which everyone will remember for many years. After all, the atmosphere of the event will allow you to remember the old days of childhood, again to feel the spirit of childishness and relax in full!