Rustic style wedding


Themed weddings in recent years are not uncommon, because every couple entering into family life wants her celebration to be original and unusual, the bride and groom choose the celebration style according to their tastes and preferences. If you love home comfort, the warmth of the hearth, you do not see your life without outdoor recreation, then a rustic wedding is for you. This beautiful cozy event will give a piece of warmth to everyone present, will leave long pleasant memories.

How to organize a rustic wedding

Translated from French, the word «rustique» means rustic, rural. The main condition for creating this style of design and celebration is to adhere to exquisite simplicity. When organizing such a wedding, exclude magnificent decor, massive fabric draperies, flowers in chic flowerpots, because a rustic wedding is about something else. This is a memory of the time when we were young children: we were constantly surrounded by grandmother's comfort, mother's care.

Rustic Style Wedding

Remember summer trips to the village? Grandmother stands in the kitchen, you breathe in fresh air, it feels good and cozy, it smells of grass, flowers and something elusive ... Just this fabulous atmosphere has to be created if future spouses want to play a rustic wedding, following all the canons of a rustic style. The roughness of wood, natural hard fabrics, wildflowers will be faithful helpers in the design of the surrounding space.

Rustic wedding preparation steps:

  • Choosing a venue for the celebration. Rustic wedding is considered ideal for holding in the bosom of nature, where everything is natural, natural. The culprits of the celebration can organize a festive banquet directly in the open air, however, it is worthwhile to carefully study the weather conditions so that the participants of the process are not caught in a downpour. This problem of natural celebration is easily solved by a large tent that protects not only from rain, but also from the sun, creating additional comfort.

Wedding Venue

If you want to celebrate indoors, a simple country manor made using wood or a restaurant of the appropriate style will be a good option. In Europe, it is popular to arrange a rustic wedding in huge hangars arranged by designers in the best traditions of a rustic style. Another good option is to eat a country house or hotel, the main thing is that the decor of the room is replete with natural materials.

  • Delivery of invitational guests. Invitation cards are an important stage in organizing a holiday, because they will be the first to give an idea of ​​how a unique rustic wedding will take place. Try to decorate them with interesting natural details: use natural fabrics such as linen, burlap, chintz, combine them with lace - it looks great. An excellent solution would be an invitation, the text of which is made in the form of carvings on wood bark.

If you are planning a dress code, be sure to write about it in a postcard, tell in detail the requirements. Send such invitations in advance so that guests can think through the style of their outfit.

Beautiful wedding invitation cards

  • A selection of holiday menu. The menu should also correspond to the theme of a rustic wedding - let the dishes be simple, familiar to everyone. For a Russian wedding, traditional Russian cuisine is quite suitable, including borsch, fish soup, green soup, baked fish and chicken, delicious dumplings, vegetable salads, baked vegetables, snacks from mushrooms, cucumbers. If European rustic cuisine is closer to you, use it. Make a cheese bar where guests can enjoy a variety of types of cheese.

A rustic table must have a sweet table reminiscent of childhood. There will be different types of jam, sweet honey, chocolate, muffins or cakes, pieces of fruit pies. For jams, jams, honey, slice freshly baked bread prepared on the day or on the wedding day.

Sweet party table

  • Purchase of alcohol. The wedding can be held completely without alcohol: with juices, water, various types of tea, but if you want to celebrate the holiday with a drink, decorate the table with all kinds of berry, fruit drinks, homemade country wine, herbal tinctures - this will emphasize the style of the event.
  • Order a wedding procession. For bumpy rural areas, rough roads, there is nothing better than a lively mode of transport - horses harnessed to a cart with hay. When the registration takes place, the heroes of the day can sit down in their motorcade, on a sheaf of snow covered with burlap, and go to the venue - it will look nice and unusual.

Wedding procession for a rustic wedding

  • Ordering the services of a photographer for a wedding. A professional photographer will take pleasure in shooting in a rustic style, make good production shots with the newlyweds and guests of the celebration. If possible, you should also hire an operator who will provide an interesting video after the wedding. Photos and videos will be a great gift for all participants of the process, not only for newlyweds.

Rustic style wedding photo design

When the main preparations are completed, the most interesting part begins - the creation of a wedding style. Many ideas for room decor, which the newlyweds can draw in the process of decorating the hall or tent. Rustic wedding colors are pastel soft shades: white, but not snow-white, cream, beige, brown. If you want contrasting details, create them with vibrant field colors..

Colors and shades of a rustic banquet hall

The wedding arch that will be present during the exit registration of the wedding is best decorated with natural materials - no bows, satin ribbons and compositions with roses. Make cute jewelry with burlap, linen, decorate it with grass, daisies, bindweed or just figure out a few wooden sticks - that’s the rustic style arch. Sometimes, instead of the arch, it is possible to find a picturesque tree, under which the wedding will take place, to decorate it in an appropriate style.

Cute Rustic Arch

Textiles must be used when decorating a rustic style wedding: you can lay a light linen tablecloth or burlap on the table, put a calico napkin on each guest, and tie bows made of natural material on the chairs. Do not forget about the colored flags that you can hang with a garland over tables, ribbons, slightly torn and open from the bottom - so they reflect the rustic style even more.

Rustic style wedding decoration elements.

The culprits of the celebration for the rustic style wedding decor can use natural materials - these are hemp as seats, twigs, decorations. Be sure to pay attention to the floristry of the celebration: decorate the table and all the surrounding space with wild flowers. The plants to be put are not in vases, but in buckets, cans, empty bottles.

Rustic Event Decor Details

The atmosphere of the wedding is made up of little things, so use cute details reminiscent of life in the village: horse horseshoes, jars of jam, watering cans and much more, draw inspiration from simple things. Think about what the bonbonnieres will look like for guests: these can be jars of local honey, jam, flower seeds or pots of plants.

The image of the bride and groom

Choosing the image of the bride for the wedding, you should immediately abandon the snow-white lush dresses with crinoline, expensive silk and satin - this will look inappropriate. Choose a dress made of natural fabrics, with magnificent sleeves, an option of a dress with a high waist is possible. Also, the dress can be decorated with beautiful embroidery, delicate openwork lace. Make up in the style of new - natural tone, bright lips, only slightly accentuated eyes.

Rustic bride image

For hairstyles, avoid tall, complex designs. Let it be a careless bunch, loose curled curls that create the effect of a slight mess, sweet little girl. It will turn out to put on a head a wreath of field herbs, flowers - the same as in the bouquet. As shoes fit sandals, comfortable ballet shoes.

Image of the groom

The male image is convenience and simplicity. The groom can safely abandon the classic suit, giving preference to a wide shirt, beautiful pants of any color, except black, stylish suspenders, vests. Stylish hats, which are usually worn in the village, can complement the look. The fabric of the suit will fit checkered, and instead of a jacket, a knitted jumper will fit well.

Clothing for guests

The dress code for guests of a rustic style wedding is, first of all, pastel colors and natural fabrics. Bridesmaids can wear the same dresses, and let the rest of the guests try to match the color palette of the wedding, not necessarily require everyone to fully match the style of the rustic.

Guests of the Rustic Celebration

Rustic style wedding script

A rustic style wedding is a European type of celebration, so it is celebrated without ransom. If desired, the bride can ask the girlfriends to come up with something according to the style of the wedding, but this is not necessary. After waking up, the bride and groom gather in separate places, prepare, and then meet at an exit wedding ceremony, where guests with the receptionist are already waiting for them. To beautiful music, heroes of the occasion exchange rings.

When registration ends, the photographer arranges for newly-married spouses and guests a beautiful, cozy photo shoot in the field or in the midst of lush vegetation. When the photo shoot is over, the newlyweds go to a banquet. To conduct a banquet, you will be able to hire a professional presenter who will create interesting games and entertainments based on a rustic style. You should also invite a music group that performs music in the style of country, jazz.

Rustic Wedding Banquet

The highlight of the program is a touching dance of the newlyweds. After it begins the dance program of the evening, the guests go from the tables to the buffet table. You will end the celebration with a beautiful firework.

For fall

Autumn is perfect for a rustic style wedding, because during the leaf fall it is so easy to find materials that decorate the celebration. During the autumn wedding, newlyweds can register in nature and continue the celebration with a banquet somewhere indoors. For such a scenario, a suburban estate is ideal, which will provide a platform for both stages of the holiday at once.

For winter

Despite the fact that they usually choose the summer season for the wedding, it is perfect for winter, because in the winter season there is so little warmth and comfort that elements of a rustic style create with enviable ease. Arrange a ceremony in a country hotel, where the interior is made of wood, there is a fireplace and a large hall for registration, and in another place of the hotel organize a banquet or buffet. This option is good because guests can stay until morning.

Process video

A wedding in a cozy rustic style is a unique event that will give a pleasant experience to all guests of the holiday. Rustic style will help create an easy, fabulous mood, immerse everyone in the atmosphere of childhood, peace and warmth from the family hearth. Organizing such a wedding, you will not lose - everyone will like it.