Chinese style wedding


China is a huge country, whose people for centuries formed a unique distinctive culture. If you are fond of the peoples of the wise East, dream of touching the ancient Chinese traditions, plunging into the customs and rituals of this magnificent state, learning the signs that the Chinese have long believed, then a Chinese-style wedding is for you. This unusual event will allow guests and heroes of the occasion to spend an unusual wedding day, will leave an unforgettable experience..

How to organize a Chinese-style wedding

To organize an unusual wedding, future spouses need to study the wedding traditions of ancient China. Since ancient times, the Chinese have attached much importance to their personal horoscope: before marriage, the young man sent the goose to the girl he liked, if she reciprocated, then the parents sent the date of her birth in response. It meant agreement. Then a specially trained person calculated whether such a marriage would be favorable. If so, the future wedding date was calculated.

Traditional wedding of china

Before the organization, the heroes of the occasion can go to the astrologer, who will calculate the ideal date for the upcoming wedding. Chinese couples often had to wait for the treasured day for years, so it is not necessary to take this matter so seriously - just choose the most favorable day for next year. In addition, Chinese weddings themselves have noticeably changed for a long time, now young people are not so blindly following customs, although many of them have not lost their relevance.

After going to the astrologer, it's time to decide other details of the organization of the wedding in the Chinese style:

  • Location. To celebrate the wedding, a quiet place is suitable - it can be a cozy restaurant with suitable decor, a city or country estate in nature. A great option for a beautiful Chinese summer wedding is the event under the tent. The Chinese revere nature, so the picturesque trees around, flowers and fresh air will become an important decoration of the holiday.

China's Wedding Party

  • Invitation cards. In order to give guests an idea about the theme of the future wedding, it is necessary to come up with invitations that reflect the style of the upcoming event. To decorate the invitations, Chinese ornaments, hieroglyphs symbolizing family happiness, a good marriage are suitable. The choice of font will be simple - letters stylized as the art of calligraphy will do. If you plan a dress code, you need to send invitations in a month or two.

Types of Original Invitations in China

  • Dress code. In order not to burden the guests of the holiday with a search for kimonos and traditional men's suits, it is enough to indicate the colors in which you need to come - then it will be much easier for the invited to prepare.
  • Menu. To make a Chinese wedding completely themed, you should consider a menu that will include wedding and simply delicious Chinese dishes. According to tradition, 12 dishes should be on the table during the holiday, each of which bears a name meaning a wish to the spouses. Mandatory details of the festive table should be such Chinese dishes: Peking duck, a variety of fish products, rice with vegetables, a multi-tiered cake, which is a symbol of the ladder to family happiness.

Unusual cuisine of China

Hall decoration

Choosing the style of decoration for the Chinese wedding, you need to remember the main colors of this holiday in China - red and gold. These shades mean joy, love, abundance, future happiness of living together. Such a bright palette will become a wonderful decoration of the event, will cheer guests up all evening, will decorate holiday photos and videos. If guests dress in colors that match the surroundings, future photos will look just great.

Banquet facilities for organizing weddings in China

To pay tribute during the wedding is an ancient art - origami. These are paper figures formed by special schemes of folding paper, they are made without glue. Origami can independently create the culprits of the Chinese celebration, ask friends or order. Ideal for decorating the hall are figures of cranes, swans, beautiful paper hearts, doves.

Origami is an ancient art of China

Flowers are another important decoration of the banquet hall. If you do not spend a holiday in nature, bring a few pots of living plants, but do not put cut flowers on the table. Deeply respecting the nature, the Chinese do not allow themselves to pick plants, therefore, for the Chinese style of wedding, pots with all kinds of young trees symbolizing the creation of a new family are ideal.

Beautiful decorations for a Chinese wedding

A beautiful detail of the decor of the room will be Chinese characters, meaning «love», «happiness», «a family». Also, when creating the Chinese style, it is necessary to use other interesting accessories - paper lanterns under the ceiling, bright red garlands, large paintings on the walls with the image of Chinese dragons. Complete the interior with the dishes used in this country..

The image of the bride and groom photo

The Chinese do not have strict regulations regarding the image of the groom. The hero of the occasion will need to choose a casual suit and decorate it with embroidery with ornaments. To enhance the effect, the future spouse can wear a silk suit, a shirt from which will be made in the Chinese style or the traditional outfit of this country. See photo for details:

Image of a groom in a traditional costume in China

Much stricter than the Chinese requirements for the type of bride:

  • Dress. The main rule of the image of the future wife - her traditional dress should be red with a beautiful gold embroidery. This shade is considered to be happy, accompanies the entire celebration, although modern brides can refuse such a dress, give preference to the usual white dress, adding contrasting details.

Chinese style bride dress

  • Accessories During the wedding, the image of the bride should be supplemented with appropriate accessories - shoes on low speed, so that it is easier to move around in a narrow dress, with an umbrella. At the celebration, the bride necessarily puts on the crown «Dragon and phoenix», symbolizing a future strong alliance.

Headdress of the celebration

  • Makeup and hairstyle. The hairstyle of the hero of the Chinese celebration should be smooth, simple, higher than the requirements for the style of makeup: the future wife will have to make her face as white as possible with powder or special makeup, and bring her lips with bright red lipstick. Traditionally, Chinese girls completely get rid of eyebrows and eyelashes, but this is not necessary.

Chinese Wedding Party

The Chinese style of a banquet at a wedding is unusual for a Russian person - it rarely lasts more than two hours. An extensive menu should be presented, symbolizing the well-being of the new family. Guests drink wine, chat, but there are no loud festivities with songs until the morning, indecent contests or active dancing. Toastmaster is also a rare guest of Chinese festivities. If the Chinese call the host, then the storyteller’s mission rests on his shoulders: the host shares with the guests the stories of families, talks about the groom with the bride.

Chinese style wedding script

After the wedding ceremony, the culprits of the Chinese celebration should go to a photo shoot, where a professional photographer will take the first few pictures of the new family. At a banquet, newlyweds can show guests the resulting pictures using a special projector. When the photo shoot ends, the narrowed go to the guests.

Wedding photo shoot in China

Upon arrival, a meeting of young people takes place, guests give gifts to newlyweds - it can be money, silk bedding, household items, but the Chinese themselves prefer to give only money so that the spouses choose their own things. Then you can have fun: an invitation to an astrologer will be a good idea, which will be a personal horoscope for everyone.

Giving gifts to the heroes of the occasion in China

It would be ideal to hold a traditional tea ceremony in the middle of the celebration - this quiet ritual will help guests take a fresh look at Chinese culture. Fun for those who wish is a master class on the basics of Chinese calligraphy: an invitation from such a master will complement the festive program of the Chinese-style wedding. When the script is finished, the last thing remains - to go out and look at the colorful, bright fireworks, marking the appearance of the family.

Fireworks wedding celebration in china

Chinese style wedding video

The Chinese-style wedding event is a relaxing event where guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful culture of the Oriental people. When organizing such a wedding, be sure - it will remain a pleasant memory for the participants of the Chinese event for a long time.