Shabby Chic Wedding


Choosing a wedding celebration style is not an easy task. For romantic creative couples who have a liking for antique and sophisticated airy design, a perfect choice is the style of shabby chic. This idea will help to make the holiday tender, original and unforgettable. A wedding in the style of shabby chic is an abundance of aged vintage decorations drowning in colors, pastel shades, a cozy warm atmosphere. This option for the design of the celebration involves a careful approach to the selection of thematic attributes.

Shabby chic style wedding palette

Delicate pastel shades matching shabby chic

Bouquets of flowers in soft colors

Hall decoration in delicate colors

Beautiful decor elements in light shades

This style is characterized by shabby old, but not without elegance, decorations in gentle pastel shades. This design will help to create a peaceful romantic atmosphere at the wedding. When choosing decorative details, pay attention to floral motifs and patterns: a delicate cage or strip will do. Calm colors should dominate in all elements of the holiday - the bride’s bouquet, the images of the young, accessories, motorcade, decoration of the banquet hall and tables.

A Shabby chic wedding should be imbued with the spirit of Victorian romance, airy lightness. The palette of shades on which this stylistic trend is based suggests the use of sky blue, white, beige, peach, cream, caramel, ash tones. A soft pink shade, ivory, champagne will do..

The image of the bride and groom in the style of shabby chic

Shabby chic romantic image for honeymooners

The given direction is characterized by a surprisingly harmonious unity of opposites - chic and simplicity. The image of the newlyweds for the wedding in the style of shabby chic should emphasize the chosen theme of the celebration:

  • The bride should give preference to the modest styles of dresses, decorated with delicate decorative drapery or lace. Among the accessories, choose a pearl necklace and earrings, openwork brooches, a floral wreath, a short veil or a hat. Shabby chic wedding dresses can be of various shades of white - milk, cream, pearl, pale pink.
  • The groom is recommended to give preference to a tuxedo, complemented by a tie-scarf. However, creative young people often choose bolder decisions as a wedding attire: light trousers with a pastel color shirt and bow tie will do. The image of the groom can be supplemented with suspenders, an exquisite buttonhole, vest or, for example, a hat. Tapered trousers that are slightly cropped or casually rolled to the ankles will look especially impressive.

Shabby chic hairstyle and makeup

Wedding image of the bride in the style of Shabby chic

The style of shabby chic does not include the construction on the head of complex works of hairdressing. The ideal option would be careless curls or braids - the trend of the current season. The main principle of the chosen wedding theme is a combination of femininity, natural beauty, tenderness. The same rule should be followed when choosing a make-up: refuse bright shades and lipstick - the image should be gentle, refined. Use peach, pale pink shades. Hair stylists recommend decorating with a neat floral arrangement.

Outfit for guests

Dress code for guests at the Shabby Chic wedding

Guests are full participants in the Shabby Chic style wedding. To create the necessary atmosphere for the holiday, you should prudently take care of the appearance of the invitees. Notify the guests in advance that there will be a dress code at the holiday. Men should choose brown or light suits. Women are advised to wear loose skirts just above or below the knee. Tell guests about the pastel color scheme to be followed when choosing outfits..

Designers give some simple recommendations regarding the appearance of witnesses. Friends of the bride and groom should set off the main characters of the celebration. Ideally, the outfits of the newlyweds should be a few tones darker than the costumes of witnesses. For example, close friends of the groom can put on identical trousers and white shirts, and the witness will have a pale pink top. Bridesmaids dresses should be designed in the same style and color scheme..

Guest Invitations

Invitation in the style of shabby chic.

As noted above, a Shabby Chic wedding is a must for details. Start thinking about the design of the upcoming holiday with a choice of invitation decor. The design of messages for guests should reflect the essence of the chosen style, become a kind of impetus for the further development of the idea. Invitations that can fully reflect the style of shabby chic must be done manually. At the same time, if you do not have time to start making cards yourself, order the services of a professional decorator.

If you can make invitations yourself, prudently prepare the necessary materials. It can be ribbons, lace, rough cardboard, aged paper or fabric. Inviting shabby chic, as a rule, are replete with all kinds of applications, floral patterns, romantic motifs. Put the finished letter in a stylized envelope decorated with vintage pastel shades.

Banquet hall decoration in the power of Shabby chic

Shabby chic palette for decorating a banquet hall

Decoration celebration in the style of Shabby chic.

The style of shabby chic emerged in the 80s of the twentieth century. The creator of the fashion is Rachel Ashwell, who designed her California home with old furniture from flea markets, but at the same time created an amazingly delicate wonderful interior. The word Shabby in the literal translation means «shabby». This style quickly gained popularity, and many creative couples began to boldly choose it as the basis for decorating their wedding ceremony..

A wedding in the style of shabby chic gives young people an amazing opportunity to reveal their creative potential. The main details can be very different, but in all the components of the celebration should be traced a single style. Do not spend an impressive amount of money on the purchase of expensive decorations. For example, if the wedding ceremony takes place outdoors, you will need the most ordinary old chairs, wooden benches, wicker chairs, sun loungers.

To decorate the room where the banquet will take place, use old candlesticks, vases, round metal birdcages, openwork frames for photographs and mirrors, ribbons, lace napkins and tablecloths, romantic floral arrangements, decorative angels. You will definitely find the perfect attributes on a flea market, in a commission room or an antique shop. To make the design seamless, select the main part that will be traced in all design elements. It can be pearls, lace, satin ribbon.

The bride's bouquet

Bouquets of the bride in the style of Shabby chic

One of the most significant symbols of the wedding is the bride’s bouquet. For the style of shabby chic, choose lush delicate flowers - peonies or roses. Buds and petals should be rounded, so try to avoid banal cylindrical shapes with sharp corners. Small inflorescences of hydrangea, lily of the valley, lilac look spectacular and incredibly elegant with large flowers. For those who prefer a maximum of simplicity and naturalness, a bouquet of daisies or tulips is suitable.

A wedding cake

Delicate Shabby Chic Wedding Cake Options

Themed Wedding Cakes

Fancy pastel-colored cakes

The main dish of a sweet festive table at any celebration is a lavishly decorated cake, and a Shabby Chic wedding is no exception. However, the choice of design for a sweet treat should be approached carefully. The cake should be modest, elegant, as well as the chosen holiday style. Pay attention to the pastry masterpieces, covered with white or light glaze, decorated with pearls or sweet flowers of delicate pastel shades. A sweet table can be complemented with popular macaroons..

Shabby Chic photo shoot

Shebby chic style is a wonderful choice for a romantic holiday filled with lightness and tenderness. In addition, this direction of decor will be perfectly reflected in wedding pictures. A variety of characteristic design details opens up a boundless field for imagination for the photographer and newlyweds. At the photo shoot, use as many interesting attributes as possible: old mirror frames, round birdcages, shabby furniture, chests, English «grandmother» service. See a selection of photos:

Shabby chic wedding photo shoot

Newlyweds at a wedding in the style of Shabby chic

Shabby Chic Wedding