Irish style wedding


Ireland is a mysterious country, shrouded in ancient myths, mystical legends. A rich culture is a real storehouse of musical, architectural, visual art. An Irish-style wedding is a unique event that combines ancient folklore with incredible, truly Irish fun. The holiday with active dancing, fast folk music, beautiful bright design will not leave indifferent any of the participants in the celebration.

How to organize an Irish style wedding

To organize an Irish wedding, the heroes of the day should decide in what form the event will be held. Future spouses can organize a classic celebration that is fully consistent with the traditional celebration style, or can only complement the event with some details of the Celtic wedding to create a special atmosphere. Details that will help the bride and groom to create a truly Irish style of wedding:

  • Colors. In Ireland, green is especially revered - it is believed that it brings good luck. The green palette cheers up, symbolizes youth, a vibrant active life, the flowering of nature. Green can be combined with white, golden, black, gray, yellow, blue. The other two traditional colors are orange and red. Future spouses may prefer them and create a bright, sunny celebration.

Green color at the Irish holiday

  • Rings. Classic engagement attributes - gold or silver rings with beautiful engraving «Love, fidelity, friendship». The Irish believe that without these three foundations, marriage cannot survive. It’s good if one of the female relatives gives the ring to the bride in a straight line - this is a happy Irish sign. The traditional rings themselves are made in the form of hands holding a heart with a crown at the top. See the photo below for more details:

Traditional Irish Wedding Ring

  • Invitation cards, seating cards, other text materials. To give the guests an idea of ​​the Irish style of the wedding, the culprits should arrange invitation cards, as well as other typographic elements, as appropriate. Green colors, clover in drawings, an old medieval font - all this will become a wonderful decoration of printed materials. If a dress code is planned, invitations should be sent in advance.

Stylish Irish Wedding Invitation Cards

  • Menu. After planning the main part of the holiday, take care of the dishes that will serve guests of the Irish wedding. Examples of traditional Irish dishes: lamb stew, potato pancakes, toasted bacon, caramelized apples. A wonderful decoration of the event will be a Celtic cake, which is a lush cherry muffin with spices, raisins, almonds.

Irish Banquet Dish

Future spouses should seriously approach the venue of the wedding. In the summer, a celebration of celebration in nature is a good idea - a riot of summer greenery, good weather, tall trees surrounding the festive venue, the Irish style of the wedding will be perfectly emphasized. Another option for warm time - holding an event near the walls of an ancient castle - will help create a mystical atmosphere. For the urban environment, as well as the winter season, a stylized pub or bar is suitable.

Irish style wedding script

In Ireland there are signs, traditions, rituals that culprits can embody at their thematic wedding. For example, after registering a marriage, the husband should be the first to congratulate the partner in life. It is believed that this will give a good start to a new family, will allow you to live without troubles. A symbolic ceremony is held at a traditional Irish wedding «Handfasting»:

  • Spouses tie their hands with a ribbon, then the bride and groom swear love to each other. From this moment on, their fates are considered to be connected exactly 12 months and one day. When the above time has passed, the couple should repeat the ritual, but for the last time - it will last a lifetime.

Newlyweds tie their hands with a ribbon for the oath rite

At an Irish celebration filled with fun music, dancing, games, contests, it is customary to read poetry and sing songs that create a romantic mood. The celebration of the wedding is closely connected with a variety of signs, here are some of them:

  • To break a glass or to celebrate a wedding on Saturday - bad signs.
  • If the bride looks at the sun on the wedding day, the marriage will be happy.
  • A good sign is to hear the cuckoo or see three forty during the event.

As the musical accompaniment of the holiday, the ideal solution would be to invite a musical group specializing in Irish folk music. Live fast music with playful flute, bold guitar busts, deep, perky male vocals, exquisite violin passages and even a long, unusual sound of bagpipes will decorate the Irish wedding, make the holiday atmosphere unforgettable.

Musical group - performers of Irish music

The image of the bride and groom photo

If you decide to celebrate a traditional Irish celebration, you should think in advance about the style of wedding dresses for the bride and groom. The future spouse needs to think about the following components of the image:

  • Dress. The traditional color of the wedding dress of the Irish bride is blue or sky blue, it is considered a symbol of innocence, purity. If the blue gamut does not fit into the style of the holiday, you should turn to white along with contrasting details in the color of the event - a white dress with a green ribbon at the waist will look great. The neckline of the dress is usually square, and the outfit itself is generously decorated with lace.
  • Hairstyle. When creating an image of an Irish bride, choose a hairstyle with braids. The Irish believe that this style of hair styling drives away evil spirits, protects the future spouse, brings happiness, significantly increases its attractiveness. Complete the result with vivid colors.
  • Bouquet. In the bouquet of the hero of the occasion, there should be simple field plants, herbs: field carnations, sky-blue cornflowers, and most importantly, the bells that the Irish love so much. It is customary to knit a beautiful lace scarf on the leg of the composition, which is a symbol of the appearance of offspring.

The festive image of the Irish bride

Suit ideas for the groom:

  • Kilt. This wardrobe item is often associated with the Scots, but it is originally from Ireland. Checkered kilt perfectly accentuates the idea of ​​a thematic wedding.
  • Cell. For a future spouse who does not want to wear a kilt, an option that includes a vest, trousers or other details of the image made of beautiful checkered fabric is suitable.
  • Contrasts A good solution would be a classic suit with bright contrasting details that match the overall palette of the holiday - for example, a green tie or pocket square, cufflinks, tie pin, socks.

The image of the groom for an Irish wedding

The festive dresses of the newlyweds should be in harmony with each other. How it may look, see the photo below.

Irish outfits of the newlyweds

Hall decoration

The most important stage in preparing an Irish wedding is the decoration of the festive hall. To create a thematic mood, the heroes of the occasion should seriously approach the choice of decorative elements. Wedding bells will be a must-have accessory - the Irish believe that this interior detail drives away evil spirits. After the holiday, she will become a reminder to the young spouses of these oaths..

Details of the design of the festive hall in Irish

Jewelery in the style of an old castle will help to add a mystical touch: massive fabric draperies made in colors chosen by future spouses, knightly armor, dimmed light from heavy chandeliers. Use wildflowers in the table decor, the same as those present in the bride's bouquet, all kinds of figurines, horseshoes. Clover - a symbol of good luck - will be the main detail of the festive Irish decoration.

Process video

A wedding in an interesting Irish style is a wonderful event that will be remembered by all the guests of the holiday for a long time. Incendiary dances, amazing decor based on Celtic culture, lively fun music will decorate future photos and videos. If you decide to celebrate an Irish wedding, be sure - at your wedding celebration it will be interesting and fun, as in the video below.