Rustic Wedding


A traditional rural wedding in Russia is usually associated with a huge number of superstitions, rituals and rivers of vodka. However, today, many newlyweds are increasingly choosing this topic to design their celebration. And the thing is that a modern wedding in a rustic style is a bright colorful ceremony, sumptuous treats, stylish European-style decor, and not a hint of an old-fashioned celebration with a lot of drunken guests and fights. Such a holiday requires a responsible approach to design, as well as attention to detail.

Rustic Wedding Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Modern Rustic Wedding

Bride looks for a rustic wedding

Rustic Wedding

The preparation of a holiday in a rustic style begins with the selection of suitable costumes for the bride and groom. Strict tuxedos and puffy dresses, generously strewn with stones or rhinestones, would be inappropriate at such a wedding. As for the image of the bride, it should be light, almost airy. Pay attention to simple models of sundresses. If such an outfit is correctly complemented with accessories and a veil, you get a wonderful wedding look - modest, but tasteful. A beautiful wreath of wildflowers will help emphasize the chosen style..

A few words should be said about the shoes of the hero of the occasion. As a rule, a village wedding is held outside the city, in the lap of nature, so high-heeled shoes are an irrational choice for this occasion. Ballet shoes or, for example, shabby cowboy boots that will effectively contrast with a delicate, light dress will suit this style..

The image of the village groom

Modern image of a groom at a village wedding

The image of the groom at the wedding, decorated according to the rustic style, does not imply strict costumes, traditional decorative attributes. Jeans or loose light trousers, a shirt with an unbuttoned top button, a carelessly tied tie or a bright butterfly will do. Fashion designers offer to complement the outfit with a stylish vest. Lightly tousled hair and moccasins will help to make the image whole, complete..

Dress code for guests

Themed guest outfits for a rustic wedding

Guests at a rustic wedding

A wedding in a rustic style involves a thorough study of all the details. Do not forget to warn the guests about the planned theme of the celebration. Close friends ask to support your idea, putting on light outfits. Carefully approach the choice of dresses for bridesmaids, costumes for friends of the groom. If possible, prepare some spare flower wreaths on your head. Surely a few guests will knock out the overall style of the wedding, and charming accessories will help to adjust their image.

Rustic wedding decoration

Before proceeding with the selection of design elements for a rustic style, it must be properly disassembled. For such a wedding, it is extremely important to think through every detail. First you should choose a venue for the celebration. Abroad, these themed weddings are usually celebrated in nature, where they organize an outdoor wedding ceremony. Outside the city, there are always a lot of charming cozy establishments that are perfect for holding such a celebration. Next, you should decide on the design of the remaining details of the wedding.

Invitations for guests

Rustic Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitation Decor

The rustic style should be traced even in small things. Carefully approach the choice of invitation decor. For their manufacture, designers use natural materials such as tree bark, dry grass, flax, flowers. Nowadays, the rustic style has gained unprecedented popularity, so the widest range of all kinds of invitation options is presented on the wedding decor market.

Banquet Hall Decoration

Design options for a banquet hall for a rustic wedding

Rustic banquet room decor

Natural surroundings are an ideal choice for a rustic wedding style. The option with neatly arranged tables under the tree crowns and a clearing surrounded by haystacks will create the right atmosphere for the holiday. However, choosing an open area for a wedding can be risky, primarily because of the variability of the weather. You need to think about resolving this problem. You may need to install a tent, but it's not cheap at all.

Today, outside the city there are many stylish modern institutions, designed just in a rustic style. Having chosen a venue for the celebration, you should carefully consider the decor in advance. This style is good because it opens up a vast field for creativity before creative newlyweds and decorators. All kinds of garlands, jars with candles, old lanterns, charming bouquets with ribbons, knitted napkins - all this will help to create a warm cozy atmosphere, which should reign at a modern rural wedding.

Rustic menu

Rustic Wedding Treats

Rustic food at the celebration.

Traditionally, at a Russian wedding, the tables almost burst with an abundance of delicious, fatty, and most importantly hearty treats. One of the key roles at the banquet is given to vodka. Abroad, the approach to organizing a feast is somewhat different. As a rule, most of the banquet takes place in the form of a light buffet with original snacks and champagne. Only hot dishes with side dishes are served at the tables..

A festive cake is the main sweet treat on the table, the culmination of a wedding celebration. Takeaway is accompanied by a spectacular show. The newlyweds cut a dessert, treat them to invited guests. The key sweet treat for a rustic wedding is decorated with characteristic decorative elements: cranberries, dried flowers, mint leaves. Many separately organize a sweet zone with baked apples in caramel, ears of corn, pies, homemade berry jam

The bride's bouquet

Charming bouquets of the bride in a rustic style

Bouquet is another integral part of the wedding decor, the festive image of the bride. The choice of the perfect floral composition should be approached carefully, responsibly. A peculiar totem in the form of a charming bouquet should correspond to the chosen theme of the celebration. Delicate wildflowers combine with lush peonies, a modest bouquet of fragrant lilacs will look no less spectacular.

Rustic Wedding Accessories

Themed decor for a rustic holiday

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Themed decorations for a celebration.

Original design elements for the celebration.

Interesting accents in the decor of the wedding can be various installations located in the courtyard. To do this, use old wooden wheels, carts, window frames, doorways as arches. If you competently beat such attributes, you will be able to create an original atmospheric composition. For example, shabby signs with signs are especially popular. Instead of pompous vases, decorate tables with glass bottles, wicker baskets, wooden boxes tied with twine and decorated with wheat.

Prefer field flowers: dahlias, daisies, daisies, peonies are perfect for a rustic style. Decorators use protea, lavender, sweet peas and other plants to create floral arrangements. An important role in the design of the wedding is given to textiles - use linen tablecloths, chintz, burlap to decorate tables, chairs, decorate garlands.

Video: a rustic wedding

The video below offers an interesting selection of photos from modern village weddings. From the video you can draw a lot of bright creative ideas that will come in handy during the preparation of your celebration. Traditional Russian festivities, successfully modernized according to the latest Western trends, may well become an interesting idea for a bright unforgettable holiday. It is not at all necessary to make the wedding in a completely European manner: dilute the stylishly decorated celebration with old wedding games and fun, national outfits.

Wedding Themed Photo Shoot

A wedding photo shoot is an integral part of any modern wedding. If you decide to organize a holiday in a rustic style, photos should reflect the atmosphere of the celebration, emphasize its style and theme. Surprisingly gentle and romantic pictures are taken of the young against the backdrop of natural landscapes - fields, rivers, forests. Use thematic attributes on the set: For example, to enhance the effect, take a couple of frames sitting on a horse-drawn cart.

Rustic Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Rustic wedding photo shoot