Wedding ceremony in Italy


Each couple dreams that the wedding day will be original, bright and memorable. Therefore, more and more lovers seek to hold a wedding ceremony abroad. The celebration in one of the cities of Italy will become an unforgettable fairy tale, giving touching memories of the happiest day of your life. A mild climate, magnificent palaces, a friendly population, a beautiful coast, delicious food - this country seems to be created for weddings.

How to organize a wedding in Italy

Foreign citizens have the right to register marriage in Italy, and the ceremony is allowed not only at local municipalities, but also in any other place you like. For example, it can be luxurious Milan, picturesque lakes, romantic Venice, fairytale castles and a palazzo. The choice depends on the wishes of a particular pair.

If you intend to hold an official wedding ceremony in Italy, the certificate of marriage received in the local municipality is recognized in the Russian Federation along with a document issued by any registry office of Russia. That is, an official wedding in Italy has full legal force in the Russian Federation, and you do not have to register your relationship before or after.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony in Italy

This is a charming, sophisticated European country, offering a large number of options for weddings. The scenery of the holiday can be: the sea coast, picturesque lakes with luxurious villas, ancient cities with ancient abbeys and castle complexes. Some couples prefer to get married in Italy among wine plantations or green hills in the cozy countryside. Each corner of this fabulous country has its own characteristics and its own incomparable atmosphere.

In Rome

If you decide to have a wedding in the heart of the Apennine Peninsula - the city of Rome, this would be a doubly good choice. The newlyweds will be in the capital of Italy, shrouded in a thousand-year history, where countless architectural monuments are located. Rome will give lovers the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of one of the oldest cities in the world by organizing a wedding ceremony in the Vatican.

Roman wedding

In turin

This city is the center of the Piedmont region, a city with two thousand years of history, the heart of Italian art. It is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This is the ideal city in Italy for organizing a wedding ceremony, both official and symbolic. A celebration and a banquet for a small number of guests can be arranged on the banks of the Po River, in the Borgo Mediaovale complex, surrounded by a picturesque park.

Turin as a place for a wedding ceremony

In Milan

A unique city that has absorbed elements of various historical eras. Medieval buildings here are adjacent to modern buildings. The capital of fashion provides an opportunity for young people to purchase exclusive costumes from world couturiers for the holiday. Famous Sempione Park and the Arc de Triomphe will not leave the bride and groom indifferent. Do not forget to hire a good photographer, because you probably want to keep all the fabulous moments of your wedding in the pictures.

Wedding in Milan

In Verona

It is difficult to find a more romantic place in Italy for a wedding ceremony than the city of Romeo and Juliet. The atmosphere of Verona is imbued with the spirit of ancient history. Arriving here, you will definitely feel it. If you wish, you can organize a ceremony near the tomb of Juliet by renting a beautiful villa for this. After the end of the solemn part, visit this symbol of invincible love.

Verona for lovers

In Tuscany

A wedding in Tuscany will become a romantic and happy event, here nature itself breathes love. The town will provide the couple in love with the opportunity to experience the true taste of centuries-old traditions and art. Rent a small cozy hotel for the wedding ceremony, and spend your wedding in the lap of picturesque hills covered with lush green vegetation..

Tuscany - the perfect place for a wedding

In Venice

The most romantic city in Italy, which is dreamed of by millions of brides from around the world, is Venice. A fantastic place located on the water remains beautiful at all times of the year. The ceremony held on the streets of the city will be the crown of elegance, sophistication and luxury. The festive evening the newlyweds will be able to spend on the beautiful St. Mark's Square, and the rented gondola will serve as wedding transport.

Wedding in the streets of Venice

In Florence

The heart of the Renaissance of Italy welcomes lovers from all over the world. The cobbled narrow streets of Florence beckon with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the parks and gardens are surrounded by greenery and flowers, and the cheese shops charm every visiting guest. A wedding ceremony in the Palazzo del Signoria will take the young to the Medici era of luxury. The celebration will be a great start to your happy family life..

Wedding Ceremony in Florence

In Lang Monferrato

This wine region is located next to the Alpine mountains. Newlyweds will be fascinated by the coziness of small villages, medieval estates and castles on the background of snow-capped mountain peaks. The wedding season here lasts from June to September, when nature reaches its peak of beauty. Wedding ceremonies are often held in the lap of nature: among vineyards, by the pools, on terraces or in the gardens of old villas.

Marriage in Italy, on the territory of Lange Monferrato

On Lake Como

Lake Como is not only the most beautiful in Italy, but also one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is located near Milan. The Alps protect the lake from strong cold winds, which guarantees couples who decide to hold a wedding ceremony on the banks of Como, fine weather. The picturesque place is suitable not only for the organization of the celebration, it will give unforgettable pleasant memories to those newlyweds who spend their honeymoon on the lake.

Wedding on Lake Como

On Lake Maggiore

The charming Lake Maggiore has been inspiring artists and poets for a very long time. If the newlyweds want to hold a wedding ceremony filled with romance, Maggiore will be the perfect place. Numerous villas located on its shores open their doors in front of couples in love, offering luxurious rooms and delicious Italian cuisine.

Required documents for registration of marriage

To register a marriage in Italy, Russian citizens must contact the representatives of the local Consulate of their country. To obtain Nulla Osta (permission to marry), you must provide the official authorities with a package of documents translated into Italian and legalized by a notary:

  1. Foreign and Russian passports.
  2. Certificate of divorce (if any).
  3. Birth certificates.
  4. Certificates that the newlyweds are not married (they are issued by representatives of the registry office).
  5. Name change document if this action has been taken.

How much is a wedding ceremony in Italy

The approach to organizing wedding ceremonies, as in the whole of Western Europe, in Italy slightly different from that adopted in Russia. In our country, the mark-up on services equal to from 100 to 300% is considered to be the norm. In Italy, wedding coordinators are trying to choose the best option for each couple, and the payment of its services is about 10% of the wedding budget. This approach is more economical..

The minimum list of what the couple will need to be taken care of in advance when planning an Italian wedding:

  • Decide on the city and place for the ceremony.
  • Hire a wedding coordinator (you can’t do without a person well-versed in this industry).
  • Prepare the necessary documents, including a visa.
  • Reserve a restaurant for a wedding party.
  • Hire a stylist, purchase a dress in Italy or bring with you from Russia.
  • Find good video and cameramen.
  • Take care of the transfer (from the airport to the hotel, and then to the venue of the wedding ceremony).
  • Find a suitable hotel and book rooms.
  • Buy tickets to Italy and back.
  • Order a bouquet for the bride.

The costs of professional services will be distributed approximately like this:

  • Wedding Coordinator: 1/10 of the celebration budget.
  • Photographer and video: from 800 to 2500 euros.
  • Stylist: 300-400 euros.
  • Restaurant: 100-200 Euro.
  • Hotel: 100-500 euros per day for 1 person.
  • Floristics: about 200 euros.

It’s impossible to tell the exact amount how much the Italian wedding ceremony will cost. There is always a chance to find cheaper options. Remember, a wedding is a holiday where you can’t save too much, especially if it takes place on the territory of beautiful Italy. Professional services will never be cheap, and the memory of the wedding day is priceless. There are two options for the celebration: an official or symbolic ceremony. The second option is less costly not only in terms of money, but also time.

Symbolic ceremony prices

To organize a symbolic wedding, the organizer must find a suitable place and a person who can conduct it. A symbolic ceremony in Italy is held upon presentation of a marriage certificate. The cost of the celebration will depend on certain circumstances, since there are no fixed tariffs for many places in Italy. The minimum price for a wedding ceremony is 200 euros.

Formal ceremony cost

Couples can hold a formal wedding ceremony anywhere in Italy, if it belongs to the property of the municipality. For example, in theaters, libraries, some private estates and abbeys. Therefore, the price can vary greatly, starting from 0, ending with five-digit amounts. The most expensive are considered ceremonies in tourist cities like Venice or Rome. For example, a wedding in the Cavalli Palace on a weekday costs about 2 thousand euros.

Not all popular places in Italy are so expensive. On the island of Capri, for example, a wedding will be much cheaper. Domestic tour operators offer couples in love to purchase wedding packages from 2.5 thousand euros. The upper redistribution remains unlimited. For a minimum set of services in the most popular places in Italy, newlyweds will have to pay from 3 thousand euros.

Video: wedding for two in Italy

For centuries, Italy has attracted art connoisseurs from around the world. What could be more romantic than a wedding in this wonderful country? The bewitching nature, castles of incredible beauty, clean beaches, delicious and satisfying cuisine of Italy, the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants - all this will leave an indelible mark and the most pleasant memories. For couples who want to get married away from everyone, Italy offers ancient castles and medieval villas off the Mediterranean coast. To better imagine such a wedding, watch this video:

Photos of weddings held in Italy

One of the most suitable places for a wedding ceremony is Italy. The country offers fantastic opportunities not only for organizing a celebration, but also for a honeymoon. You will be greeted by cozy bars offering great wines, beautiful cobblestone streets, the golden hills of Tuscany, the colorful buildings of Liguria and the bright blue sea. All this can be a wonderful decoration for your wedding, as in the photos below..

Wedding photo session in Italy