Casino style wedding


The original format for the piano grand wedding party is dedicated to all the temperamental couples. Such a wedding is associated with luxury, excitement and uncontrollable fun. A casino-style wedding is a great choice for a sweetheart couple. The main details for the celebration of this style will be: chips, roulette, cards, games, as well as a great mood.

How to organize a casino style wedding

The organization of this kind of wedding is not expensive and uncomplicated. But you need to carefully prepare for the holiday, pay attention to details, so that everything works out properly. First you need to find and arrange the venue of the celebration in an appropriate style, think over every detail of the wedding dress of the newlyweds and make original invitations for guests.

Choosing a wedding venue, you do not need to look for the most expensive and fashionable restaurants. A classic style room, neutral shades is quite suitable. Thanks to all kinds of decoration materials, you can turn the room into the atmosphere of a real casino. Also, a restaurant on the water or a motor ship can be chosen as a place - this will give a share of chic and romance to the celebration.

An invitation for guests must be issued in a thematic style. They can be pre-ordered in the printing industry, or if you have artistic talent, made yourself. Freelance designers will be happy to make the original layout, which will give exclusivity and originality. Invitations should be combined with the theme of the celebration: like playing cards, chips, with elements of card suits, etc..

Ways to design a casino wedding invitation style

An important detail is the image of the newlyweds. Their appearance must be perfect, luxurious, no need to be afraid to add catchy details. Using this style, it should be confidently said that there is not much pomposity. The groom's suit is a strict tuxedo of white or black color, classic shoes, and instead of a boutonniere add a small scarf. Put your hair in a gel, and men with long hair should collect them in a bundle.

Casino style groom

The image of the bride is a luxurious dress that can be complemented by bright red heels. A classic wedding bouquet in this style is red roses rewound with a white satin ribbon. There are no restrictions for hairstyles - loose curls, hair smoothly gathered in a bun, high hairstyles and much more. Eye makeup should be natural, and make up your lips with juicy cherry lipstick. The casino style will perfectly complement the retro style for the bride: dresses with feathers, mesh on the face, lace.

Casino style bride ideas

Casino style wedding decor

Designing a room in accordance with the style of the casino is easy and creative. The main thing is not to leave the topic, to purchase or rent all the equipment. If you pay for the services of an agency, then a good event agency takes these costs on itself, while larger ones already have such decor in their arsenal. To get started, choose the right color scheme for the event. It could be:

  • Red and white.
  • Red green.
  • White gold.
  • Pastel shades.

Casino style room decoration

The banquet menu at the entrance to the restaurant or boat should also be designed to mimic the style of a casino. And in front of the entrance, it’s wonderful to put a fake doorman or face control. Hang carved card suits over the groom’s table with the bride. Balloons are best designed in red and white colors. Banquet tables should not be overflowing with decoration materials, an abundance of floral arrangements, enough:

  • Name holders in the form of cards, card suits.
  • Small bouquets. Little red roses will look great.
  • Red and white napkins.
  • Beautiful serving.

Pianoforte Wedding Decorations

Decorate the holiday tables with original dishes and pastries. Cookies, cap-caps are decorated with a pattern of card suits. The wedding cake is decorated in classic white color, without unnecessary details, with figures of the bride and groom. But if you want to fully support the theme, then you should add a little thematic decor to it..

Casino Wedding Cake Options

Piano Casino Wedding Scenario

There are many ways to entertain guests and what to come up with for your wedding scenario of such a non-standard style. The host provides the couple with several options for celebrations or drafts, which the newlyweds can supplement with their contests, ideas. The main thing is to beat the style of the casino and come up with relevant contests, games, quests.

The host will play the role of the croupier, banquet tables should be called accordingly: «straight», «flash», and name the bride and groom «Royal Flush». At the entrance, guests receive playing chips, which they can exchange for souvenirs, and participating in competitions to earn even more. Lotteries, quizzes, dance games, quests are suitable for competitions. During the first wedding dance, young guests can shower them with cash.

Watch the video how beautifully and romantically the couple organized the grand piano casino wedding party:

If your choice fell on a celebration in the style of a luxury casino, do not hesitate, such an event will be remembered by you and your guests for a long time. Casino is not only elegant and original, but also unusually fun. The newlyweds will look luxurious in such an impressive way, and the wedding organization will amaze with its eccentricity, brightness, abundance of thematic details.