Cowboy style wedding


Surely everyone saw exciting films in the spirit of the Wild West, where the beautiful protagonist is the personification of strength and courage. The sound of horse hooves, the scorching bright sun, the creak of stirrups, unique music: if you and your partner love this unique atmosphere, then a cowboy-style wedding is what you need. By arranging a cowboy event, you can be sure that the celebration will be a magnificent, colorful event that will forever be remembered by everyone involved in the process.

How to organize a cowboy-style wedding

If you do not fully imagine who the cowboys are, besides the fact that they wear high boots and large hats, you should learn a little history of this image. At the end of the nineteenth century in the United States there was a need to disperse herds of wild bulls on special pens, and this work required strong people and at the same time skilled riders. This happened in 1865, after which the shepherds doing this work were called cowboys..

Photo of a real cowboy

This image became popular, and in the 30s of the last century it began to be glorified: they made films about cowboys, wrote books, made music videos, used them for advertising (remember the famous Marlborough?). Thus, the image of a cowboy came into our life and invariably became associated with freedom, strength, heroism, and expression «Wild West» unless the child knows. What you need to organize a cowboy style wedding:

  • Choose a venue for the celebration. To emphasize the focus of the holiday, it is better to hold an event in the summer or at the beginning of autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, the grass turns yellow, creating the feeling of the earth scorched by the bright western sun. The ideal solution would be to choose a venue for a wedding in nature. Future spouses can find a country ranch estate with horses, rent the territory of an equestrian center or just go to a picturesque place for a wedding.

If there is no way to go to relax in the countryside or the wedding takes place in winter, it would be nice to rent a restaurant similar in style to a cowboy's saloon, or rent a house made mainly with wood.

Cowboy wedding in a country ranch

  • Invitation cards are the first thing that guests will see on the eve of your wedding, so you need to seriously approach their manufacture and thought over details. It can be classic cards with the image of household items - high boots with spurs; saddles and stirrups folded on a table next to a glass of whiskey. You can use the image of a police sheriff or an Indian, and hire a courier dressed in cowboy style to deliver wedding invitations. A great idea is to order or make invitations in the form of a cowboy hat, because this is a very original way to give an idea of ​​the style of the wedding. If there is a dress code, this must be warned in advance, which means that you will have to send invitations earlier than usual: a month or two before the wedding.

Ideas for Cowboy Invitations

  • Menu. Thinking through the holiday menu, it would be nice to turn to the history of America since the unrequited Wild West, because then there was no abundance of products. The main dishes were meat: the famous steak with blood, baked stuffed turkey (it can be replaced by chicken), a bacon appetizer. On the side dish, experienced chefs offer to cook boiled and fried beans. other dishes with beans, pumpkin porridge. For snacks, original baking is suitable - yellow corn bread, tortillas. Despite the cowboy orientation, it is not necessary to use only the meager cowboy menu dishes at the wedding, it is better to modify and diversify it. As for the dessert, a good option is a multi-tiered cake with a household item (boot, saddle, sheriff's badge, with tiers encircled by leather belts).

Cowboy Kitchen Details

  • Alcohol. The obligatory part of the wedding table is alcohol. Cowboys loved to knock over a glass of whiskey in the saloon during a break between the main activities, so whiskey should be the main drink of the holiday menu. Other types of strong drinks are also suitable - vodka, rum, and for a lady something less strong - for example, delicious red wine.
  • Wedding procession. The real heroes of the Wild West do not need cars to move around during the wedding; the style of the event will be emphasized by a carriage or a wagon decorated with antique and drawn by two horses. Even more interesting, if future spouses come to their own wedding, riding horses on their own.

Cowboy Wedding Procession

Room decoration in a cowboy style photo

For a cowboy's wedding, a rustic style of decoration is well suited. Organizers decorating a banquet hall or a tent in nature should pay special attention to furniture: you need to put long wooden tables from rough boards, cover with checkered tablecloths made of natural materials. During such a wedding, natural fabrics in general should become an important emphasis in decorating the interior - sacking, chintz, linen are suitable.

Cowboy wedding musician on suitable interior background

Wooden benches or well-connected haystacks, covered with dense fabrics, will look great as seats. It will also be good to sprinkle the floor of the restaurant with hay if the wedding takes place indoors, or the ground, if in nature. An interesting idea for decorating a bar is a cart with an awning. As for dishes, you need to give preference to clay, wooden material of dishes, tin plates, faceted glasses. Each item in the cowboy menu should come up with an interesting name, for example:

  • «Dirty Joe Steak»
  • Salad «Under the whip»
  • «Cowboy swill»
  • For a fish dish - «Sheriff's catch»

There should be few plants at the cowboy’s wedding: bouquets of field herbs and flowers are suitable, and the most suitable option is a lot of pots with prickly cacti, this will emphasize the style of the western event. If the heroes of the occasion cannot refuse flowers at the wedding, you should come up with interesting containers for them - glasses for whiskey, cowboy boots.

Holiday Cowboy Style Details

Other details of the cowboy style of the wedding that can decorate the room are hats hung everywhere, real boots with curtains hanging on the wall of the saddle, horseshoes for good luck, placed on the table or painted. Intimate event will give candles. It is also necessary to pay attention to bonbonnieres for guests who can simultaneously play the role of seating cards - these can be chintz bags with sweets, hat boxes.

Beautiful elements of a cowboy decor

Pay attention to the colors of the upcoming wedding: the main shades of the event are brown, yellow, beige, cream, white, golden colors. Use them not only for room decor, but also during the selection of cowboy style outfits.

Outfits of guests and honeymooners

The dress code at the cowboy wedding should be warned in advance by sending out invitation cards. The culprits of the upcoming celebration can only use the theme or allow guests to dress according to some other image of the Wild West - then the invitees can dress up in the style of a police sheriff, try on an Indian costume. The main thing - clothes should be comfortable and not interfere with movement.

Cowboy outfits for wedding guests and honeymooners

Then the bride will have to choose a dress that matches the cowboy style. It can be a light, airy short outfit with a train and a corset, drawn in leather laces. Comfortable boots will look good with a short dress, and a stylish hat decorated with rhinestones, beads, and a denim vest will complement the look - such a stylish combination will surely be appreciated by those present. Bridesmaids can wear matching dresses in matching colors with cowboy boots.

Cowboy Groom With Bride

For the groom, such a convenient outfit would be the ideal choice: beautiful jeans with a leather belt and a large buckle, a stylish plaid shirt, a leather vest with a fringe, high boots with spurs. The image must be adorned with a hat, and on the belt the groom can fasten a leather holster with artificial revolvers - where a cowboy without weapons?

Cowboy Wedding Outfits

Wedding script

The wedding begins with a ransom, many ideas for which, given the cowboy style of the wedding:

  • Redemption of a cowboy bride from a hostile Native American tribe.
  • The bride is a criminal who was seized by the sheriff and put in jail for theft. Groom to release her.
  • She is a sheriff’s daughter, and he’s not too happy about the prospect of marrying her.
  • The future wife is the daughter of the leader of an Indian tribe, which the cowboy groom will get only after hard trials.

Photoshoot during a cowboy holiday

The culprits of the cowboy celebration themselves can come up with ideas, following the theme of the wedding. After the ransom, the future spouses are sent to the registry office or to the exit registration, where the official marriage takes place. After registration, a thematic photo shoot takes place with a professional who will take memorable photos for a future album and create interesting videos. When the photo shoot is over, the young go to the saloon to celebrate the wedding in a cowboy way.

The banquet will decorate the presence of a professional host-host, who will hold fascinating contests with cowboy themes, prepare a fun script with congratulations and toasts in the spirit of the Wild West. You should also pay attention to the musical accompaniment of the event - live country music using a banjo, guitar, percussion will be a wonderful decoration for a cowboy’s wedding.

Process video

Organizing a cowboy-style wedding is an exciting process that will create an original fun event. The resulting thematic holiday will be remembered by guests for a long time, it will be a significant event for a newly made married couple.