Oscar style wedding


Each couple has an idea of ​​how they want to spend their main joint holiday - a wedding. For those guilty of the occasion who want to celebrate this day with chic, to impress guests with the sophistication of the event, an Oscar-style wedding is ideal. Chic outfits, a long red carpet, themed competitions and entertainment, a magnificent atmosphere of stellar wealth - this is what awaits the participants of the Oscar wedding. Such a celebration will surely be forever remembered by the participants in the process..

How to organize an Oscar-style wedding

The prestigious Oscar annually gathers in front of TVs millions of viewers watching the main event in the world of cinema - presentation of gold figurines for the best achievements in the art of cinema. It is not too difficult to organize a wedding in this style, but preparation can require serious financial expenses, because much attention will be paid to details during the organization of the Oscar celebration. How to organize a wedding in this style:

  • Choose a venue. An ideal place for an Oscar wedding will be a chic, beautifully decorated restaurant. For a large-scale wedding, a rented hotel will be a great place, where all guests can stay after the holiday itself. A prerequisite - the hall of the room for the ceremony should be spacious, so that it would be possible to place there not only banquet tables, but also a cocktail bar, a searchlight with a screen.

The advantage of the selected banquet hall will be the stage on which the host will hold «awards». Oscar will be celebrated both in winter and in hot summer..

Movie Star Style Wedding Restaurant

  • Send out wedding invitations. The invitation is the first thing that the future party will see, so their style should inform the guest in advance about the theme of the upcoming wedding. A great option would be invitation cards in the form of films, postcards, tuxedos, invitations, figurines, or even a clapperboard with confetti. To create a wow effect, future spouses can hire a courier who will personally deliver stylish cards to guests.

If you plan to assign a dress code, which is quite logical for an Oscar wedding, send invitations in advance - many guests will want to prepare and create a truly chic look.

Oscar-style invitation cards

  • Prepare a festive menu. After a place has been selected and a guest list has been approved, future spouses will have to choose dishes for the festive menu. Here the heroes of the occasion can rely on their own tastes, however, too simple cuisine should be abandoned - refined European dishes will best emphasize the style of the wedding. Light Italian, rich French cuisine will be the perfect solution for the Oscars..

A separate item on the wedding menu will be a gorgeous festive cake decorated in the corresponding theme style.

Cake for a wedding film award

As for alcohol, it is better to give preference to drinks that symbolize celebration and victory, because this is exactly the style of the Oscar ceremony. Suitable sparkling wines, expensive champagne. For lovers of stronger drinks, you can include a variety of cocktails on the menu.

  • Order a wedding procession. One of the main details of the Oscars is a spectacular appearance, so future spouses should choose a vehicle that emphasizes their status. A classic black or white limousine, as well as an expensive brand car, will do. You can decorate the motorcade with themed wedding details - statuettes, old film.
  • Arrange a wedding photo shoot. The effect of the Academy Award will be created by photographers who will film guests upon arrival at the wedding venue. It will be good to hire several professionals who illuminate the lights of outbreaks of visitors - this will not only emphasize the style of the event, but will also give you the opportunity to get a lot of quality work, and then please stylish photos of the wedding participants.

Carpet wedding photo shoot

Also, the groom and the bride should discuss with a professional the creation of a video telling their love story. It will be shot in the style of an action movie, a sci-fi movie or a classic sweet love story. Oscars can be demonstrated to those present during a banquet through a projector.

Photo hall decoration

When all the main preparatory activities are over, it is time to choose the style of design of the banquet hall. It should be decided whether it will be a sumptuous banquet or a light buffet where guests can socialize properly. Perhaps the heroes of the occasion will want to combine these two options: one part of the hall will turn out to be given for banquet tables, where they will bring the main dishes, and the second for the buffet buffet. It will be the perfect solution for a long big holiday..

The red carpet is an accessory for an Oscar wedding, which should be taken care of first. All guests of the wedding, lit by flashes of paparazzi, will walk along it. Also, future spouses can invite an operator who will take from «the stars» the celebration of the interview, and then mounts a quality video.

Red carpet for an oscar wedding

The banquet hall itself requires a chic decor. The bride and groom can take the colors of the Oscar film awards - gold, black, red as the basis, but it’s better to dilute these bright saturated shades with more calm colors - light beige, cream, white. Red draperies on chairs, black napkins and white tablecloths with a gold embroidered border, white curtains with red details will look good.

Oscar Banquet Hall Decor

Oscar-style wedding accessories and accessories will make the hall decor complete. Huge searchlights, long exquisite candles, accessories reminiscent of a movie - posters with movie frames or portraits of newlyweds stylized as posters, old films, vintage video cameras. Mandatory decoration details - a projector with a screen for showing a slide or mini-film. Elegant decoration for an Oscar wedding - a pyramid of champagne glasses.

Oscar wedding decoration details

Pyramid of glasses of champagne for an Oscar celebration.

The image of the bride and groom

To follow the exquisite style of the Oscars, the costumes of the heroes of the occasion should. For the image of the bride, an elegant dress of a simple style without unnecessary jewelry is ideal. The sophistication of the girl will also be emphasized by a straight silhouette, a fish silhouette or a Greek dress. It is worth abandoning the lush dresses with a corset a la princess - at the Oscar wedding they will look inappropriate.

In addition to the magnificent style with crinoline, the bride should avoid an abundance of decor - let the dress be decorated with a small amount of high-quality rhinestones, beads or pearls, but not all at once. If these elements are present on the dress, the necklace or earrings should be more restrained. It is also important to choose a good fabric for an Oscar wedding dress - silk, good satin, lace. Elegantly matched hair, a stylish bun or retro styling on her loose hair are ideal for a hairstyle style..

Elegant bride image for an Oscar wedding.

The image of the groom is a combination of impeccable style with elegance. The obligatory part of the costume for the Oscar wedding is a tuxedo. The combination of colors should be classic - a white shirt and a black outfit. If desired, the future spouse can add several contrasting details, for example, an eye-catching tie or a pocket scarf. Beautiful accessories will be well emphasized - expensive cufflinks or a tie clip.

Stylish groom look for movie star style wedding

Clothing for guests

The style of clothing for guests of an Oscar wedding should be clearly defined in invitation cards. Women can wear long evening dresses, they should not deny themselves chic jewelry, and men - tuxedos with white shirts.

Wedding script

An important role in organizing this style of wedding is the compilation of the original script. The culprits of the Oscar celebration can write it yourself or order it from a professional agency that will additionally provide the services of a host-host. The wedding scenario may include an Oscar-style ransom, a registry office ceremony, a stylized festive banquet with contests, games, fun tasks, and after completion - a disco for participants and large-scale fireworks.

Guest nominations and Oscar-style contests

To emphasize the style of the Oscar event, the heroes of the occasion can arrange a real rewarding of guests - this will not only set the right tone for the party, but also leave eternal memory for those present in the form of figurines. Figurines can be made independently or ordered at a souvenir agency, however, such a service can be expensive. There is a way to save money: buy alcohol bottles for guests, and stick the image of the figurine on top.

Figurines for guests of the Oscar-style wedding ceremony

Several ways to reward:

  • Make figurines for each guest or couple, naming them «Best mother-in-law», «Best brother», «To the best witness», «Best parents». Among them must be a figurine «To the best newly made spouses» with the names of the bride and groom.
  • A more complex, but more effective option is to create a unique description for each guest. This type of Oscar delivery is best done through nominations: on the projector to demonstrate shots from films with some actor, then a photograph of the guest, and then solemnly award the prize. Examples of names for such Oscars: «For the most daring deeds», «For wisdom in difficult times», «For a happy childhood together» etc.
  • Another option: presenting statuettes for winning contests. Competitors in this style of wedding will be nominees, and prizes will go to the winners of the nomination.

Presentation of statuettes to guests of the film festival wedding

Examples of competitions for this style of wedding:

  • Competition Award for «The best musical accompaniment to the film». An arbitrary number of people participate. The task of the contestants is to recall love songs from films. In turn, the guests sing one or two lines of the song, who stumbles or cannot remember - leaves. The guest who remembered the most songs remains.
  • Wedding Oscar Award «Best Actor». Several male participants gather, the host chooses a girl for each of the audience. The guest's task: with gestures to explain where he wants to invite a companion, the theme is given by the host. The man whose couple guessed the destination faster.
  • Oscar for «The best Russian dubbing of foreign cinema». This wedding contest will be fun for all guests. Several contestants are selected, each includes a dumb scene from a famous film. The participant’s task is to ridiculously voice the main characters. The winner is determined by the applause of the audience..

Process video

A wedding in the style of an Oscar award party is a luxurious event that will leave a vivid impression on everyone present. The beautiful decor of the hall, bright flashes of cameras, magnificent dresses and an elegant banquet - all this is only a small part of the upcoming celebration. A serious approach to organizing a wedding will allow you to create a truly unique holiday that will always be remembered by guests and newlyweds..