Japanese style wedding


In the modern world, every bride wants to make a wedding celebration unique, unusual, at the same time romantic, in compliance with ancient traditions. An excellent option would be the choice of the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan. Japanese-style wedding will conquer everyone with its mystery, reading traditions, incomparable national dresses, bewitching music.

How to organize a Japanese-style wedding

A traditional Japanese wedding is a real art: luxurious outfits, beautiful decor elements, music. The Japanese are sensitive to traditions, so no wedding can do without them. In order to organize a celebration in this format, you should be familiar with this exotic direction, knowledge of the subject will fully adapt the wedding to the Japanese style.

The first thing you do is prepare invitation cards. Wedding invitations are a business card of an event, therefore you should not neglect this organizational moment. They can be folded in various ways, like origami or carved in the shape of a fan. If you want to choose a simpler option, then invitation cards can be decorated with thematic decor: sakura flowers, the image of Japanese dresses and much more.

Ways to arrange invitations in Japanese style

The image of the newlyweds is the second step in preparing for the celebration. The appearance of the bride and groom will be the main element of this holiday. In order to choose the right traditional costumes, we recommend that you watch reports from Japanese weddings. A couple may be limited to standard outfits, but it can ruin the whole style..

Traditional japanese wedding dresses

At the wedding ceremony, the bride should wear a white kimono, which, according to Japanese traditions, symbolizes the transition period when the bride has already moved away from her parents' house, but is not yet completely owned by her husband. Such a festive outfit should be supplemented with pearl accessories, flowers or a wig. During the banquet, the bride needs to wear a red cloak over a white kimono. This ritual is repeated again at the end of the banquet, when the bride wears an outfit of bright colors.

Japanese-style wedding bride image

In our realities, not everyone can afford to buy three outfits at once, so it is possible to limit yourself to just one. For hairstyles, long loose hair with woven flowers, a smoothly collected hairstyle with Japanese sticks, accessories are suitable. The theme of the wedding will be a light painted umbrella. Makeup is natural, and lips should be highlighted with bright red lipstick. Instead of the traditional kimono, the bride can choose a dress with Japanese motifs:

  • Bright Japanese-style dress with a wide red belt.
  • Classic white wedding dress diluted with accessories.

The outfit for the groom is not considered so intricate. Pants should choose a loose, light cut, and put on a black jacket upstairs. You can limit yourself to the usual classic black suit without unnecessary details. Jackets of bright colors, thin ties and tight trousers will suit lovers of extraordinary, but this option more personifies modern Japan.

Japanese Style Wedding Scenario

For a Japanese-style wedding, you need a good, interesting and fascinating scenario. It all starts with the ransom of the bride, which can be played out as the abduction of the bride by an evil dragon, and in order for the groom to get his beloved back, he will need to overcome some obstacles in the form of quizzes, a game and contests that the witness with her friends must prepare in advance.

Japanese style needs to be recreated during the festive banquet. At the entrance, guests can be met by disguised geisha (animators) with sake cups. Newlyweds should drink three sips. According to tradition, after this, the couple is officially considered husband and wife. The music should be calm, relaxing, but for the fun of the guests you should dilute the oriental motifs of Japan with incendiary music. Competitions are the main entertainment at a Japanese wedding, so you need to come up with interesting game options in advance.

Sake - a traditional drink at Japanese weddings

Japanese Style Wedding Competitions

In order for the wedding to be not only beautiful, romantic, but also filled with laughter, fun, you need to come up with original, energetic competitions that will make even the most shy guests stand up from the table. Games are best associated with Japanese themes, come up with original names for them, as well as take care of gifts for guests: fans, sakura pictures, Buddha figurines, origami figures. Below are some interesting contests for a wedding of this style:

Japanese-Style Guest Gift Options

  1. Who will eat faster. Two people are participating in this competition. It is necessary to prepare in advance a small bowl with noodles or rice, give the participants sticks. With the words of the host: «start» guests begin to eat quickly. The first to empty the plate is the winner.
  2. The best origami. The competition is open to up to 6 people. Each participant receives white paper, in 120 seconds they must make any origami. Whoever creates the most beautiful creation will be considered the winner who will receive a prize.
  3. Samurai fights. The competition involves men who are given plastic toy swords. The game begins with Japanese-style music. Usually, such a competition ends with a common victory, all participants receive gifts, and the audience enjoys a fun action.

Also, for this kind of wedding, professional animators, dancers dressed in national dresses or geisha dresses can be invited. If you want to arrange a bright, unforgettable show during the celebration, then you should also order professional samurai with swords. But it costs a lot of pleasure, as well as the organization of such a wedding as a whole.

Photo hall decoration

To hold a wedding in this style, you need a spacious room with a lot of light, and you take on the decoration material. To save on decor, you need to rent a sushi bar or a Japanese restaurant. You can choose the color scheme to your taste, but it is desirable that these be light, unobtrusive tones..

For table decoration, sakura branches, light tablecloths in white or pink colors, candles, delicious cookies with predictions inside are suitable. Chopsticks should be added to cutlery. Fans, colored origami, geisha masks and other accessories should be attached to the walls. In addition to sakura, tables can be decorated with orchid flowers..

Japanese-Style Celebration Decor Options

Banquet dishes will also decorate the hall. Japanese dishes will add exoticism:

  1. Sushi
  2. Sashimi
  3. Tempura
  4. Sea snacks
  5. marbled meat.

Not everyone supports such delights, so you should take care of those who do not like the delights of oriental cuisine, adding the goodies of European cuisine. When ordering a wedding cake, warn the masters about the subject in advance. Ideal for decoration with sakura flowers or traditional ornaments.

Sushi for japanese wedding menu

In Japan, it is not customary to decorate a banquet hall with balls, fabrics, but some traditions may be missed. Decoration of the hall is a personal choice of the heroes of the occasion, only they decide which details to add and which ones to refuse. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, mix styles, colors. The Japanese style is so diverse that it’s hard to cover every detail. The main thing is harmony, restraint and elegance.

Japanese Style Wedding Hall Decoration

Process video

Watch the Japanese-style celebration video:

Japanese culture is a mystery that you want to get closer to, experience the whole romanticism of eastern traditions. A holiday of this style is a unique opportunity to surprise guests with such an unexpected decision. The main thing is that the holiday is accompanied by happy smiles and sparkling eyes of the newlyweds in love.