Wedding aerial photography: what is it?


To keep touching and fun moments of the celebration not only in your memory, you should use the services of a photographer and videographer, the portal recommends. But not always the traditional photo and video shooting copes with the tasks: it’s not possible to take the desired angle, fit all the guests in one frame, take a panorama of the exit painting, etc. Here you can help the aerial photography, which will fill the wedding film and photo album with breathtaking shots from the air.

Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography

What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is a bird's-eye survey of weddings using unmanned aerial vehicles (quadrocopters, multicopters, etc.) equipped with professional cameras. The flight of these devices is controlled by operators (pilots), adjusting the speed of movement and flight altitude (up to 350 m), focusing on the video image that is transmitted to the monitor online.

You can make aerial photography of a wedding during the whole holiday, or only separate stages can be shot. Fragments taken «flying» camera, you can mount together with the main video taken from the ground, resulting in a spectacular wedding movie.

Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography

By adjusting the trajectory and speed of the drone, you can get amazing shots:

  • horizontal or circular panorama of the place of celebration,
  • vertical rise above the subject (newlyweds and guests),
  • 360 ° panorama around the subject,
  • escort of a wedding procession, etc..

Aerial photography allows you to zoom in and out of a subject. It can be carried out at any time of the day: day or night, both on the street and indoors.

Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography

The benefits of aerial photography

  • You will surprise guests with the use of a filming flying device.
  • Your film and photo album will replenish with unusual shots taken from a bird's eye view.
  • Aerial photography will allow you to shoot highly artistic natural landscapes of the place where the exit painting, banquet or wedding walk will take place.
  • You can save on ordering devices that allow you to get similar shots: camera crane, hoist or helicopter.
  • Some cameras of aircraft, being in the aerial video mode, are capable of shooting not only video, but also photos, without interrupting the video recording process. As a result, you get not only high-quality video materials, but also beautiful photos of professional quality.

Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography

When can I use aerial photography?

Aircraft can be used for wedding photography of such moments as:

  • The exit of young people from the registry office.
  • Pigeon Launch.
  • Walk in the city or nature.
  • Following the wedding procession.
  • Solemn meeting of young people at the entrance to the restaurant.
  • The first dance of the newlyweds.
  • Launching sky balloons or Chinese lanterns.
  • Wedding fireworks.

Using unmanned aerial vehicles, you get detailed coverage of the entire solemn event in dynamics. This shooting will be especially relevant for weddings in nature, when it is so difficult to cover the entire scale of the celebration, the portal believes. Perfectly selected angle and height will allow you to make truly amazing shots that will take your breath away!

Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography
Wedding aerial photography

Aerial photography is a great addition to standard ground-based photography. Moments of a wedding celebration captured from different heights in dynamic shooting will be the highlight of your wedding movie and photo album!