A modern approach to wedding photography

Modern digital technologies have unrecognizably changed wedding photography, making it more interesting and attractive. Convenience and flexibility - the obvious advantage of numbers versus film has pushed manufacturers of photographic equipment to introduce innovative designs to be more competitive. And the widespread interest in photography prompted photographers to invent new methods of photographing, as well as shooting styles and genres, among which wedding photojournalism occupies a special place.

The photojournalistic approach is very different from traditional wedding photography, which included mostly staged shots from prepared plots of the wedding ceremony. Professional cameras and optics today have fast focus and image stabilization, a large matrix and high light sensitivity. They allow you to shoot with natural light without using a flash and at a certain distance from the subject, without interfering with the course of the event. However, journalism is much more than just documentary photography and reporting - it is a very complex kind of shooting, requiring a great concentration, reaction and observation from the photographer. Remaining unnoticed by others and covering all the events of the wedding day, the photographer must capture the spontaneous, natural emotions of the newlyweds and guests, and have time to capture them. Of course, you can not do without staged shooting at a wedding, but now it is less formal. An experienced wedding photographer, shooting in the style of photojournalism, only guides using "active posing" and prompting situations for lovers.

Jonas Petersen

Photographer Jonas Petersen, Australia - «Very rarely, I indicate to couples which posture they should take. I just tell them to focus on each other, and the composition is born by itself».

Marcus bell

Photographer Marcus Bell, Australia - «My experience tells me that a good picture is not created by the landscape, but by a couple in love».

Laszlo Gabani

Photographer Laszlo Gabani, Russia - «Photography is magic. So why turn the memory of the most beautiful day in your life into everyday life? ! ».

Sergey Yurchenko

Photographer Sergey Yurchenko, Russia - «Spontaneity and emotions are more valuable than any technically sound posture.».


Photographer Irvant (Ervant Zanazanyan), Australia - «I am comfortable in all genres, the main thing is to catch the right moment in the right light».

No doubt digital wedding photography is a retouched photograph. Editors and, of course, Photoshop help transform an image that photographers use special effects to turn into a real work of art. A new trend in modern wedding photography has become the combination of photography and drawing, which can be both digital and real..

Sergey Yurchenko in the style of Ben Heine

Photographs of Sergey Yurchenko in the style of Ben Heine, Irvant wedding photographs, artwork by Laszlo Gabani, or Marcus Bell’s landscape wedding paintings, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Nowadays, a photographer who does not have imagination, ingenuity and creative thinking, has become increasingly difficult to find a niche in the wedding services market. It's just that photography no longer suits anyone - any child can make it their soap dish. The age of digital art has come - wedding photojournalism, collage, photo art and graphics - this is a powerful arsenal of fine art tools of TOP wedding photographers of the world.