Who should I entrust the wedding shooting to a beginner or a professional?

To date, no wedding is complete without an invited wedding photographer. Professionals began to be trusted to shoot a wedding more often, and rightly so. You want to enjoy viewing your wedding photos, flipping through a wedding album, think ahead, so to speak before the wedding.

But with increasing demand, supply is growing. Every year, the workshop of wedding photographers expands by a dozen other newly-minted representatives. And here the main thing is not confused and clearly determine preferences.

Tip of the seasoned: do not trust the shooting of a wedding to novice photographers. The reason is obvious: less experience in conducting wedding photography, not the ability to catch the right moment, competently build a composition in the frame and not enough knowledge of working with light. Unfortunately this is the case. In the end: you still have bright memories of the wedding and a few more or less successful wedding photos. Of course, you can object: the wedding photographer, after all, becomes a professional, only during work, experience will not come by itself. We do not argue, and even advocate "for!". That's why we offer: if you want to help a person gain experience, invite him to the wedding as a second photographer: he is well and you can be sure of the quality of the photo taking, plus additional wedding photos.

The second point that should also be considered before the wedding is the personal acceptance of the photographer. You should be comfortable communicating with this person. How you will feel during the shooting depends on this. Therefore, choosing, proceed from your feelings and wishes. Smiled faces in wedding photos immediately stand out for their non-sincerity

And now about the wedding and about wedding photography directly. Not only the professional potential of the wedding photographer plays a role here, but also your attitude to the shooting, your mood and desire. Nowhere without it. Lovely brides, be muses for the professional. Shine, enchant with your smile, charm and charm! Today is your day! But the groom should not be a muse. But here to make pleasant your beloved, to support her mood and feelings, any real man can do it.

We talked about the mood, now we will discuss some technical issues. Next tips for high-quality shooting.

Guests in your limousine should not be many, but those responsible for the shooting are desirable. Great wedding photos in a limousine can be obtained, firstly, and confidence will be strengthened that the most important moments of your wedding will not be missed due to traffic jams, secondly.

For a walk, wherever it takes place - in nature, and in the apartments of museums, palaces, it is better not to take guests with you. Guests can draw your attention to themselves and it will be more difficult for you to concentrate on shooting. And in turn, this will complicate the work of the wedding photographer and reduce the time allotted for a walk. To manage everything and enjoy shooting and wedding photos later, be adventurous: guests can be entertained by invited artists or a host or a second photographer, and you, holding hands with your loved one, devote some pleasant time only to each other.

There are many nuances for conducting high-quality shooting, each wedding photographer may have his own wishes. Every professional wedding photographer works for an excellent result, we advise you to listen to the tips and freely make suggestions. There are no boundaries for creativity, you just need to approach the issue from the right side.

The wedding videographer is now also not a rare guest at the wedding. Wedding videos are happy memories that you can share not only verbally and clearly show your friends how your wedding day went.

Videography of a wedding is a complicated process. A wedding videographer is a director, cameraman and artist all rolled into one. Here you need certain experience and knowledge, as well as a special artistic flair and observation. They are learning this. And now in the St. Petersburg region there is a good base of excellent wedding videographers who can create that wedding film that emphasizes the joy and peculiarity, the style of your wedding.

I repeat: do not be shy about your desires and ideas. A professional wedding videographer will arrange the wedding shooting so that you are satisfied. This is the main thing.

Often there are opinions that the level of technology that is used by the wedding videographer does not play a role in shooting a wedding. Practice shows that this opinion is only partially true. A professional will shoot beautifully, even with an ordinary camera, but in functional terms, the technique has its limitations. To catch the fleeting moment by the tail, you need not only a dexterous finger, but also the corresponding capabilities of the technique. Any professional will tell you that a good technique is like a variety of brushes for an artist, each lotion is responsible for completing its task, and the more lotions - the wider the thought spreads and the more accurately the unique idea is realized.

The tips for creating a great wedding movie are basically the same as for making great wedding photography. Be tuned to a positive wave, and do not focus on what can upset you. Your wedding day will be wonderful, photo and video shooting will be a pleasure, and after the wedding you will be the happy owners of a chic wedding book and a romantic wedding film.