Subject conversation: what will we take for a photo shoot?


Many wedding photo shoots are like twin brothers. The same poses, motives, camera angles ... But a wedding is a special and extraordinary celebration in people's lives. If you are trying to emphasize each other's individuality and the importance of your relationship at the wedding, it is worth adding originality and a photo shoot. In addition to non-standard places where you can shoot, think about what items will make photos colorful and memorable.

Hobbies at a wedding photo shoot

Why not transfer an important part of your life to a wedding photo shoot? If you are fond of dancing, take jazz and dance in front of the lens. Do you play tennis? Perfectly! Rackets, balls, shuttlecocks only enliven frames. In any case, interesting photos are obtained with books, aged sheets of paper, rare things (gramophones, old cameras or telephones, etc.).

Photo session with items

Newlyweds on horseback


Soap bubbles are romantic, fun and carefree. Isn't that a great prospect for a couple in love? In addition, it is not difficult to purchase a bottle of soap bubbles, the site is sure. If wedding budget allows, you can invite a professional who knows how to blow huge bubbles. His tricks will no doubt make the photo shoot original.

Soap Bubble Shoot

Soap Bubble Shoot

Musical photo shoot

Professional musician or amateur - there is always room for musical instruments at a wedding photo shoot. You will have great shots with violins, cello, saxophone and piano. Even if you don’t know how to play musical instruments, borrow some drums or a guitar from friends, just to take beautiful photos.

Photo with a guitar

Musical photo shoot

Art photo shoot

Talk to the photographer, maybe he has ideas on how to make your wedding photo shoot a real work of art. Good photographers will always notice unusual accessories that can be used for photography. In addition, pay attention to various frames, canvases, brushes and other art supplies - they often decorate the frame.

Photo session with a frame

Photo session with a frame

Intelligent Wedding Photo Shoot

If you are a serious person who appreciates both in people and in photographs, try to reflect this in the course of wedding photography. For example, play cards, study ancient globes, shoot in the laboratory.

Intelligent photo shoot

Game of chess

Perky photo shoot

If you are a merryman by nature and go through life laughing, remain faithful to yourself and at the wedding, because it is this trait that distinguishes your personality. Use funny glasses, multi-colored helium balloons, bright sneakers for the bride and funny ties for the groom, ridiculous hats, etc. for photos. Joke how you usually do this, and you will be satisfied with wedding photography, says the wedding portal

Photo Shoot Accessories

Photo Shoot Accessories

Romance in photos

A wedding is a very emotional event. Choosing romance with the theme and motto of the celebration, embody it in a photo shoot. Bouquets of flowers, petals, Victorian vases, sky lanterns and other touching motifs will perfectly cope with this role..

Photoshoot with flowers

Photo with a swing

Options for travelers

There are people who cannot imagine life without traveling. In addition, the wedding provides an excellent opportunity to visit new countries. - Honeymoon. Arranging a photo shoot after celebrating the wedding itself, you can play with how you go on your honeymoon. Take a picture of how you embark on the journey with an old suitcase, or how you look at a map and choose a route, or how you check the contents of a backpack. Such photos will be interesting to leaf through as a young couple and their friends.

Photo with a suitcase

Photos with trains

Unusual items always refresh wedding photography and give the photo shoot meaning. Try to tell a story in photos. And when loved ones flip through the wedding album, they better recognize your original and multifaceted personality..