Photo and video: memory for many years

Wedding ... I want to remember this day for many years. Photo and video shooting is a good way to remember the fabulous moments of a wedding day..

A good professional wedding photographer (cameraman) shoots in the style of reportage and art production. In order for your wedding photo album to become truly family property, many photographers begin to shoot a few days before the wedding. In many photo and video studios, this service is called a "Love story". When shooting, the photographer uses an artistic production. Pictures taken before the wedding are subsequently shown to guests at the wedding..

Due to its durability, staging photo and video shooting is very convenient, because you can take a lot of pictures and videos, without fear of a lack of time.

At the same time, staged shooting allows you to prepare the ground for reportage photo and video shooting carried out directly on the day of the wedding itself. As in any creative and working process, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of artistic production is that this type of shooting involves work in the wedding dresses of the bride and groom, in which they appear at wedding ceremonies. Therefore, there is a considerable risk of "stuffing" things. But you can always find a way out, the same production shooting can be done after the wedding, for example, the next day.

Photo and video shooting involves the production of a large number of shots (about 200 frames) and video material, so that, after selecting the most beautiful pictures (about 30-40) and scenes, put them respectively in the wedding album and video archive. Everything else that was not included in the main album is recorded on discs (CD, DVD).

Photo and video have a similar concept to the script. Often they are produced in parallel to each other, this option is very convenient when not only the photographer, but also the operator works. Both that and that shooting at will can be made from the very beginning of the wedding day (gatherings and redemption of the bride, wedding ceremonies in the registry office and weddings in the church, walk, wedding reception, etc.).

Art production differs from reportage shooting in several elements: firstly, the time and place of shooting, secondly, the production shooting includes a pre-invented and thought-out plot, and the reportage is based on the principle of “here and now” fixing what is happening at the scene.

Photo and video shooting can be ordered only for a certain period of time (wedding ceremony, wedding, walk) or for the whole day, and full support of young professional photographer and cameraman. To save money, young people often invite one person who plays the role of both.

You can also assign the duties of a cameraman or photographer to someone you know who you can entrust with this important matter..

Professional photo and video filming of the wedding produced by good equipment will become the key to the success of your wedding album, and for many years will preserve the memory of that fabulous day - the wedding. You can, year after year, enjoy the memories, not only of the main points, but also of those that are often, and very soon overlooked (fees, guest wishes, waiting times, etc.).

In many studios, a whole package of services is specially developed so that your wedding materials are shot in the best possible light. After the shooting, the professionals will arrange everything according to your wishes, edit the video, select the musical accompaniment, add the necessary special effects and ultimately give you your own movie with an original cover specially designed for you.