Little secrets of a wedding photo


The camera captures the smallest details, so it’s important to carefully consider your appearance and pay attention to the shooting features..


The first guarantee of a beautiful wedding photo is a fresh look. Try to sleep well the night before. Firstly, you will feel rested, and secondly, your skin and overall well-being will be in good condition..

A lot of liquids, alcohol, sweets and fatty foods - you need to refuse all this on the eve of the holiday, otherwise the face will look swollen or have a greasy shine on the wedding photo.

Also pay attention to the eyes. Even if you were unable to get enough sleep, the redness of the eyes can be removed with the help of special drops (for example, "Visin").


So that on the wedding photo your skin does not look pale, but on the contrary, sets off the snow-white dress, take care of the tan in advance. The best option would be to visit the solarium in advance, about a month before the wedding.

If your wedding dress is open, make sure that there are no traces of a swimsuit on your skin during tanning, otherwise you will remember a wedding photo with white stripes on your shoulders.

As for tanning, its use is highly discouraged. It is difficult to achieve a uniform color with it, and all such “irregularities” on the skin will be visible in the wedding photo.


The first point in makeup is a properly selected tonal tone. It is very important to achieve its even application on the skin of the face and neck, since the wedding photo will be clearly visible if there is a contrast between them.

To emphasize facial features and hide skin imperfections, it is better to prefer matte makeup to pearly makeup. It favorably tones the redness and luster of the skin. In addition, it is not recommended to choose too bright colors. To emphasize the eyes or cheekbones on a wedding photo, it’s not necessary to resort to “war paint” - it’s better to do natural makeup and turn to a professional photographer.

Photographer's Choice

Do not save on a wedding photographer. Choose a professional who uses the appropriate camera. Check out his portfolio, and if possible, do a small trial photo shoot. You must be sure that the wedding photo will convey the atmosphere of the holiday in the best angles and colors.

In front of the camera

So, you have finished all preparations. Now a lot depends on the photographer. Having trusted a professional, you can be sure of the quality of the pictures, the successful construction of compositions, the favorable alternation of light and shadow. But something in your power.

The best wedding photo is a laid-back photo. Therefore, do not be zealous when trying to portray an intricate pose. Try to work in tandem with the photographer so that when he “catches” the right moment, you look perfect.

There are no complicated rules here: slimmer in the wedding photo you will look halfway, and depending on the shape of the face, a portrait will look more profitable in a three-quarter turn of the face. Smiling and laughing, try not to open your mouth too wide. And also, do not forget to powder your face from time to time and correct your wedding make-up - no matter how carefully you apply it at the beginning of the holiday, during a long walk and celebration, dances and numerous toasts, your face will sparkle and glow.

The wedding photo in the album for many years will remind you of that wonderful holiday when you started a family with your loved one. It is in your power to make sure that these pictures are really bright, beautiful and special..