The best wedding ever! Professional wedding videography

As a child, playing Barbie dolls, I dressed my dolls (Barbie and Ken) in wedding dresses and held a wedding ceremony for them. The role of the priest in it was played by a teddy bear, which I planted near the toy altar, which is under the arch, which I woven from dandelions. And I arranged such weddings daily. And she dreamed about her own wedding, about how to put on a beautiful white dress and answer “yes” at the altar. Then I did not think about what would happen after the wedding or before it, I thought only about the veil and dress. Probably, almost every girl is also very worried about the wedding process: how she will go, which dress should be chosen, what will be the bride’s bouquet and cake, and which gifts will be given to her.

From childhood, girls dream of the best wedding in the world and the most beautiful bridegroom. But people have different tastes, so there can be no single template for all of them. For example, someone decides that white lilies should decorate the banquet hall, and someone else likes red roses, which will stand in long narrow vases. Someone sacredly honors traditions, observing every ancient rite, and someone boldly changes them and sets their own rules, opens up new facets.

A high hairstyle, a transparent veil, a snow-white dress with a long train, curls of hair hanging from under a veil, a ring with a large diamond on his finger, professional video shooting, a photographer scurrying around, and a father leading his bride to the altar, where she is already waiting for the bridegroom, who is very will become her husband soon. After all, this is the real tradition? The word "yes" will open a window to a new life, to where new plans will be built, to where a beloved husband is waiting.

But there may be another scenario for the wedding. A very short blue or red dress, hair dyed in purple or pink and gathered in a simple bun, wearing a black little hat on top, bright makeup on her face. The bride drives up a bike to the altar on the shore of a lake. A picture similar to an illustration of some fashion magazine. But for someone it is considered a peak of beauty, that is how special people can express themselves, going against all the so familiar rules and traditions. There are few such weddings, they are suitable for lovers of the avant-garde and all new.

A wedding is a great event in life; it cannot be compared with a birthday or adulthood. And that is why everyone wants everything to be just perfect on this day..

Burning candles, walls decorated with flowers, everything sparkles and shines. Everything creates an incredible magical atmosphere. Quiet music plays, you hear the hiss of champagne in clinking glasses, the buzz of delight and fun. Video shooting of the wedding is carried out by the best operators who will catch the right moment without missing a single smile, not a single emotion, not a single significant word. All this makes it possible to feel like a star. This is the best and most beautiful wedding on the planet, when the bride can feel like a queen, the goddess of the ceremony. But the way it really is. The bride in a luxurious snow-white dress is the most beautiful girl on this day. No one can compare with her. This is the tradition.

And it seems that for the sake of such moments, and we must live. After many years, these moments will be recalled more than once, and you will think about how good it was that on that wonderful holiday you were with a person who is still sitting next to you and reading the newspaper. And it seems to you that your best wedding in the world was only yesterday, which makes memories even more joyful and brighter.