What you need to know about the wedding video for the bride and groom

Own wedding is a very important event in a person’s life. And in preparation for it, the question always arises - in what way can one preserve the memory of this event? So, we will talk about the wedding video. And first of all, the conversation will be about whether to order professional video. After all, there will be many guests with photo and video cameras, a professional photographer must have been ordered. Maybe enough? Organization of a beautiful holiday is an expensive pleasure, maybe you should save some money?

Maybe it’s worth it, because a wedding is a start in a very responsible period of life, a lot of expenses are ahead. And to find out the exact answer is quite simple: answer yourself - how much are you ready to pay now for the video from the wedding of your parents? Prefer amateur shooting or want to watch this video performed by a professional? If you are for - then read on.

Firstly, I want to immediately draw your attention to the following: most likely you have never ordered a video shoot before. These are not theater tickets, not a mobile phone, and you have no experience. Therefore, the first conclusion that I urge you to make: be careful and serious, you will most likely fail to re-shoot your own wedding in a new way.

Secondly, try to compare your favorite films with films that your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues like. You will find that artistic preferences of even the closest and dearest people are different from yours. Hence the second conclusion: do not rely on the advice and recommendations of your friends.

What should be guided when choosing a wedding video? Only your taste and financial capabilities. And so that you can figure out a difficult matter - a few tips:

  • When choosing a videographer for a wedding (and a person who completely makes a wedding film is correctly called that way. Not a cameraman. Not an editor), ALWAYS watch the full wedding movie. Judging by the quality of work on the basis of a small clip posted on the Internet or shown during a personal meeting is not worth it. These are not the memories that will be dear to you after many years..
  • Pay attention to image quality. It should not be faded, overexposed. You should not look at any one plan for a long time, and vice versa, you should have time to discern what is happening in each frame. Camera movements should not distract from the perception of what is happening. Have you looked at the faces of the groom, bride, guests? How many of these people you will know if you meet them on the street now?
  • Pay attention to the sound. It should not have extraneous noise, all words should be clearly distinguishable, music and lively speech should alternate in the proportion that you like. Information unnecessary to you should not put pressure on your ears (for example, the noise of passing cars on the street, if important words are not spoken, it is worth replacing it with music). Scraps of phrases, or vice versa, showing a new plot in a half-word are unacceptable. I assure you, a professional videographer should know many ways to avoid this..
  • Pay attention to the total length of the movie. Keep in mind that usually the dynamics of the wedding day allows you to get a rather interesting film lasting about an hour, but if you wish, you can get a three-hour film. Entertainment in this case suffers, and we do not advise you to order such a long film, but they do not argue about tastes, as I said above, and it is your right to demand such a film as you need. Just note that even multi-million dollar blockbusters rarely last longer than two hours. And it's not that the director spared some more film.
  • Do not complex, if you do not know even half the technical terms that the videographer will tell you about. All these formats, editing programs, the names of cameras and lenses, microphones and tripods YOU DO NOT NEED. You do not have to know them. Moreover, a large number of obscure terms should alert you - if a person cannot describe the nuances of his work in an accessible language, then most likely you should look for another specialist.
  • Remember that the development of such a powerful means of finding everything you need, like the Internet, gives you the opportunity, without leaving your home, to get acquainted with a huge number of proposals on absolutely any topic, including proposals for a wedding video. Take your time to keep your wedding day memories as detailed and vibrant as possible..