Accessories for a photo shoot: from classic to creative


A wedding is a day that gives lovers a feeling of flying, gives unforgettable emotions and amazing memories. One of the most important and amazing stages of a wedding is wedding photography. A recent innovation will help to add creativity and a touch to photos - accessories for a photo shoot.

Accessories for a wedding photo shoot

Such a creative approach to the photo shoot will allow you and your guests to express themselves and enjoy the photo shoot, says the wedding portal

Hearts for shooting

What accessories can turn an ordinary wedding photo shoot into an unforgettable and fun event? As attributes for photography can be completely different things and objects. It all depends on how you can beat them in the frame. We offer you a list of the most common details for a photo shoot: from romance to creative.

Classic props


Bright umbrellas will create a cheerful mood even on a rainy and gloomy day. To create a romantic atmosphere, gentle openwork umbrellas will help you. In addition, such a universal thing as an umbrella can come in handy in case of rain or heat..

Photo session with umbrellas
Photoshoot with an umbrella
Under a white umbrella


Funny turntables on sticks are another bright accessory that can cheer up others. Your wedding photos will be full of mischief and innocence.

Turntables colored
Bilateral turntables for a photo shoot
Bright turntables


Balloons have long been used at weddings as decorative elements. Looking at ordinary things from a new perspective, you can create amazing shots. Wedding photos with balloons turn out beautiful and spectacular!

Bride with balls
Red balloons at a wedding


Do not know where to organize a wedding photo shoot so that the pictures turn out beautiful and memorable? Use the swing as your primary «the background» for a photo shoot. This romantic attribute can be additionally decorated with flowers, ribbons, garlands. If you couldn’t find a decorative swing, a simple village swing would do..

Swing for photography
Newlyweds on a swing
Swing decorated with flowers


Funny and mischievous photographs will be obtained with accessories such as a mustache, glasses, butterflies, sponges, crowns on a stick and others. Even the most serious guests will have fun and fooling around during the photo shoot. Live, real emotions - this is exactly what your wedding photos need.

Mustache for a photo shoot
Joke photo shoot
Photography with accessories
Photography with accessories

Creative ideas for props

3D letters and words

More recently, large volume letters and words have been used to decorate weddings. Most often, letters reflect the initials of the young or the date of the wedding. Such an original and stylish accessory is a godsend for wedding photography. The letters can be made of cardboard, plastic, wood, fabric, etc. You can find more unique options - backlit letters. Such an attribute will make wedding photography in the evening truly divine..

Volumetric words
Volumetric words
3D Captures

Voluminous flowers

Another innovation in the wedding industry is volumetric flowers. An original accessory that will create a magical atmosphere at a wedding celebration. A fragile bride with a huge flower in her hands will look unusual and stylish. Using several of these giant colors, you can create an alien reality or beat some tale, for example, «Alice in Wonderland».

Huge flowers for a photo shoot
Big flowers for a photo

Frames for photos and pictures

Now it has become fashionable to take photos in different sizes, so to speak, the effect of a 3D picture. The pictures will be stylish and funny..

Photo with a frame for a picture
Photo session with a frame

Colored crayons

Yes, even colored crayons can be used for a wedding photo shoot. Remember how you painted as a child: make a couple of funny pictures with crayons, write a declaration of love, or indicate your initials and wedding date. Unusual crayon pictures are perfect for a creative and fun photo shoot..

Crayons for a photo shoot
Crayon drawings

Graphite (slate) board

You can also draw and write on graphite boards. Let everyone write something for themselves, then holding these boards in their hands, take a picture together with a friendly company. The portal assures you that such a photo shoot will give a lot of positive emotions!

Graphite board with the inscription

Speech clouds

The props for a photo shoot in the form of speech clouds will help you become participants in a funny comic book. Use speech clouds in the same way as slate boards. And you will get funny and cute pictures!

Speech clouds with text.
Cloud with text

Themed Accessories


Is your wedding associated with a theater or carnival? Then for a wedding photo shoot you will need masks, costumes and appropriate jewelry.

Couple with masks
Venetian masks

Musical instruments

A wedding with a musical bias is a great opportunity to use guitars, violins, and drums for a photo shoot. Photos with a grand piano on desert fields and in old halls look very impressive.

Young with tools
Photo session with musical instruments
Young at the piano

The details for the photo shoot will make your photos beautiful and vibrant, romantic and tender, or maybe humorous and funny. Enjoy the process and enjoy the result.!