Two-chamber video shooting of a wedding: pros and cons

Sometimes a wedding celebration takes place at a furious pace. So many events are happening all around that keeping up with them seems like an impossible task. But wedding videography is used to encountering not such obstacles. Creating a movie includes a lot of little things. From a technical basis to processing a design as a final fragment. And in order for the video to look perfect after the end of the holiday, you need to stock up with plenty of material during the celebration. It is he who becomes the basis for further work on the fragments received at your disposal. And only a professional cameraman will be able to provide the newlyweds with such a base, to whom the couple entrusts the shooting of their celebration.

Wedding videography

True, for many newlyweds, the following question is still relevant: will there be enough one camera for their wedding or should you worry about a wider approach?

Wedding videography

Shooting with a pair of lenses, although it was not practiced painfully often, but for such a short period of implementation in the wedding surroundings, this technique managed to gain confidence. Double observation really seems to be the right decision - several experts will correctly distribute tasks among themselves and record what is happening in the best way. It seems that all organizers should come to this option, if not for conflicting facts.

Wedding videographer

Despite the global possibilities, such freedom for the clip can turn into the opposite result and ruin the content. You must always comply with the norm, do not oversaturate the tape with unnecessary parts for the sake of volume. Of course, spare material sometimes comes in handy, it saves from all sorts of troubles and failures. But it should be used wisely, and not put everything in a script according to the principle «do not disappear good». Two cameras are not taken in order to load you with frames, but to provide several versions of this or that moment at once. The holiday is filled with so many moments that sometimes keeping track of all the strings is not easy.

Videographer at work

But the attempt to save money keeps the newlyweds from such assistants and assistants for the operator. On the contrary, acquiring a whole range of services, which often includes wedding photography, a couple in love will surely receive a good discount. Do not take the extended film as something supernova. This is just one way to improve and diversify your celebration. Therefore, use it without fear to distort the theme or something to disturb the guests during their vacation. The lens catches a lot of diverse moments, which you then use in the design of the whole movie or short clips for memory.