How to choose a photographer: useful tips


So, your outfit is almost ready, the guest list has been compiled, the design of the room is thought out. It remains to decide how to choose a wedding photographer so that he transfers all this beauty to the pictures. After all, a wedding album is the main memory of your family’s birthday, which will remain your family heirloom for many years..

How to choose a photographer?

After all, there are a great many of them - from beginners and talented to professionals with many years of experience. You can contact a married friend and contact the photographer who worked at her wedding, or start your own search for announcements and wedding forums. To make the right decision in your choice, you need to know some features.

First meeting

A week or even a month before the wedding, you do not have time to become a psychologist, but, in any case, you can rely on your intuition. The first impression that the photographer made on you, his appearance and his way of communicating - everything matters. If a person does not arouse positive emotions in you and does not have a liking for himself, you are unlikely to be able to feel at ease under the “gunshot” of his camera.

When wondering how to choose a photographer, it is important, first of all, to evaluate him as a person. Pay attention to how he is dressed. Style and taste matter, as well as the willingness of the photographer to put on clothes that will fit your holiday. Try to clarify all these details during the meeting. Also, do not ignore the fact that a person is considerate..

Photographer Portfolio

The main issue in how to choose a photographer, of course, is his skill. If the photographer has a wedding site, study the information about his person and work. In a personal meeting, it is also nice to look through examples of albums that are already on the photographer’s account. Thus, you will get acquainted with his shooting style, imagine what your wedding album will look like, and also figure out how much it will cost you such pleasure.

If deciding how to choose a photographer, you have the opportunity, agree with him on a preliminary trial photo shoot - pre-shooting. Having made several portrait shots, he will be able to study the features of the faces and traits of the newlyweds, and subsequently, already at the holiday, he will select the most successful camera angles on the set. At the same time, you only pay for ready-made photos. If the work of this photographer does not suit you, the portraits will remain for you as a souvenir, and you continue the search.

In the portfolio, carefully study the quality of images, clarity, contrast, accents in the composition. As important as wedding photographer conveys the mood of people, how successfully “catches” moments. After all, not always the best photos - this is a carefully planned composition.

"Camera gun"

Finally, ask what camera the photographer works with. Even if you are not a specialist in digital technology, you can probably figure out some of the nuances. The best option is a SLR camera, which can be either digital or film. The digital "DSLR", of course, has a lot of advantages. Such a camera has several types of lenses, various color modes (you can take both color photographs, black-and-white or sepia color with a camera), and most importantly, the photographer immediately sees the result, as well as take a series of continuous shots, of which later you can choose the best.

Now you are quite savvy in the question of how to choose a photographer, and after selecting among the candidates, you will probably be able to choose a worthy one who will help you to keep trembling memories of your special day.