Wedding photo session with horses


Many newlyweds want to see at their wedding event only original and fresh photographs, but not everything in this matter depends on the wedding photographer. The theme of the photo shoot itself is important. The portal advises newlyweds to choose a key topic of their pictures and horse riding. Such a pastime will become more romantic and sophisticated than standard walks near the monuments and squares of your city, where even the most experienced photographer can no longer give you something original..

A pair of horses with a pair of hearts in love

Hiking in the presence of horses

So, you have already decided on the theme of your wedding photo shoot. Now you need to find out how this will happen. First of all, you can just slowly walk with beautiful and graceful horses, gently leading them along.

Newlyweds with horses

These noble and calm animals will keep you company in the frame and complement it with even more romance. Such walks are best done somewhere in nature, as the combination of modern city streets and horses still looks a little strange. Whether it’s a small country road, along which two lovers' hearts will walk in the presence of four-legged friends. By the way, it is better to give preference to two horses for such festivities, as in the frame it will visually strengthen your newly created union.

Wedding ride with a horse
Declaration of love in the open field

Photoshoot with a horse cart

Again, if your wedding photos will be created outside the city, it is best to rent a rural wagon or trolley, which will only emphasize the color that is so lacking in a large metropolis.

Horse carriage

On this type of transport, you can also make a fairly large number of good images. If everything will be held within the city, then, of course, you can hire a luxury carriage for your wedding celebration. Then the horses will serve you not only in the role «friends» for a photo shoot, but they can become the highlight of your wedding procession, and against the backdrop of numerous cars, your couple will look original and sophisticated.

Horse carriage


Many visitors to the wedding site advise riding on horses, even if none of the newlyweds have the necessary skills, because you will have an experienced instructor who will look after all this wedding action.

Newlyweds on horseback

And when your couple is already comfortably located in the saddles, you can begin to build up the entire mass of photos that will be in your wedding album. Immediately there will be associations with the aristocratic weddings of various kinds of kings and queens, who in the same way mounted on black horses.

If you can gallop - show it!

The most beautiful outcome of such a photo shoot will be the ability not only to sit in the saddle, but to ride, for example, in a gallop. If the bride or groom has such a skill, then simply stunning shots will turn out.

Cheeky bride riding a horse

The main thing in this regard is to calculate your strength and avoid having to come to your own wedding with bruises and other unpleasant bruises and injuries.

In any of these cases, the main thing is that you all like it and give it pleasure. After all, nothing paints the frame so much as happy newlyweds who look at each other with love. And smart and noble animals will only visually strengthen such a strong union of two lovers' hearts.