How to use an umbrella at a wedding photo shoot?


Umbrellas will help shelter from torrential rain or the incinerating sun, but they have become more than just practical objects. Umbrellas have become wonderful accessories that complement the image of the bride, create the necessary mood at the wedding and create a romantic atmosphere at the photo shoot. So how to use the umbrella in the frame?

Colorful umbrellas

First of all, you should remember: if you want to get colorful photos, you need to choose an original umbrella. For example, multi-colored. He will make the frames more fun and lively. If you twist the umbrella, the pictures will turn out unusual color «rainbows». An interesting idea is to give the bridesmaids big colorful candies.

Wedding photo session with a multi-colored umbrella

Umbrellas at a color wedding

Today's trend is to organize weddings in 2-3 colors, which are used for registration, banquet and accessories. The site suggests inviting guests to dress up in selected wedding colors. Choose umbrellas of the corresponding shades. And then you just have to make chess patterns from guests and umbrellas.

Color wedding photo shoot with umbrellas

Draw silhouettes

For a warm wedding, stock up on a paper Chinese umbrella. Catch the sun in the frame and hide behind an umbrella. And then it’s up to the skill of the wedding photographer and your imagination. Draw chiseled profiles, kisses or fold figures with your hands - frames will turn out unusual and vivid.

Silhouettes on the umbrella for wedding photography

Like from a different era

Imagine you are a young lady from the 19th century and a London gentleman. Tell their love story at a photo shoot. So, the photos will be thematic, which means it will be interesting to consider them.

Photographing a bride with an umbrella



is going



Rain at the wedding - fortunately! It’s just that you should carefully prepare for it. For example, to capture bright rubber boots and an umbrella that matches them in color. Funny photos can come out! A good idea is a transparent umbrella. Get frames «behind the glass», when the photographer can vary the visible-semi-visible fragments of the frame. Then the photos will be mysterious and sophisticated.

Wedding photo shoot with umbrella in the rain

Walk under the rain

What could be more romantic than a couple in love strolling in the rain, especially if they are the bride and groom? Romantic weather, a beautiful couple, a skilled photographer - and the photo shoot is ready! Black and white photography is a good idea, especially if the groom is in a black suit and the bride is in a white dress. Then you can use an ordinary black umbrella with which you go to work. Wedding photos will still be beautiful.

Walk in the rain at a wedding photo shoot

Umbrella cane

A separate topic is an umbrella cane. If brides should give preference to openwork umbrellas, then canes are ideal for grooms who will make them elegant. In addition, a cane can be stuck in the ground and, focusing on it, take frames.

Wedding photography with a cane umbrella

Help Wanted

Let one of the guests hold an umbrella over you, as if «accidentally» hit the frame. This will enliven the photo. A fun option if guests will be «fight» for the right to keep the umbrella in the frame. Wedding portal believes that the groom can hold an umbrella over the bride when she gets out of the car. Production shots provide interesting photos.

Hide from the rain at a wedding under an umbrella

Get everyone involved

So that guests do not get bored during the photo shoot, give them a chance to participate in it. Hand them umbrellas and ask them to stand around you. Get a kind of «window» from umbrellas. Guests have fun, and in your hands will be original photos.

Bride and groom surrounded by umbrellas

Umbrellas are a convenient accessory for wedding photography. Choose the necessary color, style and style that will allow you to vary the content of the frame. Show your creativity, take a few production shots, invite guests to take part in photography, have fun - and get wonderful wedding photos.