Top 11 ideas for organizing a photo zone at a wedding


Wedding photos are one of the essential elements. Nothing better to tell about the celebration, like bright, positive and cheerful photographs depicting the bride and groom, happy parents and smiling friends. One of the ways to make wedding frames more interesting and vibrant is to organize a special photo zone at the wedding. There are 11 ideas for designing a photo zone..

Make background

First of all, decide on the background for the photos. You can decorate any part of the wall or prepare a special stand. The background can be very different in color, volume, technique, etc. Interesting options are a patchwork style background, a background of CDs or vinyl records, of voluminous colors (especially crepe paper, felt, felt), colorful fans, a background of magazine clippings, a background in the form of a huge watercolor painting, etc..

Wedding photo zone
Wedding photo zone
Wedding photo zone
Wedding photo zone

Fairy lights

A simplified version of the background is garlands. Imagine how interesting the kiss of the newlyweds looks among the bright threads and multi-colored jewelry. The site advises you to make origami crane garlands. Make them simple enough, but they look very impressive. In addition, according to legend, the one who folds 1,000 cranes can make a wish that will surely come true!

Wedding photo zone of ribbon garlands
Wedding photo zone from garlands
Garlands for the festive photo zone
Wedding photo zone
Origami for wedding photo zone
Wedding photo shoot

Chalk background

This is quite difficult to implement, but surprisingly effective idea. On the chalk wall, you can write wishes for the newlyweds, just funny texts and drawings. Today you can buy special chalk paint, stickers with a chalk surface, or just find a blackboard. Chalkboards with inscriptions will serve as accessories.

Chalkboard wedding photo zone
Chalky wedding photo zone accessories

Only in topic!

If you plan to organize a wedding celebration in a certain style, do not lose sight of the color of the photo zone. Arrange it in the style of celebration and using themed wedding accessories. How to do this, tell the imagination and articles on themed holidays from the wedding portal

Wedding photo zone in the style of the sea
Halloween Wedding Photo Zone
Provence style wedding photo zone
Country Wedding Photo Zone
Vintage wedding photo zone
Wedding photo zone in the style of Alice in Wonderland


Huge frames for paintings and photographs are a great idea for a photo zone. You can hang frames or give them to guests. The more peculiar the decor of the frame, the better.

Wedding photo zone with frames
Frames for the wedding photo zone
Bride at a photo shoot with a frame
Wedding photo zone

The picture on the wall

A more complicated idea with frames is a three-dimensional picture on the wall. You will need to decorate the holes in the wall (for example, a door or a separate huge stand) using large picture frames. Place flower vases and chests near you, as if you had a photograph on the wall in front of you. And then - it's up to the creativity of the guests. They can imagine themselves captured in a picture, emerging from it, etc..

Original wedding photo zone
Photosession in the original wedding photo zone
Guests at the wedding photo zone in the form of a picture
The bride and groom in the original photo zone
Original photo zone
Stand picture for a wedding photo zone

Hollywood and tinsel

Sequins, gold, tinsel, sparklers and confetti - that's all that will be enough to design a fun photo zone.

Hollywood wedding photo zone
Confetti in the wedding photo zone

Mask show

Give guests fun glasses, mustache, sponges and sticky notes. With their help, you will get lively and positive wedding photos.

Masks as an accessory for the wedding photo zone
Accessories for the wedding photo zone
Accessories for a wedding photo shoot
Guests at a wedding in the photo zone with accessories
Wedding photography in the photo zone with accessories

In a car

One of the original ideas is a decorative car for the photo zone. To make it you will need a lot of time and ingenuity. However, in the end you will have an unusual background for a photo shoot, made in the color and style of the celebration. And most importantly - a really interesting photo zone design.

Wedding photo zone with a car
Car decor for wedding photo zone

In heaven

A great option for romantic persons - the moon, clouds and stars for the photo zone. In fact, it is a thematically made and decorated stand, which is competently located against the wall. And then - it’s the skill of the photographer and the imagination of the guests.

Wedding photo zone with the moon
The original design of the wedding photo zone with the moon


If you have the opportunity to use LEDs, then give them a photo zone. Photos will turn out mysterious and romantic.

LEDs for decorating a wedding photo zone

Wedding photo zone - a great opportunity to show creativity and create stunning and vivid photos.