Talking Wedding Photos


Looking at wedding photos, I want to see in each of them something special and unique. Unfortunately, most wedding photo albums are not much different from each other, especially if the wedding takes place in small cities, where there is a shortage of interesting and colorful places, and even more so, creative specialists with a non-standard approach to their work.

Naturally, smiles make the pictures joyful and lively. Your hugs and change of position also give dynamics to photos. But is this enough to ensure that after many years, again and again, looking at the wedding pictures, you can feel all those emotions and feelings that you felt on that important day for you?? !

It will be great if you find something non-standard and attractive for yourself, something that will add zest to your photos and turn the process of photography into a fascinating event, in which you and your guests will be happy to participate.

Wedding photography in a new way
Photo Shoot Accessories

The wedding portal, which is always up to date with all the latest and most relevant innovations in the wedding industry, offers you to adopt the following attribute for a photo shoot, which may become an indispensable and main source of inspiration in creating high-quality and «speaking» wedding photos.

Volume letters are provided for your attention - a real discovery for decorating a wedding hall and holding a wedding photo shoot.

3D volumetric letters are an up-to-date and fresh solution for fun and vivid photography! Your individual and group pictures with these accessories will become a special asset of a wedding photo album. Photos will acquire an original plot, and your photographer will be delighted with the general transformation.

Photoshoot with letters

Wedding photo shoot as an integral part of the celebration

Wedding photo shoot is not the last value on a solemn day. This creative and fascinating part of the celebration should be held at the highest level. You can attract guests to the process of the photo shoot, which will provide more opportunities for a variety of production shots. Moreover, a photo session with guests will be more fun and funny..

The organization of wedding photography needs to be approached in a special way. In order for you and your guests not to be bored, install a decorative special stand, against which the main pictures will be taken. The stand can be replaced with a beautiful arch or original banners. And it’s best to use convex figures that can be attached to a tree, placed on the grass, or simply held in your hands. Properly organized photo zone at the wedding will be a real entertainment for you and your guests!

Speaking letters at an exit ceremony
Newlyweds with their initials
The word love for filming

The basis for volume letters

Each of you can come up with and develop your own letters, words or numbers that will be used during the wedding photo shoot. You can take absolutely any materials as the basis, the main thing is to determine how and where you will use this attribute for photography. Standard materials from which volume letters are made are:

  • wood;
  • cardboard;
  • drywall;
  • Styrofoam;
  • wire;
  • plastic;
  • the cloth.

Shell letters
Fabric letters

Decorative material for volumetric letters

Having created the basis of one of the above materials, accessories for the wedding photo shoot must be decorated so that they look aesthetically pleasing in the frame. The basis of figures in 3D format can be decorated as follows:

  • fresh flowers (of any grade and color palette) - this is the most romantic version of the decoration;
  • artificial flowers - a cheaper way;
  • various fabric (lace, satin, burlap);
  • decorative moss - a great idea for a wedding in an eco-style;
  • threads for knitting or embroidery;
  • colored paper;
  • beads, rhinestones, sparkles, sequins;
  • paint;
  • light bulbs (backlit shapes will look great during evening photography).

Backlit letters
Letters with flowers
Moss letter
Shell letters

As a rule, each couple of newlyweds chooses individual letters or figures for their holiday. Most often there are such variations in 3D format:

  • initials of the bride and groom;
  • surname of the newly formed family;
  • words and word combinations such as: love - love, Mr & Mrs, family - family, wedding - wedding, groom - groom, bride - bride, just married - newlyweds, etc..
  • figures of angels, hearts;
  • numbers (wedding date).

In general, from simple materials you can make any shape you want or make your favorite phrase / word.

Photo session with letters on the bridge
Initials young
Mr. and Mrs

The advantages of volumetric figures

It turns out that the presented novelty has a number of undeniable advantages. Among the main advantages of volumetric figures, the website notes the following:

  • significant transformation of photographs;
  • stunning visual effect;
  • presentable appearance;
  • unlimited sizes, shapes and colors;
  • a budget option;
  • variety of storylines;
  • accessories can be made independently or you can buy a finished product.

Additional use cases

Original and voluminous stylish figures can be used, first of all, as a decor of a banquet hall, for decorating chairs for young people or guests, for decorating a table and a screen of the newlyweds, when decorating a room for the bride and groom, or as a props for staged wedding photography.

Volume letters for garden decoration
Letters in the interior

Secondly, voluminous wedding accessories can be used after the holidays, in everyday life. Volume letters and words will become an interesting detail of your interior. Figures made of heavy materials (plywood or wood) can be put on a shelf or stand. Voluminous figures made of lighter materials can be attached to the wall, decorating a nursery or bedroom. Light figures can be rearranged, moved, moved without any problems.

Letters as room decor
Letters in the interior

As you can see, very simple things can easily decorate your holiday and everyday life, saturating the space with tender feelings and joyful memories!