Wedding Trends 2020


The main trend of weddings in 2016 remains the Russian theme, boho style, eco (fruit and flower motifs). Emerald shades are fashionable, ombre color transition, gold. In photo shoots, the emphasis on naturalness remains: shooting newlyweds against the backdrop of nature, sincere smiles, random movements in the photo. Wedding trends 2016 are feminine styles of bridesmaid dresses, flying fabrics, elegant accessories. Let's take a closer look at the main fashion trends of the new wedding season.

The new wedding season will delight brides with interesting trends in wedding dresses. In addition to the traditional white dress, fashion designers offer girls a wide range of color dresses: pink, coral, blue, black and white and even completely black models. As for styles, the fashion trend of 2016 is dresses made of delicate silk, lace or lush organza. In the new season, wedding dresses have a variety of sleeves: a small flashlight, sleeve ?, length to the wrist, «bat».

The trends of the new season are shining fabrics for wedding dresses. After all, the bride must shine at the wedding, which is why fashion designers offer to use shiny details in addition to wedding models: sequins, beads, beads, embroidery with gold or silver threads. Bold feather decor is also popular. Fashion trend of the year - decoration with white or colored feathers of birds, bridesmaid dresses, sashes, neckline, neckline, feather fringe skirt.

Multi-colored dresses for brides

Wedding Makeup 2016 - Fresh Ideas

There are four main trends in wedding makeup for brides, which marks the year 2016:

  1. Classic with an emphasis on the eyes, which must be expressive so that the newlywed looks spectacular in wedding photos.
  2. Nude style: light blush, perfect skin with a natural healthy glow.
  3. With an emphasis on the lips of the bride, for which bright persistent lipsticks are used.
  4. Unusual wedding make-up: with body art elements, eyelids, false eyelashes, feathers, rhinestones.

The new trend of the year is the unusual make-up of the bride, which is becoming popular this wedding season. Makeup artists worked out a huge number of images, so you can safely contact a specialist to create it. With the help of professional cosmetics and a set of brushes, the masters create a real work of art on the bride’s face, and during the holiday no one can take their eyes off her. There is a bewitching wedding make-up for a thematic wedding, for example, the image of an Egyptian beauty, a Japanese geisha, a vamp woman.

New trends in wedding makeup 2016

Fashion for bridal bouquets in 2016

When choosing a wedding bouquet of flowers for the bride this year, you should not be guided by traditions or dogmas. An important trend in 2016 is the variety of floristic compositions and color schemes. Florists advise brides not to opt for classic roses, but to experiment as much as possible, choosing an attribute. Indeed, now there is a huge number of bridal bouquets of different assembly types:

  • oval;
  • semicircular;
  • cascade;
  • Handbags
  • couplings;
  • biedermeier etc.

There is only one rule when choosing a bride’s bouquet: the exclusion of flowers with a pungent odor. This is an important rule for a wedding, because even a girl who loves floral aromas can get a headache from an obsessive smell. In addition, the bouquet should be light so that the bride and groom would not have a hard time wearing it during the day. Otherwise, there are no strict rules when choosing flowers for the bride..

For modern brides, lovers of original wedding ideas, florists are advised to apply new trends: add unusual elements to bouquets that correspond to the wedding season. Emphasizing the charm of a golden autumn or winter charm, you can add small pumpkins, twigs, berries, moss, cotton or cones to the composition. In summer or spring, bright yellow-orange colors with fruits, buttons, sequins, seashells or peacock feathers are preferred..

Bridal bouquet under the style of a wedding dress

Wedding trends in 2016 in the decor of the celebration there were several. Firstly, the bohemian style, vintage and retro returned to Olympus. Secondly, royal velvet has taken its rightful place in the accessories of the newlyweds and in the interior of the banquet hall. And thirdly, the ombre does not give up its positions in this wedding season. Rustic and eco weddings also remained in trend. The trend of the new season is not to draw a line between them, because both directions use greenery, natural wood, stones, wildflowers.

The stylistics of weddings vintage and retro focuses on the trend of the revival of fashion of the last century. Vintage is the pre-war era of the 20s and 30s, including femininity, glamor and chic. And retro is a post-war time of the 50s and 60s, which is characterized by tenderness, attractiveness, grace. Again, a fashionable bohemian style of wedding combines incompatible features: folk, hippies, eclecticism, gypsy motifs and hand-made. Making bohemian decor you need to subtly feel the difference between eccentricity and bad taste.

The decoration of the ceremonial hall

Decorating an unusual and elegant wedding hall is not an easy task. Trends 2016 - to stand the wedding in one style, correctly placing accents. To achieve this, stylists advise the process of decorating the hall to be divided into several stages:

  1. Make a general plan, in which the whole composition will be carefully thought out.
  2. Regardless of the style of the wedding, use additional lighting.
  3. Choose one primary color for the design of the hall and floral arrangements.
  4. Decorate tables / chairs with the same ribbons and bows..

As for the fashionable shades of the wedding decor, the leading positions in 2016 are pink and emerald. They suit many people, as they harmoniously combine with both winter landscapes and summer greenery. Delicate tones of pink: purple, peach, powdery will give any banquet room a touch of romance. The best materials for wedding decor are velvet and lace.

The luxurious texture of velvet will give the wedding aristocracy, and lace is an eternal and indispensable classic at a wedding celebration. They decorate all the elements of the wedding: from invitations to guests and bridesmaid dresses to lace tablecloths and ribbons on the chairs of the banquet hall. I would like to note the 2016 trend - creative hand-made: all kinds of paper decor, with which the newlyweds decorate the room on their own, giving the holiday a soulful atmosphere.

Trends of the new season in the design of the wedding hall

Festive table decoration

Fashion trends decorating the wedding table are manifested in fabrics of all kinds of bright colors. This is the most successful choice of decor, when with the help of beautiful draperies any style is emphasized, a delicate and romantic atmosphere is created. Having decorated the place behind the newlyweds with bright fabric, a very cozy corner and an ideal backdrop for wedding photos will be created.

New trends in decorating a wedding table

Monochrome is again in fashion. This current trend looks luxurious, in addition, it is not very expensive. How is a monochrome idea realized at a wedding? For example, half of the wedding tables are decorated in three shades: white, blue, blue, and the other half - only in blue. Such a palette looks advantageous and incredibly impressive. If the budget does not allow you to luxuriously design a wedding table, then there are plenty of creative ideas for self-decoration of a banquet. Watch the video master class of a professional decorator:

Wedding floristry

Wedding fashion is democratic, and in 2016 she generally appreciates individuality. Trends of this season: a variety of colors and styles. If young people want to play a fruit or citrus wedding, then in all design elements there will be a lime-tangerine-grapefruit kingdom. These are specially selected paradise apples and lemon slices for the bride’s bouquet, bright oranges in floral arrangements on wedding cars and ripe grapefruits on flower arches.

For the Provence style, the tendencies of using soft lace in the dress of the bride and groom, the boutonniere of the groom, the design of invitation cards remain unchanged. The floral direction of Provence is a forged wedding arch with garlands of roses, field herbs and lavender in the bride's bouquet. Among the general trends of wedding floristry in 2016, I especially want to highlight the pink and purple palette in all shades: cool or warm.

Fashion trends of wedding floristry season 2016

Wedding cake is the culmination of the holiday. Therefore, the more luxurious and unusual it will look, the more memorable the wedding will remain for the bride and groom. The possibilities of modern pastry chefs to design an exclusive wedding dessert design are now endless. I would like to note several major trends of the new season in the design of the cake:

  • Classic. Snow-white creamy airy dessert did not leave the first positions. Until now, a large army of newlyweds adheres to traditional views on the design of the main wedding dessert. The delicacy is decorated in full accordance with the dress of the bride or the interior of the hall.
  • Story. The cake tells the story of a newlywed acquaintance. For example, when a couple met on a trip, the dessert is made in the shape of a globe, and if on the Internet, the cake takes the form of a laptop.
  • Wish Such a treat for the bride and groom is ordered secretly by relatives. The cake is in the form of a suitcase, exotic landscapes or a large car, expressing the subject of dreams of a couple.
  • Style «Tiffany» - a new fashion trend. Performed in a mint, blue or turquoise tone. As a rule, it is issued in the form of a box decorated with a white ribbon from mastic.
  • Falling. It is carried out in three tiers, but the tiers give the impression of falling or floating. Often, chefs set figures of newlyweds on different tiers who are trying to connect.
  • Glamorous. It is distinguished by extraordinary and luxurious jewelry: fresh flowers, rhinestones, feathers, beads, bows.

Wedding cake: the main trends of 2016