Fruit wedding


Bright pomegranates, perky cherries, green apples, orange oranges are not only the most delicious and healthy delicacy, but also a concept for organizing the main day in the life of newlyweds. A fruit wedding is an idea inspired by nature itself. Lemon, cherry, apple, raspberry - the leitmotif for organizing the celebration is a million! The main thing here is a harmonious combination of fruit design with dresses, flowers, decor and menu. You do not know what to undertake, how to correctly execute everything? Then our material, where all the information about fruit weddings from «AND» before «I AM», - for you.

The color scheme for a fruit wedding

The color of the decoration of the fruit wedding celebration depends on the fruit that you choose as the dominant. You should not give preference to complex and unfamiliar passion fruit, papaya. Simple pears, apples, bananas, peaches, pomegranates will perfectly fit into the style of the wedding, make it very beautiful. You should not mix several fruits at once, since you will get a pile of tastes, styles and colors. One fruit looks more effective as a theme. Take into account seasonality, the general style of the wedding fruit theme, the desired color scheme.

An incendiary summer wedding is associated with an orange, a rustic ceremony held in the garden with a pear, an apple. Pomegranate is very fashionable now - an elegant and beautiful fruit. The selected fruit, its main color should be present on the seating cards, invitation cards, in the decor of the menu and venue of the wedding. Let's look at the example of a lemon wedding, what color combinations can be used for a fruit celebration:

  • Fruity yellow-pink - suitable for those who want to bring bright colors to the wedding day. Bright fuchsia or a pink-coral palette can be an additional color for the wedding - choose saturation at your discretion.
  • Fruity yellow and white wedding decor - a combination of calm white and bright lemon tones is suitable for a classic fruit celebration. White tablecloths, yellow napkins may lie on the table, white tulle and lemon curtains may hang on the windows. Bright and calm shades of yellow in combination with snow-white create an unusual decor.
  • Fruity yellow-red wedding gamut - creates a mood of joy, warmth, solemnity, the perfect combination of colors for fun.
  • Yellow and blue fruit wedding design - a beautiful, unusual style of fruit decoration. The deep blue, blue, freshness of lemon create together an interesting wedding atmosphere, similar to the scorching southern sun and sea waves.

The main colors of the fruit wedding

The image of the newlyweds

The bride and groom outfits for a fruit theme wedding can choose classic ones, but pick up original accessories for them. For example, light green shoes for the bride and groom, a tie with the image of apples for her lover, are suitable for an apple wedding. In the hairstyle, the bride can add green hairpins, fresh flowers. Do not be afraid to use fruit details in your outfits. At a lemon wedding, the bride can tie a yellow belt around her waist, put on a hat with a flower and lemon composition, decorate her hair with dried lemon slices.

To maintain the theme, it is allowed to choose a dress of that shade, which is the main one in the wedding decor of a fruit theme. A suit of black, brown, gray color with bright details is suitable for the groom: it can be a tie, socks, a shirt matching the symbol of the wedding. The buttonhole should be made up of the same elements as the bouquet. Bright details of the newlyweds must be combined with each other.

Honeymoon Outfits

Guest Dress Code

In thematic invitations, newlyweds should focus on the basic style. Guests can choose outfits to match the fruit of the wedding. On the dresses of ladies, bridesmaids, fruits characteristic of the celebration can be depicted. Men can wear shirts to match the color of the fruit. In addition, the style of the wedding can be expressed in small details of the images of the guests: bow ties, hats, gloves, petticoats, shoes, shoes, hair ornaments, cufflinks, a scarf in a breast pocket, a light scarf, etc..

Fruity-themed Wedding Dress Code

Fruit Wedding Design Ideas

A wedding on a fruit theme gives the impression of a colorful, stylish, fresh celebration. There are many ideas to bring fruit to the design of the holiday, for example, traditional floral arrangements may include bright accents in the form of cherries, grapes, apples. Instead of the usual candy bar, organize a fruit bar - this is a tasty, bright, healthy idea. Fill bonbonnieres for guests with berry or fruit platter, because such a treat is suitable for every person. In the design of the wedding, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Maintaining a solid fruit style that begins with the bridal outfits and ends with the menu. Remember that every little thing is of great importance, which can either destroy or perfectly complement the fruit style. Make sure that the design of the table, the hall supports the theme of the wedding.
  • Show your imagination when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. There is no place for a fruit holiday in stuffy cafes and restaurants in the summer: it is better to book a motor ship, rent a beach, a recreation center.
  • The wedding procession, like fruits, should be bright.
  • The background for bright fruit details should be neutral.

Invitations for guests

The wedding begins with invitations, like a theater - with a hanger. This item should make it clear to guests what kind of holiday is expected. A fruit invitation card should be made in the form of fruits, for example, blue grapes, red strawberries, orange oranges, green apples. You can use carved grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, plum, pear carved from cardboard. Guests will surely leave such an unusual fruit wedding card as a keepsake.

Fruit Wedding Invitations

Fruit Bridal Bouquet

The fruit theme of the celebration must be reflected in the preparation of the bride’s bouquet. Many fruits combine perfectly with fresh flowers, especially pomegranates - they look very original, stylish, bright in the flower arrangement. An excellent idea would be to create a second bouquet entirely of fruit, which the bride will throw to her unmarried girlfriends.

Honeymoon Fruit Bouquet

Banquet room decor

It is ideal to organize a fruit wedding in the open air, for example, in tents in a sunny meadow, at a recreation center, beach, yacht. If an exit ceremony is expected, then choose the territory of a beautiful park, a country estate, a forest. Fruit styling must necessarily apply to this part of the wedding:

  • Decorate the guests ’landing sites with white cloth and lush bows to match the color of the main fruit.
  • Decorate the wedding arch with ribbons, fabrics in the color of fruit, flowers, vines, fruits.
  • The role of the carpet, on which the newlyweds will pass, can be performed by a narrow strip of dense matter or petals of plants that are suitable in color.
  • Registrar's table - decorate with a falling light fabric in the color of fruit, vines, flowers, fruits, ribbons.

Banquet Hall Decor Fruit Wedding Ceremony

Decorations and accessories for the festive table

On the tables of the guests during the banquet can be placed transparent vases filled with fresh flowers, fruits, candles. Such compositions are very interesting, look stylish. Original design layout tables by sticking them in a berry or fruit. The fruits make it possible to create both creative, fancy wedding decorations, as well as simple, elegant ones. Also, the fruits look exquisite among the lush green leaves of orange and ficus.

Do not forget that rich colors require a neutral background. Therefore, it is better to choose tablecloths not multi-colored, but a standard beige, white, pearl, light peach color. Pastel colors are perfectly accentuated, enhance fruit abundance. You can add bright colored napkins, bandage cutlery with a contrasting ribbon, lay a narrow strip of fabric exactly in the center of the table under the main color of the wedding.

The menu should contain sliced ​​fruits, salads, juices, ice cream, mousses. These desserts are ideal for hot weather. Do not forget about traditional dishes for relatives who are conservative. Do not be afraid to make full use of all the wealth that the fruit idea of ​​holding a wedding gives. The following decor details look very interesting at a banquet:

  • Fruit treats - sugar slices of lemon, citrus fruit marmalades at a lemon wedding, etc. - an excellent table decoration when serving dessert.
  • Vases - fill them with flowers the color of the main fruit, put the fruit inside.
  • You can decorate alcohol containers with dried slices of the selected wedding fruit.
  • Helium-colored balloons filled with helium lighten the mood, create a sense of celebration.

Fruit table decoration

Wedding cake with fruit

A fruit wedding cake is an ideal treat, because it is not high-calorie, not fatty, and not too sugar. The basis can be sand, biscuit, honey cakes, light meringue or souffle. Interlayer - fruit, chocolate, cream, creme brulee, fruit jelly or jam, whipped cream. Decorating the main delicacy is necessary with slices of fruit, filled with jelly. But do not forget that the cake is festive, so wedding elements should be present in it. For example, figures of Adam and Eve under an apple tree, baskets of fruits and doves sitting on their handles.

Fruit wedding cake

Wedding script

We present you a ready-made scenario of a watermelon wedding. When the newlyweds meet at the venue of the banquet, the presenter addresses them:

- Dear newlyweds! According to tradition, you are met by parents. But since our wedding is unusual, instead of a loaf, take a slice of watermelon and salt it! Do not spare the salt! This is your last opportunity to annoy each other. Swap watermelon and feed with tenderness.!

The newlyweds sit at their table, the first toasts sound.

The host invites wedding guests to get to know each other better through a fruit contest. She calls every guest who should get up from the table. All the rest with applause should evaluate how the outfit presented to them corresponds to the theme of the celebration. The guest, whose suit those present will consider the most successful, wins, will receive a prize in the form of a watermelon keychain. Gift Presentation Announced.

After a short musical pause, the host announces the first competition:

- It is time to appreciate the artistic talents of the guests. Who better draws a still life from a vase standing on the table, and slices of watermelon, he won.

Five brave souls come out, which they dress up as artists, give markers, sheets of paper. Separately, a table is placed in the center, on which there is a vase and a watermelon. After the contest, the host announces the first dance of the bride and groom.

Scenario of holding a wedding on a fruit theme

The next competition is culinary. The presenter gives recipes to the participants, among the components of which there is always a watermelon. The essence of the competition is that in all recipes one ingredient is missing. Whoever determines the missing component faster than anyone else receives a prize. After the contest, the presenter raises a glass for her parents:

- Raise the glasses for the health of those who raised this glorious couple, not knowing peace and sleep. May they never grow old, but only grow younger in soul!

Next, the host will announce a competition for brevity. Its essence is that you need to make a very short toast, where the word will sound «watermelon». The winner is the one who quickly comes up with a funny, but capacious toast. Leading announces the beginning of the ceremony of twinning. To do this, the bride and groom eat a piece of watermelon and brown bread, stand opposite each other, kiss and introduce themselves.

The next dance competition. Toastmaster selects five pairs, gives them a small slice of watermelon. The girl and the guy making the couple should dance, holding the fruit from both ends with their lips. The one who keeps the watermelon the longest wins. Meanwhile, the cake is taken out and the young people cut it. After a short musical break, the host asks the newlyweds to express their gratitude to the guests, asks everyone to leave the tables, look at the beautiful fireworks that complete the fruit banquet.