Wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka


Many newlyweds are sure that an exotic setting is needed to organize an unforgettable wedding. They consider the islands the most suitable area for a wedding ceremony. Unusual, exotic atmosphere will help to remember a solemn day for a long time. Choosing a wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka, the young will plunge into one of the happiest moments of their lives. Tropical climate, scenic spots, peculiar wedding traditions of the country will be decisive arguments in favor of this place.

Traditions and customs of a wedding in Sri Lanka

The ceremony of the wedding ceremony is taking into account all local rituals and traditions, in a national dress, with the participation of elephants. Dressing in costumes (the bride in the sari and the groom in the saron), young people with a bouquet of exotic flowers are sent to the wedding venue. A couple is accompanied by a small procession. During the ceremony, the girls sing songs, and the young guys dance traditional dances to the drums. The newlyweds are escorted to the port - a special platform where the wedding takes place. It is decorated with pink and white lotuses for the wedding ceremony; the whole decor is decorated in a traditional style.

Betel leaves exchanged by the young 7 times during the ceremony symbolize the love and union of the next 7 generations. The promise of care until the end of life is rice cooked with coconut milk and water. The newlyweds feed them, they water each other after exchanging wedding rings. The union of the young during the wedding ceremony is held together by tying the little fingers of the bride and groom with gold thread, fingers pour water from a silver jug. A prayer is being read at this time.

Wedding ceremony in the traditions of Sri Lanka

When the bride and groom descend from the gates, a coconut breaks with a holy sword. Drops of milk fall on the groom and the bride. No Sri Lankan wedding ceremony takes place without this action. According to legend, drops of milk are a symbol of numerous and healthy descendants. Under the drums, the young ones light in turn an oil lamp. It is decorated with beautiful fresh flowers and glows with the fire of hope, good luck. The lamp is a testament to a new family.

The wedding ceremony continues to music and dancing. Young open champagne, cut the birthday cake. The bride and groom are welcomed by an elephant dressed in a costume traditional for the wedding ceremony - a colorful blanket. Newlyweds sit on it and stroll through the exotic places of Sri Lanka, the shore of the Indian Ocean. After a walk on an elephant, the newlyweds spend time at a romantic dinner by candlelight..

How to organize a wedding in Ceylon

Independently organizing a wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka is not an easy and very troublesome business. Many tour operators and holiday agencies provide services for arranging marriage with the collection of documents, translation, settlement of all legal issues. It is better to trust the organization of the wedding ceremony program to people who already have such an experience, and young people just have to enjoy the festive moments and beautiful places.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka takes place at any time of the year, however, from October to April, the southeast coast is the best place to get married. If the solemn date is scheduled for March-November, it is preferable to celebrate it in the north-east of the island. Sri Lanka is rich in beautiful cities with botanical gardens for weddings. What to choose for a wedding ceremony - you decide!

City Galle

The third largest city on the island of Sri Lanka - Galle. The picturesque nature and historical heritage makes it as if intended for a wedding ceremony. The main attraction of the city is Fort Galle. There were traces of the stay of the Dutch, Portuguese, and British. Each nation has left something of its own. Fort Galle is one of the best preserved in Asia. A whole city was built here: a residential complex, administrative buildings, a prison, temples. In addition to the fort itself, the city has other attractions: St. Mary's Cathedral, temples.

This place has preserved many architectural buildings of the colonial period, which are credited to the cultural heritage. Some have already been converted to hotels or museums. Galle's prison is now turning into a comfortable hotel. Her visitors can leave their clothes at the entrance, dressing in prison. True, after a vacation, they remove it and go free, unlike former prisoners. A wedding ceremony in such an atmosphere will be remembered by the young for a long time.

Galle city for a wedding ceremony


The actual capital where the government and the president are located, the second largest city in Sri Lanka is Colombo. It is located on the west coast of the island. For those who do not like huge cities, it will not be particularly interesting to celebrate a wedding ceremony here. Life is in full swing in the city, for lovers of silence it is better to find another place for marriage.

Colombo is one of the few cities in Sri Lanka where couchsurfing is at least slightly developed - a guest network whose members provide travelers with assistance and overnight. Often this is done for free, but sometimes by mutual agreement, guests pay for food and services. The organization of the wedding ceremony in such conditions will be very exciting and will cost much cheaper than at the hotel, although there will be more hassle.

Colombo has many tall buildings with city and sea views. On the roofs of skyscrapers are often found pools that save from the heat. This is the best place for a wedding ceremony. The sea is very close, but since the city is large, it is very dirty, and few people decide to swim in it. Order and tranquility in the city is controlled by mounted police officers. Sometimes there are unusual sights, such as a monument to the telephone.

Sights of Colombo in Sri Lanka for honeymooners


If you move south from Colombo, about 65 km is the beautiful resort of Bentota - one of the most romantic places in Sri Lanka. At this point, the river connects to the ocean. Between them there is a beautiful beach with golden sand and huge palm trees that can hide from the sun even on the hottest day in Sri Lanka. The underwater world of this area is rich in beautiful coral gardens, the remains of wrecks and marine inhabitants. For a wedding ceremony, it’s better not to find a place.

Bentota is the perfect place for a wedding


58 km from Colombo and a 5-minute drive from the resort of Bentota is a town that became the first Muslim settlement in Sri Lanka, with the name Beruwela. The local population is engaged in fishing. About 4 hundred ships moored on the banks of the Beruwela. Some often go to sea for several months. On the coast there are many hotels of various classes (from 3 to 5 stars). If young people love water sports, they will not find the best option for a wedding ceremony. Beruwela attracts tourists with places of interest like an ancient mosque and a temple on top of a mountain.

Beruwela in Sri Lanka - for the wedding of an active couple


Located on the south coast of Sri Lanka «coral reserve». Hikkaduwa attracts diving enthusiasts for its reefs, or rather, the huge number of fish and turtles in them. You can view the underwater world by riding on the glass bottom boats that are offered to tourists. Such a walk after the wedding ceremony will be a great end to the day. Here is the most developed coastal resort: cheap hotels, many restaurants, beach cafes. Most hotels are located on the main street, which is also a highway.

Hikkaduwa coral reserve for a wedding in Sri Lanka


A small town, but a very famous resort of Sri Lanka - Kalutara, is comfortably located on the southwest coast. It is named after the Kalu Ganga River, which is located nearby. The town is known to spice lovers, because here they have been trading since time immemorial. This place for a wedding ceremony is chosen by active people who love the sea and nature. Kalutara is famous for its many sports clubs offering tourists water sports, up to spearfishing. The business card of the city is the temple of Kalutara Bodhiya. His stupa is visible long before entering the city.

Kalutara - a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony

Required documents for registration of marriage

For an official wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka, the following package of documents is required:

  1. Bride and Groom Birth Certificates.
  2. Passport.
  3. Certificates confirming the marital status of each spouse - affidavit.
  4. For persons who were previously married, you need copies of the certificate of divorce.
  5. For widows or widowers, copies of the death certificate of the previous spouse must be provided.
  6. Documents that track changes in the name (if someone changed it).

How much is a wedding in Sri Lanka

An important issue when organizing a wedding on an exotic island is the cost of the trip. When calculating the cost of a wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka, it is worth considering that an official celebration will cost more than a symbolic one. Costs increase in connection with the translation of documents, nuances of legalization of marriage. Otherwise, the cost of the wedding ceremony will depend on the chosen hotel, length of stay, additional services.

Official marriage

No one will tell the exact prices for the organization of the official wedding ceremony. In many ways, the cost depends on the coordination of the tour with the hotel administration, which will accept the bride and groom. Prices start at $ 810, excluding flights and transfers. This price includes a minimum package at a 4 star hotel. There is an opportunity to find a budget option. So in 3-star hotels, the minimum price for an official wedding is approximately $ 620-700. For an exit ceremony it is necessary to pay $ 1120-1250. A standard package of services for a wedding according to all traditions will cost from $ 1250.

For the device of official marriage, it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

  1. Local law allows families over the age of 21 to form families.
  2. Documents required to register a marriage must be submitted approximately 35 days before the event.
  3. Arriving in Sri Lanka is necessary 4 days before the wedding ceremony.

Symbolic wedding

The organization of a symbolic celebration differs from the official one only in that a certificate is not issued. A ceremony is held when the marriage is already registered. Prices start at $ 1,000. A full-service traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony requires a minimum of $ 2,300. The same is the cost of a wedding in European style. The prices for the symbolic ceremony are approximate at the time of writing. The final cost of the wedding must be clarified when ordering services at a travel agency.

Video: holding a wedding in Sri Lanka

The marriage of young people in Sri Lanka has its own characteristics. On the island, where rituals and traditions are worshiped by each person, the wedding ceremony takes place in a special manner. Want to know how they get married? What are the traditions and rituals during the wedding ceremony, and how does it look in the atmosphere of exotic Sri Lanka to the songs and dances of girls and boys? From the video below you will learn about the main nuances of holding a wedding in Sri Lanka.

Photos of weddings held in Sri Lanka

Exotic colors, traditional costumes, fragrant nature will not only make the wedding ceremony unforgettable, but also decorate the photo shoot. The warm sea, golden sand and incredible beauty greens perfectly convey the flavor of Sri Lanka. Colorful places and national costumes will be stored in your memory for a long time, and with the help of pictures you will convey your feelings to those who could not be at the wedding.

Exotic Sri Lankan weddings