Wedding ceremony in Spain


A wedding ceremony in the country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with numerous bays, where the bright sun, warm fabulous evenings and unforgettable holidays are a great start to a long happy married life. If you want a vivid experience, then opt for a wedding in Spain. A huge selection of places where ceremonies are held, the opportunity to combine any with a honeymoon, sunny weather most of the year, non-standard photos - this is an incomplete list of positive moments for a trip to Spain, where you will return as a married couple.

How to organize a wedding in Spain

The organization of a wedding in Spain will take no more time and money than at home. When your desire to hold a wedding ceremony abroad has strengthened, decide on a date and start collecting documents for departure, checking with the consul for details. Spanish representatives offer honeymoon options: formal and symbolic weddings.

An official wedding ceremony will cost a little more. This is due to paperwork in the local municipality, and it will take more than a month to live on the Mediterranean coast. To make the wedding a little more economical, but remain unforgettable and bright, stop at a symbolic ceremony. Register the marriage in your homeland, and arrange the holiday at your own discretion already in Spain - it can be a seashore, a medieval castle or just a picturesque corner.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony in Spain

In this magical country there are so many places where I would like to stop, that it will not work quickly to make the final choice. Only after a detailed study of the sights and focus of each territorial region of Spain will a decision come where the newlyweds want to celebrate the wedding. Plenty of opportunities - ancient castles, seashore, luxury hotels and authentic villages. The atmosphere of romance is guaranteed!


Barcelona is a fairy tale city. The elegant architecture of Gaudi, the Spanish village, palaces, churches and even the Camp Nou stadium offer their services to the bride and groom. It is better to book a wedding procedure in advance, because this city is popular among tourists from all over the world. Choose a place and time, and Barcelona will gladly give you unforgettable impressions and bright colors at any time of the year.

Holding a wedding ceremony in Barcelona


Madrid is a unique, albeit expensive place on the map of Spain. The best hotels and villas in Madrid are ready to open the door for honeymooners. After the wedding ceremony, make yourself an unusual wedding present - visit the Royal Theater of Madrid and impressions will accompany you for many years. Each street of the city is saturated with the spirit of history. Any wedding photo of the newlyweds on the background of monuments of ancient architecture will be a masterpiece.

After the wedding, do not forget to visit the famous Royal Botanic Garden. After spending the whole day alone among the fabulous plants, you will want to return there to once again feel the pleasure of communicating with nature. Many celebrities married in the city: former journalist Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano married Prince Filipe and became the future Queen of Spain; attack «Roma» Julio Baptista and Sylvia.

Madrid for a wedding


Spanish Valencia is famous not only for its third place in terms of population, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but also for excellent golf courses. To celebrate a wedding in one of these clubs means to receive a non-standard holiday, which none of the friends or acquaintances will have. Valencia hotels will provide all the services for a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. Lovers of romance, sophistication will choose Valencia for their wedding.

Excellent restaurants with national Mediterranean seafood will conquer a young couple. The mild climate, beautiful beaches, many attractions will make your wedding unique. Holding a symbolic wedding ceremony will be financially cheaper than an official one, but it will leave in memory the same unique memories for many years.

Wedding in Valencia


Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Seville is not in vain called the capital of Andalusia. A true Spanish-style wedding is about Seville. Bright outfits, a noisy celebration will turn the wedding into a small carnival. The existing churches built in the 15th century are still ready to receive the newlyweds, where they can take an oath of allegiance to each other on their wedding day. Thrill lovers can include a visit to a bullfight in a post-wedding program. The mild climate and long summer from April to October will allow you to hold a wedding ceremony in any of the suitable months.

Seville City Spanish Wedding


Mallorca is one of the most romantic and wonderful places on Earth. White sand on the beach, the sound of waves, even the air is saturated with the happiness of thousands of lovers who visited this paradise for a wedding. The largest island of Spain will give peace and tranquility, will not tire of the noise of big cities. A wedding ceremony may be offered to be held on the seashore, under an arch decorated with many fresh flowers. Unforgettable impressions of time spent in Mallorca with its amazing sea views and mild climate, will present the bride and groom a real fairy tale.

Beach Weddings in Mallorca

Ibiza Island

The beauty of Ibiza annually attracts thousands of lovers who decide to start a family life with this unusual place in Spain. Ibiza is the most beautiful of the four Balearic islands. Picturesque landscapes, clean beaches, wonderful weather make Ibiza ideal for a wedding. Each couple will find here what they are looking for: someone like a small white church for weddings, someone for several years dreamed of going to the altar to the sound of waves and the cry of seagulls.

Ibiza's nightlife is notable for noisy discos, a large number of night clubs and bars. Lovers of dances and parties will be able to celebrate the wedding with flashing lights and the sounds of modern music. For those who are fond of diving, an underwater wedding will be an extraordinary adventure. In Ibiza, you can find everything that brings the newlyweds closer to their cherished dream.

Ibiza Wedding

Tenerife Island

The island of Tenerife is of volcanic origin, so there are a large number of natural attractions on the territory. For example, the famous black sandy beaches are the hallmark of Tenerife, they have their own uniqueness, attract millions of tourists a year. There are white sand beaches, but it is brought from the Sahara desert.

The island of Tenerife is warm and sunny year-round. Whenever you choose a wedding day, go to this wonderful island, there you will always be met by people who have experience in conducting beautiful weddings, guaranteeing high-quality professional service. An individual approach to each wedding ceremony - a visiting card of Tenerife. The main focus is beach weddings. Please yourself and your guests by renting a yacht for a wedding ceremony.

Wedding on the island of Tenerife

Canary Islands

Wedding in the Canary Islands - the embodiment of a fairy tale for lovers in life. Often the Canaries are called Earthly Paradise, a honeymoon resort. Pristine, picturesque nature, bright colors of the sea and sky - the perfect place for a romantic wedding on the coast. The mild tropical climate allows you to hold a wedding ceremony in any month convenient for you. The number of visits to the islands by newlyweds does not dry out all year round, because the proposed wedding service in the Canary Islands is at the highest level.

Canary Islands for honeymooners

Documents required to register a marriage in Spain

If you decide that the wedding in Spain will be official, be prepared for the fact that you must be in the country for at least 30 days or visit Spain twice: at the time of applying for the wedding ceremony. After 30 days from the date of application, your marriage will be registered. There are exceptions in terms of time, both upward and downward, which are decided by the consul. Documents required for both newlyweds to apply:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Birth certificates.
  • If one of the spouses was previously married - a document confirming the divorce.

How much does a wedding ceremony in Spain cost?

An official wedding in Spain will cost more than a symbolic one. After all, paperwork, the organization of the ceremony is not cheap. Sunny Spain beckons the newlyweds and they have a reasonable question - how much will it cost. You need to find out the issue of financial costs before you apply for registration of official marriage. The cost of the wedding will depend on the chosen place, hotel, services provided and the number of guests.

Symbolic ceremony prices

The organization of the celebration and a light buffet will cost from 4000 to 16000 euros. Picturesque landscapes allow you to save on a photo zone by paying only the additional services of a photographer from 1,500 euros for the entire shooting day. The services of the company helping in the wedding are paid in the amount of 10% of the total cost of the ceremony, but not less than 1500 euros.

Formal Wedding Cost

An official wedding is registered at the consulate or in the city municipality. The costs of paperwork, state fees, the wedding itself will be at least 10,000 euros. For a company that takes care of the wedding, you will pay 10% of the total. Do not forget about the bride’s makeup, flowers, wedding treats for guests - this is a few thousand euros, depending on the size of the wedding.

Video: holding a wedding in Spain

What can be more vivid and memorable than the wedding day? The fabulous country of Spain has long conquered the newlyweds of the whole world with its beauty, mild climate, wedding service. Watch the proposed video and see how newlyweds feel comfortable in Spain. The hospitable hotel staff will prepare rooms that will have to relax, and the sea cuisine will find its fans.

The romantic atmosphere and heady sea air sets future spouses on a love wave. An official wedding ceremony is a common form of marriage registration for Spain. As shown in the video, the newlyweds have time to prepare for the exciting moment. Nothing can replace the romanticism of walking along the sandy shore to the sound of the surf in a wedding dress.

Photos of weddings held in Spain

Spain is a magnificent country with a warm mild climate, picturesque landscapes. She captivates and delights. Many landscapes used for wedding photos, as if created for newlyweds, as a colorful bright background. Having received great pleasure and unforgettable impressions of the wedding ceremony, you will be able to review memorable photos for a long time, each time experiencing emotions again and again.

Photos of weddings in Spain